Friday, 22 April 2016

2016 stepping in a new direction

Hello my fabulous readers.

Have I been missed? As it feels like an age since I have had a chance to write.  On the 29th February, I changed my life.  I had been saying for about year, I wanted to return to work.  I wanted to find the right time, I had to ensure my boys would adape to change.  Also money doesn't grow on trees, our rent went up a wooping 10% at Christmas, our finances would take such a beating there wouldnt be any money for treats, I was ready to make changes.
In the the New Year, I wrote out a new CV and sent it to a few a agancies.  I also sent it to a local hotel.  My background is the leisure industry and the job I had my eye on, my favourite was the hotel job. In early February I had my interview set-up.

The things that ran through my mind, I wanted to make the right impression from the start. I always felt that being a stay at home mum for 4 and half years, could go against me.  I more or less blocked out my interview, as I'd become ill with nerves.  Deep down, I didnt want to let my family down either.

Then I had to buy 'work' clothes, something decent for my interview. I also wrote a list of important questions.  This was the first interview I had had, in over 10 years, since leaving my last job.  So I had no idea what to expect, could things really change that much in 10 years?  I answered all their questions honestly and tried not to over talk, I do that when I'm nervious.
My interview went very well, I actually felt at ease, I had a follow up with a telephone interview and send a sample of my writing.  A few days later, I was given the thumbs-up.

On the 29th February, I started working Full Time!  I spent 2 weeks cross training, learning what other departments do, meeting my new collegues.   I think with age and previous life experience, I felt confident and settling well inwith my new team.  Majority of my work is talking to clients on the phone, ensuring other departments are aware what our clients needs are. I was let loose on the phone a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be going well. I still have much to learn, as I have been learning about company, procedures, new systems and time management is key.  I am really enjoying it so far.

Another thing is childcare, my boys now go to breakfast club some mornings. A friend helps me after school to collect them.  Home life is hectic, there is so much at home to organise, pack lunches, cooked dinners (I can finish work as later as 8pm) homework, laundry, taking Tyson out.  So going back to work has totally changed my lifestyle, time is very percious.  I'm getting there, its been a few months of being overwhelmed.  Over the next few weeks, I will get back into Blogging, I am just adjusting into my new life style.

Big respect to the parent bloggers who work fulltime and blog in their spare time, it's not easy.  If you have advice for a blogging parent like me, let me know.