Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Make Christmas magic for your little ones with #PortableNorthPole's FREE personalized videos from @PNPSanta!

Christmas is coming and it's such a magical time of the year.  I love  the whole build up to the big day.  Most of all the sense of love and togetherness and sharing quality time with my family.  I love watching the faces of my kids when they open their presents. We can't wait to spend some Christmas time together, I am counting down the days.

The last couple of years I have been using PNP, Porter North Pole.  It's a kniffy little app and online tool that keeps the magic alive with personal messages from Santa, to your family and friends.  Last year I reviewed PNP for you: Portable North Pole 

This great app, it is easy to use, just upload the photos you want to use and complete the personal details of the recipient. Pick either video or telephone massage options. The whole process does not take long.  The finish product looks fantastic and both videos and phone massages sound so authentic.
Santa is jolly, cosy and welcoming and captivating.

The completed messages are easy to forward, making sharing with friends, family and on your social media sites simple too. Even sharing via email is an option.

Fabulous Christmas message for everyone to be had.

Santa rules here, he comes alive at our finger tips.  Its a quick way to get messages to loved one, at home or even far away   The little kiddies and even the cheeky adults adore him too.  PNP could be real life or fantasy its great fun for everyone.

Even thou James and Liam are getting bigger, they still both believe in Santa, well, they talk about him as if he is real.  James recently mentioned he doesn't believe in the Tooth fairy any more because of what someone said at school.  Phew! The Easter Bunny and Santa still live on.

You can log-on and try a few features for free.  However if you want to whole shabang buy the Magic Pass, its only £10.00, worth every penny for hours of fun and the picture of kids faces is priceless.

We wish to a very happy Christmas, don't be shy, stop on by and say HELLO!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was given a magic pass to give an honest review.