Monday, 22 August 2016


I have some MEGA news for all of my SKYLANDERS FANS!!!
To celebrate the last couple of weeks of  school summer holidays, I wanted to share our love of Skylanders with you.

I am giving away 1 Skylanders Superchargers on my blog, all you need to do is leave the following comment on my blog... I am a Skylanders FAN!

IF YOU WANT TO BETTER YOUR CHANCES TO BE A WINNER, I have 5 giveaways running, on each of the following social media channels.

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On each account I am giving way ONE Skylanders Supercharger.
Follow the simply instructions and be a winner!!! All winner picked at random.

Winners picked 29.08.16

On another Super coolio note.... 
 We are super excited as the new game is going to be released 14th October 2016!!!!

 I am super excited about the new game, here is a little highlight for the recent event we went too:  Skylanders Imaginators its made us hungry for more! 

Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by! 

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset, Qixels the pixels that can make anything, The Review

Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset.

We had the pleasure of testing out Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset

Q) What are Qixels?
A) Tiny little coloured cubes, they stick together with only water and can form 2D characters.

We received the Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset set to review.

This is the first time me and kids had experienced The Qixels range.

 Showing the boys the box, both were fully animated in pure excitement, they couldn't wait to get stuck in and play.  Please bear in mind, both boys are Minecraft fans.  Qixels bears a huge resemblance to pixels, everything pixel and pixelated is super cool too them, at the moment.
 They had an idea what they were suppose to do achieve.  But to be honest we were not 100% sure how to get there.

 The Box Contains

Qixels  - 12 different coloured blocks. Totalling 1000 Qixels
An empty tray
2 Display Bases
6 Design Templates
Water Sprayer
Display hooks
x4 Plug in Accessories
Qixels Kingdom Castle pieces


 The boys picked a character each to make.  It's good there are 2 display bases, so both boys could make one each at the same time.
Liam started on the Knight, James on the King.

 The display template clips on the base display bases, facing upwards.  Make sure hole cover fits on top of the pin tray of the display base.  It's easy enough to make out the colour Qixels that should be place on the pins.  The boys kept adding them until their character was completed.

 I have to say I am impressed with my boys dedication, they really enjoyed themselves.  For the first hour both were very tuned into making their Qixels.  They didn't squabble over the colours, as  there are plenty to choose from, they both worked independently, every now and then I had to help to remove a wrong colour.

 Liam was delighted with the results, very quiet and eager to finish him, this spurred on James, who thinks everything is a race, he had to finish first.
 Liam did beat James in the end and he got to spray the Knight with water first.  The front should be very wet. Then leave to dry, should be dry to the touch in an hour. 

Lift the Qixels character off the Design Base and your Qixel is ready to be played with!

This set contains 6 characters, there are enough Qixels cubes to make the entire set.
Did you remember I said, they are Minecraft fans.  Of course what does every Knight need is a Sword! Liam asked I could make a Diamond Sword!

 I went freestyling and designed him a sword!

The ideas are really endless, if you and your child/ren have a creative imagines and have patience this is the toy for you.

 I would recommend have a clear area to work in.  Also once finished, tidy away the Qixels you haven't used for next time, as they can get lost.

 Most Qixels pack only make the characters.  However this one comes with a very neat Kingdom, there are 20 pieces all together.  These can be built into an array of possibilities.

Not only did they get the enjoyment of building their characters, they have something to keep that lasts for ages.  Which is great as they do play with them afterwards.   The Kingdom is included and it can be redesigned multiple ways.

The Kingdom pieces are interlocking.  They are rather chunky, easy to grip  Liam needs help locking some of the large pieces together.  However the set is strong and keeps its structure.  It is easy to pull the pieces apart, to change design.  If you need to pack away, this set packs flat and doesn't take up much space.

This is a great toy to let your child's imagination run riot in many ways, freethinking to rebuild the castle, role play, hand and eye coordination, fine motoring skills as the cubes are very small.
Now the only problem I have, is that they both want more Qixels.  Looks like we have a hobby!

This is a character Toy:
Qixels Kingdom Castle Attack Playset Retails at £29.99
However there are plenty of Qixels series to make. 
AGE 4+

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard (small parts).

Disclaimer: I was sent a product to review, to give my honest opinion.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Argos #ArgosXMAS Toys and Gadgets most wanted for 2016 Christmas

It's not every day I get a sneaky peek at Christmas presents early...

