Sunday, 30 October 2016

Emirates Airline, London only Cable car and Aviation Experience - fun for London, the Review.

Flying high through London.  Can you imagine in this day and age... I can't drive.  Being a Londoner I have never needed too.

No matter where I need to go there is always a bus, tube or train ready to take me there.  Over the years London Transport has got better and better, adding new options.

As a family, I take my sons with me everywhere on public transport.  They are well travelled tubers and enjoy adventure, people watching and goofing on the buses.  
During the half-term I took them on the Emirates Air Cable and to the Aviation Experience at Greenwich.   

There are 2 departure points you can join at either North Greenwich also Royal Docks.  Both can be reached via the DLR Line.

Travel is cheap, using your pay as you go Oyster card, Fares: Adult £3.50 and children £1.70.  It is possible to travel one way, return journey or purchase a round trip tickets discovery pass that include entry to the Aviation Experience. 

James and Liam were excited as we headed towards the cables cars, we could see them flying in the sky in the distance.  

We did not need to queue, as we reached the cable cars, they passed us by like a conveyor belt.  The car door opened and we had a few minutes to jump aboard, before the doors closed and our journey started.

The cars are comfortable and clean inside, I felt safe inside however I asked the boys not to jump around as the swinging sensation churned my stomach.

The view is truly breathtaking, when you think what you're actually doing.  I could hear the boys taking to each other, picking places out, things of interest to them. The DLR rail whizzing by below and committing on how small everything looks, Liam called it a Toy Town. 

They both love looking out of the massive windows, there is so much to see, roads, buildings old and new, partial built buildings too, The River Thames, boats, people, people working, people walking everything so far away below us.  Both boys on their knees, waving at the other cables cars coming towards us all filled with people taking the trip in the opposite direction.  While we travelled upwards we could see the highest point (90 metres).  A single trip can take upto 10 minutes from end to end. 

We didn't have crystal blue sky, I'm guessing we could see a 5 mile radius but it was enough for me.  Once we reached the other side James and Liam didn't want to leave the cable car.  

There is a photo booth at North Greenwich, you can pick your destination as a photo backdrop and the booth takes three photos of you, you can pick your favourite, best out of three.  This is emailed over to your inbox.

As you exit there is the Emirates Aviation Experience.  We met a huge life size Rolls Royce Trent 900 aeroplane engine, this is massive, the boys were very intrigued now.

Liam wanted to wonder around everywhere. James was very patient and we took our time exploring.  Its not a huge exhibition, however I really like it. James is 8 he could read all the stations, mostly everything is interactive and he found this very engaging.  It was a pleasure watching him really enjoy himself and not getting distracted because the stations were taking too long.

The cost of the entrance to the experience is £5 for adults, £3 for children (under 12).
What is really special about this aviation experience is you can take to the sky's, there are 4 simulators for public use.  2x A360 and 2x B777.  These are aimed for 9+ year old's, there is a lot of instruction to follow, the experienced staff are available to advise you on what to do, take-off, landing and flying.  We choose the airport you want to depart/land on and take-off. The simulation lesson lasts for 30 minutes, costing £60 per person or a 2 person session will cost £90.  

This is something my dad would love to do, he flies gliders and is a geek when it comes to Engineering.  

On the way out there is a little gift shop and a large coffee shop area.  Perfect for ponding your next move.

Overall we had a very entertaining afternoon, lots to take-in and very educational too.  James loved being a Captain and found it incredible funny when he crashed the plane! 

If you are looking for something fun, educational, new and different and super engaging go to Emirates Aviation Experience. 

Disclaimer: I was invited for this entertaining day out, for a honest review!    


Friday, 28 October 2016

We Sing #OwnTheStage, So much fun to be had with this new game!

I am sure we are all guilty of singing our faces off, either in private or with friends.  

I sing all the time, mostly when I am happy, but when I am sad too, I turn up the music and it lifts my spirits.  However my voice doesn't compliment my true enthusiasm, truth be told, I am tone deaf! My family do suffer.

My sisters, my nieces and my sons do love a party and a good sing along is a great laugh.    We have been known to sing the house down.

I was chuffed to be invited to WE SING... Yippee!  

We headed of to Lucky Voice in Soho, a perfect venue to play this awesome Game, it's smack bang in the middle of London, easy to find.  The rooms are spacious lots of space for dancing. 

