Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Skylanders Imaginators, we are having using our imaginators. #Skylanders 2017

Back in June we were invited to a preview screening of Skylander Imaginators.  This has had us excited for the last few months.  Its been a big build-up to the new welcomed addition to the Skylanders family.

Our favourite game has hits the shelves, with new characters and now with more of a grown-up feel to the game.

Lots of new elements to the game, the best part is making your characters come alive.  There are creation crystals for all the elements, earth, water, light, magic etc, they can be made to almost any spec you have in mind.

Luckily the James and Liam had a couple of very special deliveries last week.

A fantastic box arrived with an Imaginators Sensei and a triple pack of Creation Crystals.

Our new Sensei Tae Kwon Crow is fabulous, this bird doesn't spit feathers like he did when we could  trapped him, in Skylanders Trap Team.  He is know ours, with his slick ninja moves, he doesn't miss a trick either, he throws his Ninja stars to attack, a little warrior.

I was very intrigued to receive a superb triple pack of creation crystals, magic, tech and the undead.  This is where Skylanders Imaginators really lets the creative juices flow and magic happens.  I let my little people create their little creations of who they wanted to be, they did get rather excited and completed the process without finishing them and adding powers.

I would suggest if your children are young get them to let you handle the controller.  I had eager beavers rushing through all the steps.  When I asked for the last Crystal to be saved for me, they ignored me.   Typical of my kids.  However I wanted join in and play too.

On the plus side they really enjoyed using their imaginations to build their crystal characters.  What I really liked is watching them be individual, sometimes Liam copies James but they went down their own paths.  

On Monday we had an AWESOME delivery of the New Skylanders Imaginators PS4 Game, its is the Limited Edition with Crash Bandicoot!!!

The starter pack is complete with the video game, portal of power platform, 4 Sensei characters - Dr. Neo Cortex, Crash Bandicoot, Master King Pen, Golden Queen, the undead Creation Crystal, a poster and sticker sheet.

How super cool is Crash?  Well to me he is awesome, one of the first games I ever bought myself was Crash Bandicoot for the original Play station. (A very long time ago)  I loved all the different levels and the 3D play, great game, with that unforgettable music.  Hours of pure joy.  It was such a long time ago, it's been nice to share these memories with my children. 

So we have been truly spoilt with this new release.  James and Liam are already bickering with each other who plays who.  I am already writing a list of the new Skylanders I want to buy.  I want to get more Creation Crystal packs .

If you haven't started playing Skylanders were have you been?  Prices for the starter packs vary depending on the console you own.  The single Sensei Packs start from £14.99 and individual creations can be purchased from £7.99.  Multi pack are available too.

It's possible to buy this game from all top toy retailers. We hope to bring you some awesome game play in the near future.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored.  Please note we have been sent the new Skylanders Imaginators to give you an insight to what we have experienced as we are huge fans!!

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