Actually as early as July is unheard of.

Unfortunately none of these wonderful presents are for me but, if you are lucky they could be on yours!

Argos invited me and the boys to preview this years Christmas booty.

Having children Christmas is mostly about them and planning and saving up for something special for my loved ones. I love giving gifts.  Of course I do like a cheeky treat too, usually of the gadget variety.

We made are way through entrance doors to see the fake Christmas Trees and the halls were decked out in holly haha!!

I let the boys lead the way, as they are the ones who make or brake a product.

 James went straight for the Pool Table. He said it's something that he would like to learn.  As far as I am aware he has never played a game, maybe only ever seen snooker on TV.

Argos have a wide range of Pool Tables
Start Price: £54.99

We are huge gamers Liam, shot over to the Play Stations to view Lego Dimensions.  To be honest I haven't really looked into the Lego Dimensions range.  The game gathers well known recognisable characters, they work together by building and solving situations to complete a level before moving on to the next level.  We like the playability of the game, its fairly easy to control.  The levels look fun, engaging and challenging too.
Lego keep adding packs that you buy separately, making the game more interesting and discovering new levels.  The Packs are Level Packs, Team and Fun Packs.  All the collections make fantastic collectibles items too.  The characters are detailed and can come off their platforms if you want to play with them too.  Great for gamers and Lego fans alike.
Lego Dimensions Starter Packs Start from: £54.99
Fun, Team and Level packs Start from £14.99 

James on the other hand had made him self very comfortable and was sat playing PES2017 -Pro Evolution Soccer  He has been asking for a while to have a football game.  However this is out of my comfort zone, I wouldn't know what to pick for him.  I first though PES was too old for him.  However James really like the game play, he felt it was easy to control, he was totally submerged.  I couldn't drag him away.  I personal don't have anything to compare PES2017 too, from a newbies view I like the graphics, the quality of the animation looks stunning, it is very life like. 

Release Date 13th September 2017
Retail £37.99

NERF just keeping getting better, evolving with the times.  Their New Battlescout ICS-10 comes with a detachable 720p HD camera.  Brilliant for talking photos of blasting up your mates.  It is a big weapon maybe too big for little Liam hands, but he gave it a go, he had fun.  We have plenty of NERF Guns already, There is nothing wrong with upgrading.

Battlescout ICS-10
Price £69.00

I would like to thank my son for showing us how to use the NERF N Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster.  It can fire out 25 bullets in 5 seconds.   I am pleased to confirm no children were hurt during the making of this video.  Nerf Guns are great for all the family.

Our little Furry friend is back, Furby Connect has been revamped, recharged and is mobile/table compatible app, Furby will interact with you.  Furby still talks and its little eyes switch on, they are alive.  Furby has rhythm and can dance too with jumpy ears.
The floors Furby once had have been eliminated, our little chatter box will sleep and let you sleep too.  Furby Connect comes with its own little Sleeping Mask.  Furby powers down for nap when the sleeping mask is place over its eyes. Yes, I hear you say!
Furby Connect £99.99

I first saw Anki OVERDRIVE last year, both boys took a shine to this, not as much as me thou.  The track is magnetic and fits together simply, their is enough track to make different shape racing track platforms, also it will take some force to pull the tracks apart.
The starter packs come with 2 vehicles, the vehicles connect to an app, you control the race using your mobile as a controller.  It's fast and fun, definitely a big boy toy.   The 2nd edition Anki OVERDRIVE is Super Trucks.  Just as much fun in new style, who wants to get to race trucks at high speed though their living room? 

Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kits
Start Price £149.00

Duplo Snowman

Star Wars has come back in a mega way for this Christmas, everyone is going to want a slice of the action.  There is plenty of merchandise to choose from.  I want the Star Trooper Mr Potato Head, it's ace.  However their are games, costumes, toys, lightsabers, Lego the list goes on.

Out of all of the Star Wars collection BB8 is the new cool robot in town and this cute little ball will be on everyone's want list.  Argos has The Force Awakens RC BB-8 as a Radio controlled toy.  This is on the BEST SELLER LIST!


Both boys got stuck into the Chad Valley range.  They have so much choice for all ages groups, lots of fun toys to work their imaginations with role play.  They both enjoyed the construction toys the most.