Now is was time to show off my my rather not so tuneful voice.  We had warm welcome, then shown to our singing booth, with blow-up mics, wigs, sparkly bowler hats and bright pink blow-up guitars.

After a quick briefing about the game it was our time to play.  We had lots of fun, my singing is terrible, I really need the particle and this was a great excuse to go for it.  One thing is for sure I can't rap and my sons and laughed at me trying.  However we had a great time.  I found this a great interactive game for all of us to to do something entertaining together.

The the playlist is awesome!

With 30 banging tracks, including 26 numbers ones, this is the best We Sing to date. Including some of the world’s biggest artists including Abba, David Bowie, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and Sia.  Lots of variety of all ages, keeping the whole family and all of our friends entertained, everyone will be singing and dancing to this one. 

With this We Sing all the current official HD music videos are also a new feature while you are singing, its the complete package.

 We Sing launches for a new generation of Xbox One and PlayStation fans later this year following on the from the success of the original We Sing games on the Nintendo Wii.

Available on Pre-Order - RRP £24.99 game only, £44.99 including 2 micro phones.  
There is an app you have down load and turn your mobile phones into microphones too. 
So get your orders in, this is going to make the perfect Christmas Present, release on the 22nd November.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post.  We were asked to pop on down to have some singing fun!

Don't be shy, come and sing HELLO or HI! 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

This October Half Term, visit London’s South Bank, so much to experience for a Halloween adventure

This October Half Term, families visiting London’s South Bank are in for a ‘spellbinding Halloween adventure’, from a ‘Slice of Pumpkin Eye’ at the London Eye, to scary fun at the true ‘Home of Halloween’ at the London Dungeon, to ‘Spooky Seas’ at SEA LIFE London Aquarium!

With something for everyone – families, teens, couples and first-time visitors to London – there’s plenty of ‘tricks, treats and spookiness’ to celebrate the season.
Half term Halloween is covered at London’s South Bank with four fabulous attractions all offering a spook-tacular range of events.
This October Half Term, families visiting London’s South Bank are in for a spellbinding Halloween adventure. Whether it’s the ‘Slice of Pumpkin Eye’ activity trail at the Coca-Cola London Eye, getting a dose of scary fun at the true “Home of Halloween” at the London Dungeon, or having a wickedly witchy time with the Spooky Seas being brought to life at SEA LIFE London Aquarium, there’s something for everyone. For those who fancy something completely different, enjoy a bright and beautiful trip to Far Far Away and meet Poppy and Branch from DreamWorks Animation’s latest release, Trolls, at Shrek’s Adventure! London.
  Merlin Entertainments is bringing all the aspects of Halloween fun to life in the heart of the capital.  With something for everyone - families, teens, couples and first-time visitors to London will be able to explore the South Bank for a range of tricks, treats and spookiness to celebrate the season. 
 I took the boys on the London Eye last year and they really enjoyed seeing London on the Eye.  I was a little worried at first. But they felt safe and secure and couldn't get enough of this new experience, just on our door step.  Such a fabulous way to see the sights and a real talking point!
Top Half Term Halloween Attractions:
Coca-Cola London Eye
Squashing everything “Pumpkin” into the Coca-Cola London Eye, families will be able to pick up a fun Halloween pumpkin activity pack, where kids can hunt for letters spelling out PUMPKIN from the amazing London landmarks seen from the Eye.

As well as learning Halloween-tastic facts about London, families will be able to carry on the Halloween adventure when they get home by carving some London Eye themed pumpkins with templates provided in their packs. They will then be able to post pictures of their creations on social media to enter our “gourd-geous” competition. The event will run from 22 to 31 October.

