Sunday, 29 October 2017

Education Quizzes the Review

 I have been asked to review an educational website, Education Quizzes.  This website is filled with
quizzes on all subjects and on all levels, From KS1 too GCSE, their are also a range of specialist subjects.   The website has been developed by experts, experienced teachers.  With 3800 quizzes to be had, the site is continually being updated.

 I am very excited to tell you about my findings, as for me, it is really difficult to gage how my children are getting on at school.  My sons are in year 3 and 5, KS2.  They both have weekly spelling and times table tests.  Also there are the parent consultation meetings, but in reality I do not know where they stand within the current curriculum, especially within their ages groups.  My oldest attends SEN classes, but still I am unsure what needs he requires at school, classrooms are fast paced, for him he says his lessons are boring.  Both boys strengths lay in Mathematics, however there are so many integrated parts to this subject.  I do not know what their understanding is for the whole subject. 

In September My eldest went into year 5. This is pretty big time for most families, it is the start of preparing for the 11 plus.  It is less than 2 years before he will be leaving his primary school and off to secondary school.  

 I feel my son's need a lot of love and dedication to get them moving in the right direction, with a gentle push, to get their full potential to achieve better results in the next coming years.

 The Education Quizzes website is fussy free site, it is easy to navigate.  The home page lists the individual stages.  Both my sons are in KS2, each stage is then broken down into subjects.  Each subject will have a range of quizzes, these are all categorized.  All the quizzes are very simple to access.  For younger children, they may need assistance from their parent.  Otherwise KS2 upwards children should be able to use these site by themselves, depending on their reading level.
However we have been dong the quizzes as team, choosing the answers together and explaining why we believe the answer is correct.

 Each quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions, if you get the questions incorrect the quiz will tell you the correct answer, with an explanation.   Also if you get the questions right, it explains why.  The scores are recorded and dated, so you can refer back to them at any time.

Chris Packham explains in great details about the site.

To be honest I was actually surprised with some of the subjects that are covered.  However I can now gage were my sons need more home support.    Also the quizzes are great fun, its a positive learning tool in our home.  I have found it a great learning curve for all of the family, I have learnt new things too.  Both boys have really enjoyed doing the quizzes, it seems more play then work.  However the quizzes do get harder.

There is also another section Education matters for anyone interested in nature, this is moving in too KS3 but very interesting for children enjoying the sciences, nature and world facts.

Education Quizzes is a subscription website, a monthly charge of £9.95, this can be cancelled at any time.  The quizzes are accessible from any online device, both my sons can log in at same time on either a table or laptop.
Schools can also subscribe on behalf of students to help reduce the costs. Depending on the number of students it's possible to sign-up from as little as £2.00 per year.

This is going to be a very useful tool in the next few coming years.  I hope you find it useful too.

Discloser: This is a sponsored post, all findings are my own work and opinions are true to me.  

Monday, 22 May 2017

Mineez the Minions collectable toys for Despicable Me 3 Movie

Over the last 6 months there has been plenty of talk about the new Despicable Me 3 film coming out.  I am very excited the wait is coming to an end.  The new movie will be on the big screens next month, June.

In the meantime we have been very lucky, the boys have been sent the new collectible toys from Flair toys.

The new Minions.... MINEEZ! 
Mineez are the new Despicable Me collectible toys, this selection is impressive for Series 1.
There are 4 different ranges to collect. Collect them all or just your favourites.

Please let me introduce you to my little star Liam, this is his first solo YouTube video.

He was very excited to explain all the facts of his new toys.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did filming. 
Please note the pricing range is in pounds. 

1) Blind pack - This comes in a little yellow capsule ball, you will have no idea who is inside.  Each capsule contains one tiny minion.  The Mineez are sweeshy, all printed well and identifiable with whom they represent.  There are over 75 to collect, there are rare and limited editions to be found.
They are priced at £2.99,    .

