Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Aldi Back to School range 2016 - In-Stores THURSDAY 14th July - ITS A CRACKING DEAL

ALDI are back with their Back to School Range 

James and Liam were invited to test out Aldi's latest school uniform a few weeks ago.
Not only did we get to see the new uniforms and try them on but the boys tested them out too and even got to appear in Aldi's latest video.

We had a lovely day, they spent the entire the day having fun, playing and being very active. Both James and Liam had the opportunity to wear their new uniforms.  Not only did they look very smart but they boosted how comfortable they had felt. 

Last year I was very fortunate to be introduced to the Aldi Branded school uniform.  Firstly, I was surprised about the actual cost of them to buy, I wondered if the quality would be impacted by the price.  We took the opportunity to wear the uniforms throughout the school year.  I have been super pleased with them, the quality is great.  We have washed and rewashed them, also I've ironed them to a pulp so many times, the clothes stayed true, the sweaters faded only a little bit not much shrinkage either.  The Polo shirts do not stay white, so don't expect miracles.  However they wash well.  The school trousers have been awesome, they are as good as new. I original brought 6 and only one pair has a hole in the knee.  None of the uniform frayed.
However my boys have got up to all sorts in their uniforms, both boys have played their part well, they would come home everyday looking a little grubby and even sweaty.  Thinking about it they do spend a lot of time in their uniforms.

Little Liam has shot-up in the last year and started fitting into James cast-offs. I am really pleased I brought a massive bundle as they have been prefect and I have got so much value for money.

I have great news on the 14th July 2016, Aldi are releasing the new uniforms.  However the bad news is...  once these uniforms have been sold THEY ARE GONE! So get planning and BUYING!

For the first time it will possible to pre-order.  It's so exciting, Pre-order starts tomorrow, the 7th July. 

They have new packaging, the L & D range!
The quality of their Polo tops have also improved, they are thicker and have ribbed collars which is a nice little detail.

To give you an idea of cost... The average cost for a full uniform is £4, that's right £4! This is an amazing bargain!  A Sweater, x2 pack of Polo shirts and a pair of trousers.  When you have two growing boys, its makes sense to spend wisely.

Aldi will have affordable school shoes too, I am rather fond of them, they have a been made very well and scream quality, they are firm, heavy, made to last! I'm unsure of the price, but I would happily pay £10, as other brands are expensive and look and feel cheap in comparison.

So what are you waiting for?
 Get to Aldi 14th July!

Disclaimer: Please note this is a sponsored post.  All the words are my own

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