Friday, 28 October 2016

We Sing #OwnTheStage, So much fun to be had with this new game!

I am sure we are all guilty of singing our faces off, either in private or with friends.  

I sing all the time, mostly when I am happy, but when I am sad too, I turn up the music and it lifts my spirits.  However my voice doesn't compliment my true enthusiasm, truth be told, I am tone deaf! My family do suffer.

My sisters, my nieces and my sons do love a party and a good sing along is a great laugh.    We have been known to sing the house down.

I was chuffed to be invited to WE SING... Yippee!  

We headed of to Lucky Voice in Soho, a perfect venue to play this awesome Game, it's smack bang in the middle of London, easy to find.  The rooms are spacious lots of space for dancing. 

Now is was time to show off my my rather not so tuneful voice.  We had warm welcome, then shown to our singing booth, with blow-up mics, wigs, sparkly bowler hats and bright pink blow-up guitars.

After a quick briefing about the game it was our time to play.  We had lots of fun, my singing is terrible, I really need the particle and this was a great excuse to go for it.  One thing is for sure I can't rap and my sons and laughed at me trying.  However we had a great time.  I found this a great interactive game for all of us to to do something entertaining together.

The the playlist is awesome!

With 30 banging tracks, including 26 numbers ones, this is the best We Sing to date. Including some of the world’s biggest artists including Abba, David Bowie, Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams and Sia.  Lots of variety of all ages, keeping the whole family and all of our friends entertained, everyone will be singing and dancing to this one. 

With this We Sing all the current official HD music videos are also a new feature while you are singing, its the complete package.

 We Sing launches for a new generation of Xbox One and PlayStation fans later this year following on the from the success of the original We Sing games on the Nintendo Wii.

Available on Pre-Order - RRP £24.99 game only, £44.99 including 2 micro phones.  
There is an app you have down load and turn your mobile phones into microphones too. 
So get your orders in, this is going to make the perfect Christmas Present, release on the 22nd November.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post.  We were asked to pop on down to have some singing fun!

Don't be shy, come and sing HELLO or HI!