2) Micro keyrings, these are quite large, weighty too, they are really nice to look at, they feel like really good quality.  The loop is easy to open and lock, also to attach to your rucksack, keyring etc.  I think these are value for money at  £4.99 There are 12 in the this collection, all packs are blind for the element of surprise.

3) Drop and Pop Minion collection.  These Minions are great little fun things, there are only 3 to collect.  Phil and Stuart and we had Bob to play with.  These are very compact little characters, but tricky to use.  The age rating on the packing is 4+, however Liam 7 and James 9 both of them had difficulty trying to work Bob themselves.
Place your Drop and pop minion on the a flat surface.  Push the dungarees down to the ground, they will stick to the surface, as you move your fingers away it will pop up. I would suggest standing back.  As it shoots right up into the heavens above.  The boys loved this, even our dog enjoyed it, the element of surprise has us giggling and doing it over and over again.  Hours of entertainment. 
priced at £8.99

4)  Saving the best until last The Mineez collectable tins this is Stuart, a good size, it holds upto 40 Mineez.  This tin came with 2 Mineeze, Clive the robot and you get a mystery Mineez one too.  We had Tiki the Trash Bin, quite different but a collectable Mineez all the same.

The Tin is a very nice, it's really good quality, quite sturdy, a clean finish to it.  It is easy to open and closes without fuss, great for smallish hands to hold.  Very useful too even if you don't want to collect the Mineez, the tin can store things, it stands up right too.  You can put cards, keys, rubbers, pencils, your little treasures in there, only 2 too collect.  If you get both you'll able to store all 75 Mineez easily.  This is priced at £14.99. 

The new Despicable Me 3 film, is going to be out this June, we are all desperate to go and watch it.  If like me you can't to watch, in the meantime stock up on these great little treats.  Altogether this Series 1 has over 80 individual pieces to collect, affordable, at all different prices.  Suitable for children from the age of 5 upwards.  Currently Drop and Pop, Mineez packs and Tin can be purchased at Argos.  Very soon the Mineez will be everywhere!

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Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post. This is a honest review.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thai New Year (April 13-15), let's celebrate! Who wants to win a hamper from Thai Taste worth £100

Celebrate Thai New Year with a hamper of goodies from Thai Taste!
To celebrate Thai New Year (April 13-15) I am delighted to giveaway a fabulous selection of Thai Taste’s award-winning, products to help you create restaurant quality meals at home! Fans will have the chance to win a hamper worth £100 containing stunningly flavoursome Thai ingredients, a cotton branded bag and scratch-cooking short cuts to switch up your culinary repertoire. 

Their superb meal kits are made in Thailand and using only the best quality, natural ingredients, the range includes delicious curry pastes, dipping sauces and curry meal kits as well as more niche, cooks pantry products like Pea Aubergines and Palm Sugar. Perfect whether you enjoy cooking from scratch or would like a little help.  So simple to use and the flavours are divine. These kits make it so easy to have an authentic tasting Thai curry.

This April, Thai Taste has also partnered with Thai restaurateur Seb Holmes, who has created four unique recipes to help you celebrate Thai New Year and wow friends and family with stunningly authentic flavours! Engage with the Thai Taste community for cooking tips, recipe ideas (including Seb’s Aromatic Coconut Braised Pigs’ Cheeks with Lemongrass, Galangal and Kaffir Lime and Crab & Prawn Vermicelli Noodle Salad), and to get to know the ingredients.

You can see the full Thai Taste range on their website and find them at a range of major supermarkets as well as online.  Watch this space I will be getting to grips with some of the kits, I cant wait to show what happens?

Please follow the 5 steps:
Leave a comment on my blog
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Visit my Facebook fanpage; Its a London Bird Thing
Follow @LoveThaiTaste on Twitter
Subscribe to my YouTube channel
Ends 30th April 2017
Open to UK residence only
Only open 18+ (If you are younger please ask a parent to enter)
 - Winner contacted soon after and details made public on my social media sites.

