Friday, 15 July 2016

The Epson EcoTank printer celebrating #PrintingDory Bloggers event

I was invited to a fantastic blogging event last Tuesday, Epson EcoTank Printers event at Disney's Flagship Store on Oxford Street in London.

Honestly, I rarely print, just because its so expensive, buying refill cartridges is a waste of money in my eyes.  I have been making the most of my local library and use the printer there.  However the inconvenience of having to go there (when its open) is a chore.  So when Epson invited me to view their **EcoTank Printer ** I jumped at the chance.  It really sounded fun, a crafting event themed to the new Disney movie Finding Dory.

Epson and Disney have joined forces bring us fantastic crafting fun.  The EcoTank printer has been designed to give us users the flexibility to go wild with printer ink.  Wild I tell you, forget about being frugal with colour copies, no more wondering will the ink streeeeetch.

This is a true scenario;  I arranged a birthday party for my son, the company emailed me the invites to forward to my guests.  My empty printer needed feeding, 2 cartridges and £24 later I managed to print 6 and half A4 pages off before the ink ran out.  I was mortified and so angry about wasting my money.  The printer has now been stored away, never to be seen again.

Epson have seen the light and paved a brighter future, transforming the way every day people can print, making printing affordable for everyone.  Small business, bloggers, students, families can all buy the complete set at an affordable price.

The EcoTank Printer range has different models ranging from £200 for their cheapest printer to the supreme Boss of EcoTank printers at £499 Priced accordingly to size and your printing needs.  The printers all come with the printer unit and four ink bottles.

The Espon EcoTank Printers can print upto 11,000 copies with the 4 ink bottles, the liquid doesn't dry out, with 2 years shelf life, the printers are easily start-up too.  There is an Epson iPrint app making it easy to print from other locations, being wireless you can be in kitchen and have your printer in the bedroom.  It is also possible to print when you are not even home.  Sounds a like a fantastic piece of kit to me.   

Disney has designed a whole array of Dory Crafts, from simple designs to mind boggling origami challenges.  With the school holidays about to start, not everyone is going away, us Brits are 'Fortunate' to have so many rain days, (said with just a hint of sarcasm).  Why not do some crafting and spend some quality with the young ones.

Alice from More Than Toast, was our guest blogger for the afternoon, she is not a super crafter however she did bring the EcoTank printer to life.  Sharing her story how much she really enjoyed the printer and how it has improved her lifestyle and blogging projects.

I personal would usual spent £80-£100 on a decent printer, however know I am aware of the financial benefits, I would save up for the extra money to buy this little beauty.  Overall I would be making a saving, no more stressing about printing.  Sharing this fun experience with my sons, homework will be a delight.     

So whatever you're upto this summer I hope you get stuck into some crafting fun.  Also if you are looking for an affordable printer, that is made to last and actual prints. The Epson EcoTank is the one for everyone.

I will be getting a printer and will do a detailed review in the future!

If you would to like to see what us Bloggers got up too, check-out #PRINTINGDORY on twitter!

Disclaimer: Please note this is an unsponsored post.