Saturday, 27 February 2016

The BOSCH Steam Generator Iron, Sensixx DS38 #review A dream machine, steam ironing made effortless

I have been using the Bosch Steam Generator Sensixx DS38 ProHygienic for the last couple of weeks. This is the first time I have used a steam generated iron.

On first appearance, it's a very large product. As the base/stand large, yet it is sturdy, the control dial is easy to use the Bosch Steam Generator iron, Sensixx DS38 - stand and iron and can be turned to be set to the correct garment you wish to iron or use the i-Temp settings to ironing everything.

The base has a short lead to plug into the mains, I placed the base on a table. (next to my ironing board)

The base has a detachable water tank. I used filtered water to fill. This holds over a litre of water. The iron sits comfortably on the base, with a long thick cable going to the base unit. This cable has two leads inside, one water and the other electricity. There is enough length on the cable to easily reach the end of my ironing board.

The Sensixx DS38 beeps when it's ready to go, heats up only takes 20 seconds. The iron is light to hold and glides across the fabric easily, making it smooth to manoeuvre.

The Sensixx doesn't puff stream out, it waits until you want it too. It works as an normal iron until steam is requested. There are only two button on the actual iron, on the top handle the 'Ultimate' button, once pressed this will pulsate bursts of steam. There is also a red button underneath it's handle, this will generate continuous steam. Both options are great, I like the continuous option more, as this will lift stubborn creases with no effort from me whatsoever. However the air will turn thick with stream if used for too long.

I have ironed all types of fabrics, cotton, wool, linen, mixed blends. Also ironing different types of garments and items; sweaters, jeans, jumpers, school uniforms, table clothes, bedding, towels. My cotton table cloths usually need lots of elbow greasy. These are ironed in minutes, just the same as ironing a tea towel, no creases and an excellent finished. Ironing shirts, just as easy, no garments or items a chore to do anymore.
Even things like thick chunky corduroy trousers have no creases in one or two swoops.

With my standard iron, if I used the stream function on a stubborn area the garment would get damp or wet, on occasion I would have to wait for them to air off and dry. This is not the case with the Sensixx DS38, no wet or damp patches found, I found there isn't a need to saturate an area. I can easily fold or hang garments immediately after ironing.

I really like the water tank too, as I hate having to refill the water continuously. I ironed about 50 items before having to top up the water tank. I found I used the steam less as the items and garments ironed so fast. Overall I have had an excellent experience. The iron is light to
hold, a nice clean design, the cables don't got in my way. I didnt have to keep adding water. The iron glides over the garments effortlessly leaving no creases. A large pile of clothes takes next to no time ironing. I felt safe using the iron, I just needed to placed the stand on a solid surface.

I would recommend this wonderful appliance if you have a large family, you find ironing time consuming, if ironing is involved in your workplace.
Oh yeah!!! If you actually like ironing

The best price is £299.95 from reputable stores. AMAZON
It's an expensive piece of equipment, however it's been made to last and does exactly what's it's meant too.  It's fuss free ironing, impeccable service, service with a smile.

**Product description:
The Bosch Sensixx TDS3880GB ProHygienic Steam Station boasts a combination of features that make it one of the most complete steam stations on the market. Its Hygiene program removes over 99% of the common microbes from your textiles without the need for any chemical additives, whilst its VarioComfort program features 9 pre-defined ironing programs to deliver perfect ironing results on all types of fabrics.On top of this, the integrated Calc'nClean Perfect descaling program cleans both the iron and boiler to help prolong the life of your appliance.
  • Calc'nClean Perfect: A highly efficient cleaning system for both steam station and iron.
  • i-Temp Advanced: the optimum combination of temperature and steam — so you can iron all ironable fabrics quickly and safely without changing temperature
  • Up to 6.5 bar powerful steam pressure with integrated safety system.

**details taken from BOSCH.

Disclaimer: I am part of a review panel.  This same review has been submitted on the BOSCH home appliances website.  This is my honest opinion.