Disclaimer: This is unsponsored post and wonderful collaboration between Thai Taste and myself.

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Friday, 7 April 2017

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine Horse Insurance

Petplan Equine Horse Insurance recently asked if me and my family if we would like to take part in their new, fun and exciting campaign for children, getting them to bring their creative artistic skills to the table, letting them open their minds to design their Dream Horse.

The best part of the experience is one of our designs is made into an actual plush toy.  

Of course I jumped at this, I love the idea of being able to design something and have it made.

I am a city girl, living and working in the concrete jungle most of my life.  Dreaming of having a horse has always been a just a dream.  We are a home of animal lovers, we moved to Hertfordshire when the boys were little, soon after got our beloved dog, this is the closest to having horse.

Living in Hertfordshire, we do see horses regularly.  Neither James or Liam have ever had a desire to ride, yet they are both interested in animals.  We walk the local lanes while walking our dog, we walk past stables on occasion and feed the horses if we can.  It is lovely to watch them running freely.

I asked James and Liam if they could have any horse how would it look, what could it do? 

James got very technical, out came the iPads both boys googled horses for inspiration.  Liam did a few different designs and asked me to draw a horse outline.  Then he got to work, he was very focused, he let his mind explode on paper.

James designed a beautiful horse, the orange is an armour and the heart is two lights.  

 Liam even thou is simple on colour, it has so much happening, it had taken him such a long time with all the details.

We could only have one of the horses made into a toy.  I chose Liam's, he put so much effort into his design, including TNT packs, energy bolts, a castle chair.  He isn't the best at colouring but this didn't stop him.

I didn't tell them, one would be made into a plush toy.  Last week the postman arrived with a very special delivery.  Well, I have no words... Liam is a very surprised little boy, he adores his new horse.   He his been taking 'Rainbow Horse' with him everywhere.

Rainbow Horse, is so bright, made with a soft coloured felt covering, Rainbow Horse gives awesome cuddles.
This toy is something Liam will treasure for many years, its unique, he designed it.  Liam is really blown away!

Being a responsible horse owner, means getting the best for your horse. Petplan Equine Horse Insurance, have been keeping this nations horses healthy and their owners happy for years.  Offering excellent equine insurance policies, getting horses back to health following illness and injury.
Get a quote: Horse insurance from Petplan Equine
Petplan Equine Horse Insurance polices will suit most customers, being it a 12 month policy or lifetime.  
They are a fabulous company, working with over 1200 charities throughout the UK, including charities that rehome animals.

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 Disclaimer: This is collaboration with Petplan

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Teksta Micro Pet Puppy and Adventure Park review

We have been sent a new Teksta Mirco-Pet and Adventure Park, This is a part of their NEW MICRO (miniature) range. We received the Puppy.

There are 4 characters to collect, a Puppy, a Kitty, a Racoon and a Dinosaur. 

Each Micro Pet does the following:
  • Interactive features
  • Realistic animal sounds
  • Expressive light up eyes
  • Artificial intelligence and touch sensitive
  • Runs forwards and backwards
  • Compatibility: Interacts with you and other Teksta Pets! (Each sold separately)
  • Contents: A Teksta Micro-Pet
  • Batteries Required: (included)

Also included is track, the Teksta Micro-Pets Adventure Park.  This is a click and play track.
Puppy gets his own Adventure Park to play with, this can easily be turned in to a hamsters wheel for Puppy to play with, however their are so many different combinations to snap together.

If you have 2 or more Adventure Park characters, they can all be snapped into place and you can a giant Adventure play park, with all the pets playing together.

Liam loves animals, he is mad on dogs all shapes and sizes.  His little face lit-up when he first saw Teksta Puppy.  He has names him Zoom Zoom.  Great name as he really does whiz around. 

