Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Skylanders Imaginators, being as creative as you like. 2016 is looking very exciting

Hello Skylander Fans!!!

Me and boys headed off to London not to see the sights but to check out the new Skylanders game.  WHOOP WHOOP!

We were greeted by Shelf Elf of course we went in for some hugs! Also every child's dream of sweetie heaven, a sweet table, its was like Alice in Wonderland meets Mario a table full of mouth watering treats.  Our little fans could have T-shirts made-up, with there favourite Skylander characters.  There was a fun photo booth, where you could pull lots of wacky faces, we had lots of fun, happy 'Skylanders fun'.

However my little cherubs had their eyes set mainly on one thing... SKYLANDERS!!! We were on the top floor of the ACE Hotel over looking London, the room was was bright and did I fail to mention it was also decked out in PlayStations!  PlayStations loaded up with our favourite game, Skylanders Supercharges.  Within a matters of minutes I had lost the boys, controllers in hand, gaming away like to two pros.  I found this very funny, someone asked James if he needed help, the look James gave was like I'm a professional I'll have you know.  The answer was actual, I have already competed this level.   

Once all the children had settled down, everyone gathered together to hear the latest news!!! 

Just incase if you haven't heard yet, what have you been upto, where have you been?  It seems the makers of Skylanders have heard our cries and they have taken Skylanders to another level. After listening to their fans advice, Skylanders 'Imaginations' is launching in October 2016.

Every year Skylanders has changed the gameplay, keeping us on our toes and our gamers eager with new characters with their charming little Skylanders adapting to new talents every year.

This year is going to be no different.  However times are really changing.  Can you imagine, building your character, adding all the details it make it as unique as you, its eye colour, body shapes, arms size, legs, voice, colours.  Well, we will be able too, even picking their abilities, strength, stamina, what weapons they use.  I personal believe this will be big step towards adult gameplay.  This is going to bring out gamers creative juices, whatever their mind wants to make will be possible, there are going to be so many possibilities.      

This year the new additional to the game is called 'Creation Crystal', when the crystals are placed on the portal, you can build your Imaginator.  There are only 10 types of elemental Creation crystals to collect.

Good bye Giants, Swapforces, TrapTeam and Supercharges... Hello Build what you want.  We will still have the key elements of play, 

Skylanders Imaginators introduces Skylanders Senseis, all-new heroes who represent 10 powerful Battle Classes such as Knight, Sorcerer, Bowslinger, Brawler, and more.  Skylanders Senseis help train created Imaginators by offering a range of benefits including unlocking super-cool Imaginator weapons, providing access to special areas in the game, as well as bestowing Secret Techniques across the Battle Classes. Senseis also have their own unique benefits including the extraordinary ability to unleash Sky-Chi – the ultimate Battle Class super move.  There are a total of 31 Senseis, which include some fan-favourite villains who have been reformed and now fight for good!

Skylanders Imaginators, will be available to play on Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Wii U.  Starter Packs start from £49.99, they will all include two Skylander Senesis and a Creation Crystal.  As before all of your previous Skylander collection will be compatible with the new game.  Pre-order is available, released date 16th October 2016. 

Skylanders bringing your imagination to life!

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ZOINGO BOINGO Review... Lets Bounce!

I remember clear as day my mum buying me a Lolo ball. It used to remind me of the planet Satin, it is actually a huge yellow ball with blue plastic rim I would stand on, its took a while a for me to master the art of bouncing around, but once I started I couldn't stop. I played with it for months, bouncing every where, until finally it got puncture...

Much to my surprise this new toy has landed, the Zoingo Boingo. It is like the Lolo ball with an extension lead and handle to hold.

How cool does the Zoingo Boingo look?  The similarly to the Lolo Ball is uncanny.  It's like the Lolo Ball has had a facelift. I like this design.  On first impressions is, it looks unsafe and it doesn't look easy, having first hand experience on the Lolo Ball, it wasn't easy to use at first.

I was sent one to have some fun on, sadly I am too big to get on it myself, however it's perfect for my eldest son, James.   It is aimed for 7 year old+ boys and girls.  The box has clear instructions, it was easy to start to use. Firstly, I had to pumped up the ball and add the rubber rim.  You will need a bicycle pump and pin, the pin is provided. (Just pump the same as you'd do for any football)

James was very interested, he couldn't wait to have a go, we took it to the park. James tried to use the Zoingo Boingo but kept falling off.  I explained there's a small lip on the platform to rest your foot to grip, he has to balance his foot first, then use his other foot grab the ball, once both feet gripped the ball he would need to cup the ball with both feet and jump up and down.  It's easy to explain but not easy to actually do.

To be honest it was quite difficult for him, the art of balancing doesn't come easily, also holding the handle is another thing to focus on at the same time.  However the little guy was happy to keep on trying, making a point of me not helping him, using things to lean on became an option for him.

Every now and then a he managed to jump a few times, this was a little glimmer of hope he needed to continue and he'll get the knack.

I did explain it's going to take a lot of practice before he could jump all by himself after about 20 minutes he was pretty knackered but he has kept on trying, its a challenge for him.  however it wont be long before he is Zoingo Boingoing all over the place.

Practice is key!!!

I really like the Zoingo Boingo, it's a real challenge for any child, its like riding a bike, using skates for the first few times, it takes time to work out the technique, gets children out of their comfort zone.  Plus its keeps children very activate. 

The ball is made from thick rubber, its could be used in the Park, the street, places like the skateboard park, jumping from platform to platform once the skill has been achieved, indoors I good place to practice is the hallway, learning against the hall for support.

I would be careful of bouncing on uneven surfaces and anything sharp, of course avoid broken glass.  I also have to hide ours from my dog, as he sees it as a giant ball and gets over excited when he see it.

My youngest son is 6 and he isn't very sporty, however he was keen at first but found the whole process of trying to balance impossible.  So unless you have a determined child, I would not waste your time.   When he is ready he will let me know.

The Zoing Boingo comes in 3 different colours, its retails from £24.99 depending where you buy it from.  Plenty of retailers sale it online.  It's a great toy to get kids off their butts and outside, perfect for this summer weather.

James is still enjoying the Zoingo Boingo, I hope you get to have a go too.

Disclaimer:  I have sent this toy to test!