Friday, 7 April 2017

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine Horse Insurance

Petplan Equine Horse Insurance recently asked if me and my family if we would like to take part in their new, fun and exciting campaign for children, getting them to bring their creative artistic skills to the table, letting them open their minds to design their Dream Horse.

The best part of the experience is one of our designs is made into an actual plush toy.  

Of course I jumped at this, I love the idea of being able to design something and have it made.

I am a city girl, living and working in the concrete jungle most of my life.  Dreaming of having a horse has always been a just a dream.  We are a home of animal lovers, we moved to Hertfordshire when the boys were little, soon after got our beloved dog, this is the closest to having horse.

Living in Hertfordshire, we do see horses regularly.  Neither James or Liam have ever had a desire to ride, yet they are both interested in animals.  We walk the local lanes while walking our dog, we walk past stables on occasion and feed the horses if we can.  It is lovely to watch them running freely.

I asked James and Liam if they could have any horse how would it look, what could it do? 

James got very technical, out came the iPads both boys googled horses for inspiration.  Liam did a few different designs and asked me to draw a horse outline.  Then he got to work, he was very focused, he let his mind explode on paper.

James designed a beautiful horse, the orange is an armour and the heart is two lights.  

 Liam even thou is simple on colour, it has so much happening, it had taken him such a long time with all the details.

We could only have one of the horses made into a toy.  I chose Liam's, he put so much effort into his design, including TNT packs, energy bolts, a castle chair.  He isn't the best at colouring but this didn't stop him.

I didn't tell them, one would be made into a plush toy.  Last week the postman arrived with a very special delivery.  Well, I have no words... Liam is a very surprised little boy, he adores his new horse.   He his been taking 'Rainbow Horse' with him everywhere.

Rainbow Horse, is so bright, made with a soft coloured felt covering, Rainbow Horse gives awesome cuddles.
This toy is something Liam will treasure for many years, its unique, he designed it.  Liam is really blown away!

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