 Home of Halloween: London Dungeon
The London Dungeon (situated next to the Coca-Cola London Eye) is for the month of October home to a dark coven of witches, with three witch-related scary shows. Chilling witch hunts, curses and accusation - the fingers could be pointed at anyone…so guests should take heed! Guests brave enough to join the witch hunt will come face-to-face with the seventeenth century Matthew Hopkins, known as the Witchfinder General.
Those who do managed to escape from the clutches of the evil Hopkins will have plenty more tricks…and wicked treats in store as the London Dungeon unleashes 1000 years of London’s dark history in 19 shows, featuring some of history’s greatest rogues and villains, two thrilling rides and plenty of edge-of-the-seat surprises.  
SEA LIFE London Aquarium
This ‘Hallow-marine’ guests will have a chance to witness a daily dive while spotting some of the scariest creatures in the ocean. Visitors can keep their eyes peeled for ‘spooky sea’ clues around the attraction revealing where some of the strangest bogey-fish lurk!
Each day of the Halloween Half Term, a different spooky character will dive into the largest tanks whilst getting up close and personal with our range of marine creatures from our Sand Tiger Shark to Green Sea Turtles. Daily dives will take place between 11am and 2pm. See our experienced staff. And on Halloween day itself (31st October), the Fish Witch will be making a special appearance. This scaly, green marine crone only comes out on Halloween to cook up a cauldron full of spooky fun for visitors!
For those feeling particularly brave, there is also the exclusive ‘Sharks in the Dark’ snorkelling experience offering would-be divers the chance to come face-to-fin with over 15 magnificent sharks, after hours. The evening experience – with limited slots offered between 27th – 31st October ONLY – will see participants submerged beneath the water in a mesh divers’ net, equipped with explorer-style red light torches to spot six species of shark in the eerie darkness.
DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London
Those who want to brush off the Halloween cobwebs and find their happy place can head to Shrek’s Adventure! London. Sing, dance and have lots of fun as the wild-haired stars of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls will be taking over Shrek’s Adventure! London. 
From 22 October, guests will be able to meet Poppy and Branch and step into the vibrant world of Trolls Village exclusively at DreamWorks Tours Shrek’s Adventure! London. Think rainbow colours, feel-good songs and plenty of celebrations.
With characters voiced by the likes of Justin Timberlake (Branch) and Anna Kendrick (Poppy) the film is brought to you by DreamWorks Studios, creators of other legendary hit film franchises such as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda. The coiffured co-stars will be joining Shrek at the end of the adventure to meet guests, take pictures and share the unbeatable fun. 
The Southbank has become a true heaven for sight seeing, there is so much to see and do.  I have plenty of of thing to still do on my wish list. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Skylanders Imaginators, we are having using our imaginators. #Skylanders 2017

Back in June we were invited to a preview screening of Skylander Imaginators.  This has had us excited for the last few months.  Its been a big build-up to the new welcomed addition to the Skylanders family.

Our favourite game has hits the shelves, with new characters and now with more of a grown-up feel to the game.

Lots of new elements to the game, the best part is making your characters come alive.  There are creation crystals for all the elements, earth, water, light, magic etc, they can be made to almost any spec you have in mind.

Luckily the James and Liam had a couple of very special deliveries last week.

A fantastic box arrived with an Imaginators Sensei and a triple pack of Creation Crystals.

Our new Sensei Tae Kwon Crow is fabulous, this bird doesn't spit feathers like he did when we could  trapped him, in Skylanders Trap Team.  He is know ours, with his slick ninja moves, he doesn't miss a trick either, he throws his Ninja stars to attack, a little warrior.

I was very intrigued to receive a superb triple pack of creation crystals, magic, tech and the undead.  This is where Skylanders Imaginators really lets the creative juices flow and magic happens.  I let my little people create their little creations of who they wanted to be, they did get rather excited and completed the process without finishing them and adding powers.

I would suggest if your children are young get them to let you handle the controller.  I had eager beavers rushing through all the steps.  When I asked for the last Crystal to be saved for me, they ignored me.   Typical of my kids.  However I wanted join in and play too.

On the plus side they really enjoyed using their imaginations to build their crystal characters.  What I really liked is watching them be individual, sometimes Liam copies James but they went down their own paths.  

On Monday we had an AWESOME delivery of the New Skylanders Imaginators PS4 Game, its is the Limited Edition with Crash Bandicoot!!!

The starter pack is complete with the video game, portal of power platform, 4 Sensei characters - Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash Bandicoot, Master King Pen, Golden Queen, the undead Creation Crystal, a poster and sticker sheet.

How super cool is Crash?  Well to me he is awesome, one of the first games I ever bought myself was Crash Bandicoot for the original Play station. (A very long time ago)  I loved all the different levels and the 3D play, great game, with that unforgettable music.  Hours of pure joy.  It was such a long time ago, it's been nice to share these memories with my children. 

So we have been truly spoilt with this new release.  James and Liam are already bickering with each other who plays who.  I am already writing a list of the new Skylanders I want to buy.  I want to get more Creation Crystal packs .