James was very keen to admire the Lego kits, The City and Nexo Knights are what he is hoping to collect.  The Nexo Knight range has some interesting builds to complete, very much inline with the new TV show. 
The Flicker Scooters are becoming more popular, James had fun whizzing on this one.  It's the first time he has ever user one.  He really like the ride, easy to use, it was fast too.  My prediction for this year, is that they will fly off the shelves.  More and more kids are riding them.  They look like great fun.  This is the Yvolution Y Flicker A3 Air Scooter.
Yvolution Y Flicker A3 Air Scooter
Lego Santa

More great finds, I like the Emoji cushions, Stretcher Arm Strong, the boys still love Power Rangers, everything Superheroes catches their eyes.  James played with the Fishing game, I was surprised he wanted to play with this, I remember this game when I was younger.  Liam spied the Speedy Bin game, he said it would help him tidy his bedroom, I wish!

I am sure whatever you want Argos will have it this Christmas, however their will be a few must haves, buy early before they are all soldout.

For the kiddies, last but not least! You know is a great gift when the kids start auguring over something. However I was petrified Liam would crash into a display.  But saying that, he loved it and didn't crash, having the freedom to drive was brilliant. 

RAZOR Crazy Cart Shift
Price £299

The new RAZOR has a  2V (two 6V) 2.8Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Max weight 54 kgs, so no good for us adults.  On a full charge, you can drive for 40 minutes.
James decided to take it for a spin, its can drift and spin and ride like a dream.  A great fun ride.

I also had a look at what else Argos has in store for us for this Christmas.
 My inner Geek took me too:

Tefal Actifry 2 in 1.   I have one of these, they are the way forward for healthier family eating.  Using less oil/fats is a plus, making chips is easy and grilling/baking meat is fantastic too.

Philips have a huge arrange of electronic home-wares, I was shown their latest 'Firestorm speakers'
wireless stereo converts in seconds to surround sound cinema. No fiddling with wires, with superb quality sound to boot.  

James tried on the Philips HX50 headphones, these flash different colours while you listen to music. He said they felt secure, not heavy.  I like them for either me and or his dad, as he dad would appreciate some new funky flashing headphones.  However Philips are embracing all the fashion trends, with lots of funky metallic, chunky styles.  Or if you are more of an inner ear headphone person, they have lots of designs to compliment the wearer, lots of variety for everyone.

Something that caught my eye is the Canary all in one home Security device.  This device has an app connected to your mobile, it will send you HD video updates if any unusual activates happen.  It has a built in 90+ decibels siren you can control from any location via the app.  It is a great way to scare any intruders.  All you would have to do is telephone the Police.  In this day in age, most people have a range valuables including gadgets, money, safes, jewellery, antiques, just the throught of having snooping in my home would make me so mad.
The Canary looks inconspicuous placed anywhere in a room.  
Canary Home Security System

 I have been adoring the Fujifilm Instax camera range for a little while.  Who doesn't want cheeky cute photos that appear instantly?  I tried to explain to James when I was growing up everyone had a Polaroid camera or the disposable flash bulb cameras otherwise you'd have to take the film to be developed.  That went straight over his head, he is only used seeing photos on my phone in the gallery.  However James has now asked for an Instax for Christmas.  He wants to keep the photos of his friends around him.  Which I thought was rather sweet.
Instax cameras have got a few more styles, some look very retro while overs are very girlie in vibrate colours.  I had been told their market is focused around 16-25year old.  This really surprised me, I am 40 and I love the idea of taking photos the old fashioned way, very nostalgic with a trendy kick.
There is also a Smart printer, where Instax mini prints can be printed from images taken on smartphones, cameras and those uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.  The whole range brings in the fun factor.

Fujifilm Instax Camera
From Price £64.99

I was over come with excitement, I love toys and adore tech, like most people Christmas is time for indulging.  Soon the boys will be dropping hints on what Santa can get them.  The only difference is they think Santa's elves work at Argos.

When James was just a little tot, he didn't speak very much but that never held him back in anyway.  I will always remember James studying the Argos catalogue for hours, he would snuggle up next to me, grab my finger and point everything his little heart desired.   Rolling back the years, I myself remember doing something similar looking at the catalogue and making lists.

Argos is LEGEND!


Who doesn't love the the Laminated book of dreams?

Argos will be releasing there Christmas Catalogue mid October, however a lot of the goodies I have mentioned are available to buy Now!

Happy Shopping.... 
Disclaimer:  This is an unsponsored post.