Zoom Zoom, was easy to taken out of the packaging.  He has the cute factor all about him.  Tiny little toys that can hand held, with big wow wow robotic eyes.  Simple to switch on, an on and off switch on the back of his head.  Touch him anywhere, Clap or speak and Puppy starts to bark and walk, both backwards and forwards.

Push down on the button on his head, he will only move forward.  Push it down again and he will move backwards and forwards again.

Well, I didn't get a look in, however I was asked to put the Adventure Park together.  Liam was not sure what to do and was too busy playing with Zoom Zoom.

When we first opened the pack, James hearing all of the noise and being nosy, he decided to join in with us.  He is creative and wanted to put the Adventure Park together.  He is 9, at times he needed help to pull the pieces apart.  

Liam liked Teksta Puppy, as Puppy can walk everywhere, as long as it was a flat smooth surface.  Small enough to hold, without being bulky and can be put in his coat pocket.  

The Adventure Park is a great way to get Teksta Puppy to interact.  He can get stuck if the Adventure Park is not put together properly.  The Adventure park can be connected together in a way for this Puppy to play with his ball. 

RRP: These set are only £19.99 Adventure Park and Micro Pet or £9.99 for a Micro Pet, they can be purchased from Suitable for 6+.

They are expertly well made, making it so simple for young children to connect with.  A great way to introduce them to the Teksta Family of robotic toys.

If you have get them let us know what you think.  These are great value for money, can be played with for hours.  They are affordable to collect the range too.
We are family who love tech toys, I found this great fun for the kids, it has them thinking and playing together.  
James mentions younger children would prefer micro puppy range, however I have found him playing with him on a regular bases.  

 Disclaimer: Character sent me a Teksta Micro Pet and Adventure Park for an honest review. 


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Banish those January Blues! It's Film Time

I can not believe its the 1 February.  January has felt like it lasted forever. I have really suffered the January blues.  Working long hours, over the all the fun festive periods.  I have missed my family, my friends.  Not having time to relax and the long nights have been doom and gloom.

The best way to escape is to play an awesome film, in the comfort in my home, kick back and flick the channels. However I much prefer a great movie to take me on a journey.

Fetch have so many fantastic movies.  Here is a mixture of thrilling fantasy films.
Both old and new, for all generations.

In the Heart of the Sea

MAD MAX Fury Road 

The Wizard of OZ

The Legend of Tarzan



All these fantastic movies can be found on Amazon

I hope February bring you so much more joy - My favourite has been Intersellar.  The mission, the glory and such an amazing story.

Ravensburger Best of British - The Supermarket. 1000 piece adult puzzle. The review

RAVENSBURGER  - The Home to Puzzles!

I enjoy taking time for myself, however not having much time on my hands, it is hard to do things that I don't have to rushed thou.

A puzzle is a great way to get the cogs working, concentrating, without the pressure of worrying about deadlines.   With puzzles I love a challenge, working out what needs to go where. Coming and going as I please, cracking a pattern and solving areas is always fun

To bend my brain, I was sent a Ravensburger Best of British - The Supermarket.
1000 piece adult puzzle.

I looked at the box and thought, wow this is an excellent puzzle.  There is so much happening, in the scene.  People, words, speech bubbles everywhere, signs, posters, packets of foods, cartoons, fruit. Its such an entertaining scene, full of life. I would say this is a professional puzzlers dream.

It is one of the hardest puzzles I have done, actually still doing.  There is so much detail, so many colours and different areas.  I have found it is really hard to break the scenes down.

I did the normal thing, completed the edge and added as much to the edges as possible, I tried to get all the speech bubbles done.  I started this 2 weeks ago but there is so much happening.

Its a puzzle that needs a few hours here and there to be dedicated to it.  Being 1000 piece I would recommend having a large area that you can leave the puzzle when you are not putting it together.

I only have one large family table, this get uses every day for different things.

As this mega puzzle has been taking centre stage in my living room and conquering my table.
I had also been sent the best Puzzle buddy.

