Thursday, 21 July 2016

Fentimans Introducing their new Sparkling Lime & Jasmine with a London Bird Twist! The Review

Guess what Summer has landed, the sun has been shining down on us and the last few days have been a pleasure.

At the moment free time is very limited for me and I miss my girlfriends, drinking, gossiping and laughing.  However I am hoping to catch up with them this summer. I am grateful for the longer days, fresh air and long walks in the sweltering heat, this works well for me.

This Summer I need a refreshing drink, something light, refreshing and of course tasty and not over priced.

I few months ago the lovely people from Fentiments sent me their new super tasty Sparkling Lime & Jasmine.  I am already a huge fan of the Brand.  It's a British brand steeped history, over a 100 years of famously Botanical brewed drinks.

Fentiments offer exceptional flavours both in fizzy pops and alcoholic drinks, their retro style bottles are so recognisable, their branding has been revamped and bottles have improved over the years.   Did you know the portrait of the dog on their label is Thomas Fentimans dog, Freeless their family pet, he won Crufts for best obedient dog.

Fentimans drinks, always make me smile, great natural flavours, making me think back to happy times.  I couldn't wait to taste this new drink, natural favours, the drink is delicious, not sweet, a hint of bitterness, however very delicate also a thrust quencher, to be honest I have never tasted these flavours together before, they are very nice combination.  I enjoy the sparkling bubbles bouncing about in the mouth all over my tongue.  A real joy.

I am going to share something a little different, a little curve ball of a cocktail for when you hook up with friends and want to switch from light drinks to something refreshing cool and alcoholic.  A happy cocktail, that would work for picnics, at home with friends or a fun way to get any party started.

Makes One! 
One Large glass required.
25ml Gin
A pouch of Kold Cosmopolitan Cocktail
A little squeeze of lime optional
1 Fentimans bottle of Sparkling Lime & Jasmine

I am talking no effort to make, no crushing ice or fruits.
I would start off with one pouch of Kold Cosmopolitan cocktail, make sure its slushy not frozen, add a  shot of Gin. Free pour Fentimans but at least 50mls, add a splash of lime juice. Mix and garish with Lime.  
Super easy to make, cold, refreshing and very very tasty.

So what are your waiting for?  The sun is out to play, you may as well!
Please tell me what you think?  Maybe you have made your own cocktails? There's nothing wrong with experimenting.  A few bloggers have got involved, check them out with #FentimansSLJ on Twitter and Instagram.

Disclaimer: Fentimans sent me their new Sparkling Lime & Jasmine to try.