If you haven't started playing Skylanders were have you been?  Prices for the starter packs vary depending on the console you own.  The single Sensei Packs start from £14.99 and individual creations can be purchased from £7.99.  Multi pack are available too.

It's possible to buy this game from all top toy retailers. We hope to bring you some awesome game play in the near future.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored.  Please note we have been sent the new Skylanders Imaginators to give you an insight to what we have experienced as we are huge fans!!

Don't be shy, come and say Hi!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Stretch Scooby Doo Review, the super durable fun family toy, the review

Scooby, Scooby Doo... I love you!

From the first moment I saw it, my eyes lit-up.  I have been Scooby Doo fan for years.  As the years have rolled on by Scooby has been on our tellies forever.  Now I get to watching these fun who dun'it cartoons with my kids.   

Character has made a fantastic super stretchy Scooby, it's a fun thing to have.  You can crash him, squish him up and pull him from all sides and he pops back into shape.

It is incredible stretchy, made of super rubbery stuff.


Scooby is foot tall, with a hard plastic head, which can swivel from side to side.  He has a beaming big toothy smile, with his massive goofy looking eyes, that follow you around he room.  The rest of his body is stretchy, all four paws and his body.

Liam took a shine to him at first, he couldn't wait to take him out of the box.  He has used him as a cuddly toy.  Scooby Doo is quite heavy so Scooby Doo kept getting left behind.  However I am the one who likes to play with, I like to pound him, pinch him and squeeze him, he makes a great giant stress ball.  I just can't help playing with him.  I even took him to work, the whole office had fun with him.  He can stretch upto 3 times his size.  Adults like him just as much as kids do. 

I first spotted him at the Toys Fair last year, I predicted this will be a great seller for this year.  He is a fantastic character everyone recognises.  He retails at £19.99 at most major retailers. He would make a super present, for young, younger and old alike.  Great from Halloween, Birthdays and Christmas.

Shop at Character: Scooby-doo-stretch-scooby-doo

He is super durable too, looks great as a shelf sitter and seems pretty destructible.

Disclaimer:  This is an unsponsored post. I was given Scooby Doo for an honest review.

Our fun night away on BEN 10 Rust Bucket at Swiss Farm, Henley-on-Thames

James and Liam are at the age when they could happily watch Cartoon Network ALL DAY LONG (EVERY DAY)! Adventure Time is totally wacky, The Amazing World of Gumball has them is whole hearted laughing  hysterically, it's because their dad is Richard and they base themselves on Gumball and Darwin,  I am Nicole of course especially when I'm mad.

Cartoon Network have now added the courageous Ben 10 the their list of fun and funky, children's cartoons.

As part of the launch we had a last minute invite to spend the night in Grandpa Max's Rust Bucket.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  Thank you my lovely friend and blogger Christine Taylor of Mummy of 3 Diaries, who pointed me in their direction.

The boys have never spent in a caravan before and this would be a massive treat to get away from home and spend some time together.  The locate was Swiss Farm in Henley-on-Thames.

Straight after work, my adventure begin, I bolted home, grab the kids and headed to Henley-on-Thames.  One train, two buses and almost 2 hours later we had reached our destination, Swiss Farm, Caravan and camp site in the beautiful Henley-on-Thames.

I should mention travelling on public transport with 2 kids was a doddle, the journey was really smooth and the connections seamless.  By the time we had arrived, James and Liam were wired for action, they wanted to run around like headless chickens. We headed to the main reception, greeted by the a lovely lady on the reception who explained what the site has to offer.

My host soon arrived and escorted me and the boys to the Rust Bucket, walking in the dark the boys were bouncing about, Liam spotted the RV ahead to sped towards it.  It was great to see our home for the night, the RV was all lit-up by the nights sky.  The RV was just what I had expected, the kids on the other hand had no expectations and while James seem to chill and was doing his dad impressions, Liam searched every nook and cranny, he left no stone unturned and opened every draw and door open at least twice.  Nosey little git.

We received a super duper Ben10 hamper, a gorgeous canvas bag, a lovely writing pad and some pens.  A voucher for dinner to get a takeaway if we wished.  Some sweets and a lovely bottle of wine for me, this was just what I needed after our long track.   

Also a recipe for Ben 10 dinner aka Spag Bol!

The RV had plenty of space, with a cute kitchenette, microwave, fridge.  Lots of seating areas that transform into beds.  A shower and toilet room.

