Sunday, 30 October 2016

Emirates Airline, London only Cable car and Aviation Experience - fun for London, the Review.

Flying high through London.  Can you imagine in this day and age... I can't drive.  Being a Londoner I have never needed too.

No matter where I need to go there is always a bus, tube or train ready to take me there.  Over the years London Transport has got better and better, adding new options.

As a family, I take my sons with me everywhere on public transport.  They are well travelled tubers and enjoy adventure, people watching and goofing on the buses.  
During the half-term I took them on the Emirates Air Cable and to the Aviation Experience at Greenwich.   

There are 2 departure points you can join at either North Greenwich also Royal Docks.  Both can be reached via the DLR Line.

Travel is cheap, using your pay as you go Oyster card, Fares: Adult £3.50 and children £1.70.  It is possible to travel one way, return journey or purchase a round trip tickets discovery pass that include entry to the Aviation Experience. 

James and Liam were excited as we headed towards the cables cars, we could see them flying in the sky in the distance.  

We did not need to queue, as we reached the cable cars, they passed us by like a conveyor belt.  The car door opened and we had a few minutes to jump aboard, before the doors closed and our journey started.

The cars are comfortable and clean inside, I felt safe inside however I asked the boys not to jump around as the swinging sensation churned my stomach.

The view is truly breathtaking, when you think what you're actually doing.  I could hear the boys taking to each other, picking places out, things of interest to them. The DLR rail whizzing by below and committing on how small everything looks, Liam called it a Toy Town. 

They both love looking out of the massive windows, there is so much to see, roads, buildings old and new, partial built buildings too, The River Thames, boats, people, people working, people walking everything so far away below us.  Both boys on their knees, waving at the other cables cars coming towards us all filled with people taking the trip in the opposite direction.  While we travelled upwards we could see the highest point (90 metres).  A single trip can take upto 10 minutes from end to end. 

We didn't have crystal blue sky, I'm guessing we could see a 5 mile radius but it was enough for me.  Once we reached the other side James and Liam didn't want to leave the cable car.  

There is a photo booth at North Greenwich, you can pick your destination as a photo backdrop and the booth takes three photos of you, you can pick your favourite, best out of three.  This is emailed over to your inbox.

As you exit there is the Emirates Aviation Experience.  We met a huge life size Rolls Royce Trent 900 aeroplane engine, this is massive, the boys were very intrigued now.

Liam wanted to wonder around everywhere. James was very patient and we took our time exploring.  Its not a huge exhibition, however I really like it. James is 8 he could read all the stations, mostly everything is interactive and he found this very engaging.  It was a pleasure watching him really enjoy himself and not getting distracted because the stations were taking too long.

The cost of the entrance to the experience is £5 for adults, £3 for children (under 12).
What is really special about this aviation experience is you can take to the sky's, there are 4 simulators for public use.  2x A360 and 2x B777.  These are aimed for 9+ year old's, there is a lot of instruction to follow, the experienced staff are available to advise you on what to do, take-off, landing and flying.  We choose the airport you want to depart/land on and take-off. The simulation lesson lasts for 30 minutes, costing £60 per person or a 2 person session will cost £90.  

This is something my dad would love to do, he flies gliders and is a geek when it comes to Engineering.  

On the way out there is a little gift shop and a large coffee shop area.  Perfect for ponding your next move.

Overall we had a very entertaining afternoon, lots to take-in and very educational too.  James loved being a Captain and found it incredible funny when he crashed the plane! 

If you are looking for something fun, educational, new and different and super engaging go to Emirates Aviation Experience. 

Disclaimer: I was invited for this entertaining day out, for a honest review!