Sunday, 21 August 2016

Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset, Qixels the pixels that can make anything, The Review

Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset.

We had the pleasure of testing out Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

Q) What are Qixels?
A) Tiny little coloured cubes, they stick together with only water and can form 2D characters.

We received the Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset set to review.

This is the first time me and kids had experienced The Qixels range.

 Showing the boys the box, both were fully animated in pure excitement, they couldn't wait to get stuck in and play.  Please bear in mind, both boys are Minecraft fans.  Qixels bears a huge resemblance to pixels, everything pixel and pixelated is super cool too them, at the moment.
 They had an idea what they were suppose to do achieve.  But to be honest we were not 100% sure how to get there.

 The Box Contains

Qixels  - 12 different coloured blocks. Totalling 1000 Qixels
An empty tray
2 Display Bases
6 Design Templates
Water Sprayer
Display hooks
x4 Plug in Accessories
Qixels Kingdom Castle pieces


 The boys picked a character each to make.  It's good there are 2 display bases, so both boys could make one each at the same time.
Liam started on the Knight, James on the King.

 The display template clips on the base display bases, facing upwards.  Make sure hole cover fits on top of the pin tray of the display base.  It's easy enough to make out the colour Qixels that should be place on the pins.  The boys kept adding them until their character was completed.

 I have to say I am impressed with my boys dedication, they really enjoyed themselves.  For the first hour both were very tuned into making their Qixels.  They didn't squabble over the colours, as  there are plenty to choose from, they both worked independently, every now and then I had to help to remove a wrong colour.

 Liam was delighted with the results, very quiet and eager to finish him, this spurred on James, who thinks everything is a race, he had to finish first.
 Liam did beat James in the end and he got to spray the Knight with water first.  The front should be very wet. Then leave to dry, should be dry to the touch in an hour. 

Lift the Qixels character off the Design Base and your Qixel is ready to be played with!

This set contains 6 characters, there are enough Qixels cubes to make the entire set.
Did you remember I said, they are Minecraft fans.  Of course what does every Knight need is a Sword! Liam asked I could make a Diamond Sword!

 I went freestyling and designed him a sword!

The ideas are really endless, if you and your child/ren have a creative imagines and have patience this is the toy for you.

 I would recommend have a clear area to work in.  Also once finished, tidy away the Qixels you haven't used for next time, as they can get lost.

 Most Qixels pack only make the characters.  However this one comes with a very neat Kingdom, there are 20 pieces all together.  These can be built into an array of possibilities.

Not only did they get the enjoyment of building their characters, they have something to keep that lasts for ages.  Which is great as they do play with them afterwards.   The Kingdom is included and it can be redesigned multiple ways.

The Kingdom pieces are interlocking.  They are rather chunky, easy to grip  Liam needs help locking some of the large pieces together.  However the set is strong and keeps its structure.  It is easy to pull the pieces apart, to change design.  If you need to pack away, this set packs flat and doesn't take up much space.

This is a great toy to let your child's imagination run riot in many ways, freethinking to rebuild the castle, role play, hand and eye coordination, fine motoring skills as the cubes are very small.
Now the only problem I have, is that they both want more Qixels.  Looks like we have a hobby!

This is a character Toy:
Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Retails at £29.99
However there are plenty of Qixels series to make. 
AGE 4+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard (small parts).

Disclaimer: I was sent a product to review, to give my honest opinion.