Sunday, 29 October 2017

Education Quizzes the Review

 I have been asked to review an educational website, Education Quizzes.  This website is filled with
quizzes on all subjects and on all levels, From KS1 too GCSE, their are also a range of specialist subjects.   The website has been developed by experts, experienced teachers.  With 3800 quizzes to be had, the site is continually being updated.

 I am very excited to tell you about my findings, as for me, it is really difficult to gage how my children are getting on at school.  My sons are in year 3 and 5, KS2.  They both have weekly spelling and times table tests.  Also there are the parent consultation meetings, but in reality I do not know where they stand within the current curriculum, especially within their ages groups.  My oldest attends SEN classes, but still I am unsure what needs he requires at school, classrooms are fast paced, for him he says his lessons are boring.  Both boys strengths lay in Mathematics, however there are so many integrated parts to this subject.  I do not know what their understanding is for the whole subject. 

In September My eldest went into year 5. This is pretty big time for most families, it is the start of preparing for the 11 plus.  It is less than 2 years before he will be leaving his primary school and off to secondary school.  

 I feel my son's need a lot of love and dedication to get them moving in the right direction, with a gentle push, to get their full potential to achieve better results in the next coming years.

 The Education Quizzes website is fussy free site, it is easy to navigate.  The home page lists the individual stages.  Both my sons are in KS2, each stage is then broken down into subjects.  Each subject will have a range of quizzes, these are all categorized.  All the quizzes are very simple to access.  For younger children, they may need assistance from their parent.  Otherwise KS2 upwards children should be able to use these site by themselves, depending on their reading level.
However we have been dong the quizzes as team, choosing the answers together and explaining why we believe the answer is correct.

 Each quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions, if you get the questions incorrect the quiz will tell you the correct answer, with an explanation.   Also if you get the questions right, it explains why.  The scores are recorded and dated, so you can refer back to them at any time.

Chris Packham explains in great details about the site.

To be honest I was actually surprised with some of the subjects that are covered.  However I can now gage were my sons need more home support.    Also the quizzes are great fun, its a positive learning tool in our home.  I have found it a great learning curve for all of the family, I have learnt new things too.  Both boys have really enjoyed doing the quizzes, it seems more play then work.  However the quizzes do get harder.

There is also another section Education matters for anyone interested in nature, this is moving in too KS3 but very interesting for children enjoying the sciences, nature and world facts.

Education Quizzes is a subscription website, a monthly charge of £9.95, this can be cancelled at any time.  The quizzes are accessible from any online device, both my sons can log in at same time on either a table or laptop.
Schools can also subscribe on behalf of students to help reduce the costs. Depending on the number of students it's possible to sign-up from as little as £2.00 per year.

This is going to be a very useful tool in the next few coming years.  I hope you find it useful too.

Discloser: This is a sponsored post, all findings are my own work and opinions are true to me.