I was also given a foldable portable board, which is incredibly handy.  The board can easily fit both 500 and 1000 piece puzzles.  This has been so useful, I have been moving my puzzle all over my living room.  The board opens up,  you will only have to position 4 clips on each side of the board, this will make it secure.

Overall I have had so much fun and very happy to of tested out the foldable portable board, it is so useful.  Making it easy to transport my puzzle without spoiling my it.
Even everyone at home can use easily move the board, without destroying my hard work.

This is still a work in progress, very enjoyable!

This excellent puzzle can be found on the Ravensburger Website: Currently at RPP: £11.99 Amazon - Best British Supermarket-1000pc

Also the their particle foldable puzzle board: Puzzle-handy

If you want to bend your brain this is the puzzle for you.

Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle for an honest review!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Minecraft series 3, Steve with a Minecart & Zombie Pigman Pack review.

If you have kids I presume you have heard of Minecraft.  I first heard of Minecraft a few years ago, I vaguely remember being asked to buy some strange block toys.

At the time I didn't get them, was it a game?  Should they be like lego and connect together?  Did they have a purpose?  Are they collectables?  Each person or very strange looking figure came with a block and a little extra.

James and Liam absolutely loved them.  Soon all the blocks fell into place, our world was turned on it's head.  Minecraft the video game was born and taken our house over.  It is Minecraft this, Minecraft that, the game has really gripped my boys and the majority of their friends.  Over the years it is evolving slowly, lots of new characters and I rather like the spin off video game Minecraft Story mode.

My little gamer dudes adore Minecraft, with all of the extensions of the merchandise is a bonus for them. 

The original characters from Series 1, every Minecraft fan little dream Steve, Enderman and grass blocks.  It doesn't matter if they are so called baddies or goodies, they are all very popular.

Recently, I have been sent a couple of their latest character sets from series 3.  Steve with a Minecart and torch.  Perfect for travelling quickly and running away from all the baddies.
Steve can sit in the cart, the cart has wheels and can be pushed around.  It is great as it has a function.  Steve looks exactly the same as his video game character. 

We also received a Zombie Pigman Pack.  He is my favourite.  Just because his character is newer than the original ones.  He also looks rather funky compared to the other.  Lots of colour making him standout, half pig, half zombie man.  They are rather strong in the video game too. 

These sets are excellence quality, smooth, no sharp corners.  The new sets all gel with the existing sets.

When James and Liam received the packs they screamed the house down.  These little sets went down a dream.

Let me introduce you to my sons, who will explain their new toys!

Both of these Minecraft sets can be purchased Smyths Toys;
RRP is £7.99 however they are being sold in all major toy stores and are available online.
There are plenty of great new characters to collect!

Who is favourite, let me know. I love hearing from you.

Disclaimer: We were sent a couple of sets for an honest review.  

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Natural History Museum, Ice Rink Open until 8th Jan 2017 - The Review

I have had a busy few weeks, I worked over Christmas and New Years.  Unfortunately I didn't have much family time during the festive period.  We needed some quality time together.
Luckily we were invited by Regatta The Out-Door Clothes Company to The Natural History Museum Ice-Rink over the Christmas holiday.  We have been to both the Natural History and Science Museum's many times.  However we have never been ice-skating anywhere.  James and Liam have never been, I haven't been since my teens... This is a very long time ago.

It is always nice to take my sons to new places and get them to experience new things.  We headed to London, it took us an hour to reach South Kensington from our Hertfordshire home.  Navigating the London underground system like professionals, it was easy.  However I will offer you some advice, do not travel before 8.45 and between 16.45 and 19.30.  Peak-times also known as the Rush Hour.  It's a nightmare with children, you and your kids will be battered by the 9-5 working crew.

We reached The Ice-Rink for 2pm, we had time too swap our shoes for ice-skating boots.  If your children are beginners you can hire Penguins, at £5 a pop.  To be honest these are value for money, I would not of been able to guide 2 beginners around the rink by myself.