The RV had nice big drivers seats, Liam took a shine to sitting in the drivers seats.  Of course what does a cheeky 6 year old do, when his mum isn't watching him.  Little rascal found the horn and bided it, twice.
Gleaming with a huge smirk on his face he said, 'That was an accident Mummy.'  

I couldn't get the TV to work, nor the PlayStation Wi-Fi, thankfully my mobile worked, we listened to music, then I started cooking dinner.  By 9.30 we had stuffed our chops on Ben10 Spag Bol. They boys found a few games, we played connect 4 a few times.  Later, James managed to scary the life out of me, by locking himself in the bathroom, my heart sunk.  I think his too, we decided to pee with the door open.  James and Liam were exhausted, it was time for bed.

The RV could easily sleep 6, however the three of us all slept in the main bedroom. Surprisingly we all had a goods night rest.  I sleep pretty hard, not surprising I had been that morning at work from 8.10.  The bed was firm, comfortable, the boys seemed to sleep okay, I think Liam woke a few times, wanting his middle of the night pee-pees. I left the kitchen light on so he could see were to go. James slept like a log.

I woke to find both boys semi dressed, playing Fifa17 on the PlayStation.  James needed his morning poo, as you do.  Everyone knows the unspoken rules about caravanning, never number twos in portacabin and caravan loos.  So we got dressed and headed over the showers and toilet block.

The block was very nice, smelt fresh, looked spotless.  There was music playing in the back ground.

James did his business however refused to shower, Liam on the other hand was game.   Unfortunately I had forgotten what he is like in showers.  He is one of 'these kids' who hates water in he face and screams the house down.  At home we are okay because I can move the shower head around, the ones in these cubicles are fixed to the wall.  After a few minutes of a distressed child he was okay.  The showers have warm water with good pressure, no complaints from me.

Walking back to our RV I noticed how well organised the Caravan site was, there are a lot of pitches, the caravan pitches were all taken, it looked as if a lot of pitches were for residence too. We spied some top of the range caravan homes, very expensive looking, grand looking, luxurious.

He boys had some cereal and I tidied up.  From one of our windows, we could clearly see out, there is a little a park on site, the boys were keen to go and play.  We had a football to play with too. prefect for a outside fun.

The boys played and started making friends with neighbours little girls.  It was around now I started missing my boyfriend.  He is an outdoor person, He would of loved this experience.

The boys continuing playing in the playground until the sky went grey and weather turned.  We headed over to the Swiss Farm cafe.  I wanted breakfast and a decent cup of tea.

I order a sausage baguette and bacon baguette, a croissant and mug of tea and 2 juice cartons. It cost £13, that was very reasonable.   The sausage baguette were delicious too.  looking around I could see they make a mean cooked breakfast too.  There were a mixture of guests, little groups of families, friends in the Cafe shop.  The staff very attentive, everywhere super clean too.  They offered a Breakfast and Lunch menu.

We headed back to the Rust Bucket and had a wonder around the site, there is a huge camp site for tents, this is almost empty at this time of year.  Also a little lake area, already fisherman were their with they rods out.  Plenty of ducks could be seen marching around.

There was also a Swimming pool on site, it was too cold to be using it.  However on warms days, I bet it gets packed around the poolside.

We didn't have too much time before we had leave, I managed to charge my mobile, during this time I taught the boys some cards games Black Jack and Snap.

All in all we had a lovely time, we had a good laugh.  We spent some real quality family time together.  The boys are eager to return to a campsite.  Daddy is now looking in tents.   I have been spoilt by the Luxury Swiss Farm has to offer and will want to go back.  Hopefully to stay a few nights there and get the real experience of Henley-on-Thames and explore the village.

The Campsite does have Wi-Fi and if you are do have a caravan the pitches can be connected to electricity and water sources.

We arrived home late afternoon and the first thing we did was watch Ben 10 on Cartoon Network, the boys were impressed with the cartoon.  I like the animation, good storylines.  I like the way Ben 10 has been updated and modernised.  Ben 10 is just like any kid, he has to do his chores without his powers to access the wifi.  Yep this sounds like my rules.

If like me you want to catch Ben 10 new super cool new Series on Cartoon Network, its on every weekend at 10am!
Sky Channel 634
Virgin Media Channel 704
BT Channel 486
TalkTalk Channel 486 

Disclaimer: Please note this is an unsponsored post.  I was offered a night away to give an honest review.