Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cotswold RAW Award winning RAW Dog Food, Tyson loved them! The Review

I have been given some new exciting brands to test out.  However on this occasion it is Tyson whom is the lucky recipient. 
Can you imagine given you dog the best dog food money can buy, fresh, meaty and made with love.

Cotswold Raw introduced me to their brand, they have a range of dogs foods, made with raw meat and bones, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The Cotswolds Premium Raw Dog Food Company, is a family run business, with dogs of their own.  They made the decision to switch their dogs diets to RAW foods.

Eating RAW means the products are keeping their natural minerals. The process of cooking foods mean they lose their nutritional levels.  

They noticed first hand the change in their dogs, their behaviour, digestion and overall health and appearance.  Since 2014 they have been working independently to develop and produce high quality Biological Appropriate Raw Food BARF for dogs.

Cotsworld Raw offers the following ranges for Puppies, Senior, Active, Less Active and Endurance.  The packaging is clearly labelled, with a good range of flavours.  Lamb, chicken, Beef, Turkey and Tripe and beef. 

I received their 80/20 Active mince and Sausages samples for Tyson.  Upon opening the packages, the dog food looks like real human food. (make sure not to mix it up with your meat in the freezer) I was tempted to cook the sausages.  However Tyson went bonkers, flaring his nostrils and bashing me to go faster.

Serving: 1 sausage equals 100g.  Tyson is a large dog at 35kg he needs about 800g potion a day.

All I can say is the dog food was in his dog bowl for seconds.  When he finished I could see the smile on his face, he left the kitchen grinning.  He was super satisfied after eating, he usually goes to bed after food, however he has been pushed up against me, snoring his little face off.  One very loved up dog, he does like this much more than his dried food.  

It is still early days to see any changes in his appearance, what I have noticed is he has stopped farting. Which is a blessing as they stink.   This change has happened immediately.

I love the idea of feeding dogs, real raw meat, anything that can replicate a dogs natural diet, perfect for their digestion system, it has to be really good for them.  I am sure in the long run the benefits are noticeable.

Cotsword RAW is available to buy online pricing varies:
Starting from £2.15 (puppy food).  
The Active foods start from £3.45 depending on the meat.

Also Cotswold Raw is an Award winning Dog Food
Pet Product Innovation of the Year - (Food/Treats) 
They won Gold  - Well Deserved

Disclaimer: Tyson was sent some samples, on his reaction I have reviewed this fantastic product.  He may not speak but he his actions speak volumes.

If Tyson is happy. I am happy! Let me know if you plan to treat your dog this Christmas.