Monday, 22 May 2017

Mineez the Minions collectable toys for Despicable Me 3 Movie

Over the last 6 months there has been plenty of talk about the new Despicable Me 3 film coming out.  I am very excited the wait is coming to an end.  The new movie will be on the big screens next month, June.

In the meantime we have been very lucky, the boys have been sent the new collectible toys from Flair toys.

The new Minions.... MINEEZ! 
Mineez are the new Despicable Me collectible toys, this selection is impressive for Series 1.
There are 4 different ranges to collect. Collect them all or just your favourites.

Please let me introduce you to my little star Liam, this is his first solo YouTube video.

He was very excited to explain all the facts of his new toys.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did filming. 
Please note the pricing range is in pounds. 

1) Blind pack - This comes in a little yellow capsule ball, you will have no idea who is inside.  Each capsule contains one tiny minion.  The Mineez are sweeshy, all printed well and identifiable with whom they represent.  There are over 75 to collect, there are rare and limited editions to be found.
They are priced at £2.99,    .

2) Micro keyrings, these are quite large, weighty too, they are really nice to look at, they feel like really good quality.  The loop is easy to open and lock, also to attach to your rucksack, keyring etc.  I think these are value for money at  £4.99 There are 12 in the this collection, all packs are blind for the element of surprise.

3) Drop and Pop Minion collection.  These Minions are great little fun things, there are only 3 to collect.  Phil and Stuart and we had Bob to play with.  These are very compact little characters, but tricky to use.  The age rating on the packing is 4+, however Liam 7 and James 9 both of them had difficulty trying to work Bob themselves.
Place your Drop and pop minion on the a flat surface.  Push the dungarees down to the ground, they will stick to the surface, as you move your fingers away it will pop up. I would suggest standing back.  As it shoots right up into the heavens above.  The boys loved this, even our dog enjoyed it, the element of surprise has us giggling and doing it over and over again.  Hours of entertainment. 
priced at £8.99

4)  Saving the best until last The Mineez collectable tins this is Stuart, a good size, it holds upto 40 Mineez.  This tin came with 2 Mineeze, Clive the robot and you get a mystery Mineez one too.  We had Tiki the Trash Bin, quite different but a collectable Mineez all the same.

The Tin is a very nice, it's really good quality, quite sturdy, a clean finish to it.  It is easy to open and closes without fuss, great for smallish hands to hold.  Very useful too even if you don't want to collect the Mineez, the tin can store things, it stands up right too.  You can put cards, keys, rubbers, pencils, your little treasures in there, only 2 too collect.  If you get both you'll able to store all 75 Mineez easily.  This is priced at £14.99. 

The new Despicable Me 3 film, is going to be out this June, we are all desperate to go and watch it.  If like me you can't to watch, in the meantime stock up on these great little treats.  Altogether this Series 1 has over 80 individual pieces to collect, affordable, at all different prices.  Suitable for children from the age of 5 upwards.  Currently Drop and Pop, Mineez packs and Tin can be purchased at Argos.  Very soon the Mineez will be everywhere!

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