You can leave valuables at the desk for £2, I choose to do this as my handbag would of got in the way.

a) I have not been skating in years.  However as a child I used to roller skate everywhere.
b) Darren aka daddy/other-half, can't skate while he seem keen prior to arrival. The look of panic was setting in.
c) Once the skates were on Darren was now giving off a hint of an angry vibe.

These are the moments I wish I had a magic wand to ensure everyone will be okay.  No-one wants to get hurt, fall over for that epic fail moment and look like a whally in front of their kids.

Feeling eager I led the kids to the ice to meet their penguins.  Walking in the stake boots in the lounge area is so easy.  The kids looked surprised and held on to their penguins for dear life.  Darren was already on the ice-rink, hosting white knuckles holding on to the side and walking the ice-rink.  He kept on slipping, I had to hide my face from the giggling. At first he wasn't enjoying the experience, he started relaxing when he saw me and the boys were okay.

Surprising a lot of people were holding on and walking around.  Even I started holding on, however with both boys on their penguins.  Liam was doing an impression of Fred Flint, twinkle toes feet, his feet were going really fast but he was going nowhere.  James on the other hand was showing much potential, he was keeping walking pace, but kept going in the wrong direction, he was trying to get around.

I soon let go and mostly helped Liam get around, now James was building up his confidence and would go off alone, very excited he would try to lap us.  The funniest times, would be when they fell on their bums, thankfully no-one got hurt, just cold bums and legs.  It was funny, not serious and made the experience a good laugh.

Darren was on the sidelines watching us now.  He was smiling now and feeling more himself.  I would leave the boys near their dad to whiz off and do a lap.  I was like a duck to water, I could skate fast, but felt a little shaky if anyone got too close to me.

We had a fantastic time, even thou I wasn't too sure what would happen with 3 beginners, we all found our feet and had a great time.  Even Darren watching from the safety of the sideline said he enjoyed watching us.

The ice-rink wasn't over crowded, it had a lovely family feel to it, lots of staff on hand, helping adults and children to get around.  I was worried an hour would be too long, thinking the boys would want to get off.  I was wrong, they didn't need to rest.  We all left with big appetites, feeling happy and both James and Liam are desperate to return.

The Natural History Museum opens their ice-rink once a year for a few weeks over the Christmas and New Years period, they even host an event at a local Night Club on the 31st December.
During the day it does get very bust at times, however they do have safety guidelines and cant go over numbers.  I would recommend prebooking your session online and get there early, giving yourself enough time to change.  If you require Penguin hire they are limited to each session, get them early to avoid disappointment.

Each session last for an hour, this is perfect for the family.  It is also reasonable priced. Adults from £12.65, children from £8.80, families from £39.60 - Booking fee on top.

There is also a mini ice-rink for very little people.  If you get hungry, The Cafe Bar serves all manner of snacks, cakes, hot food, tea and alcoholic beverages. 

The waiting/changing rooms are warm too.  The bathrooms are also kept clean.

There is no minimum age, children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Skate hire is free of charge. Sizes range from child size 7 (Euro 25) to adult 15.

This is the last weekend.  So if you fancy doing something fun in London and still holding on to the Christmas vibe.  I recommend get over to the Natural History Museum this weekend.

Opening Times:
Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00

2 - 8 January 2017

Monday - Wednesday: 9.00 - 22.00
Thursday - Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00
- See more at:

2 - 8 January 2017

Monday - Wednesday: 9.00 - 22.00
Thursday - Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00
- See more at:
Saturday 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday    9.00 - 22.00

I would like to thanks Regatta Outdoor clothes, not only did they invite our for a groovy day out, they sent us our beautiful, warm and comfortable winter jackets.

Disclaimer: We were invited and sent some beautiful jackets for an honest review.

If you are in London, get your skates on head to Natural history Museum's Ice-Rink. Be sure to say hi, I love reading your comments.