Monday, 4 April 2016

Zootroplis the Puzzle review from Ravensburger

Released this week at the cinema is the new Zootroplis at cinema somewhere near you, with a fantastic all star cast.  Lt. Hopps has been put on the tail of Nick Wilde for a crime he hasn't committed, the 2 pair up to find out what really is happening in their sleepy animal city of Zootropolis. I can not wait to watch the new movie.  My boys are huge film buffs so after watching the trailers they want to watch it too.  Already merchandise is coming out, it's great for the new Disney movie. 

I was kindly sent one of the new Puzzles from Ravensburger they have two puzzles in their current collection, so make sure to check them out.  We have Lt. Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde the main characters of the film on our puzzle.

We received this new 100 xxl size piece box. So let the cracking the mystery and solving the puzzle begain.

So much detail on this puzzle, lots of words, symbols, pattens and colours to piece together, perfect for young imagines and little fingers.   

This puzzle is designed for 6+ the pieces are a good size, really big, when the fall on the floor there easily found.

James is 8 and puzzles are not his first chose of game, however he really enjoys using his brain to think about solving problems.  When I showed him the Puzzle he could not wait to get stuck in. 

I left him to his own devices, it took him a while to understand the art of putting a puzzle together. He collected the edges and added the corners.  Then all the pieces he could, he grouped together, such as the words and the colours blocks.  It took him a while with a little help from his dad.  He eventfully finished with a big grin.  Then he pulled some pieces off it and readded them, just to show he brother.  

Ravenburger are fantastic masters in making  puzzles, no two the same, the quilaity is creme de la creme, the pieces have a prefect thickness, the pictures dont peel off there bases. The colours are superb, with out bleed,  picture perfect prints. Overall fabulous in designs and a great way to relax without the TV and tablets, actually any modern day tecnology on,
 also a fab way to get some quality time with mum and dad.

All of Ravenbuger puzzles come with a size guild clearly written on their boxes.  Also the quanity is mentioned too.  

Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle for an honest review. This is an unsponsored post.