Thursday, 4 February 2016

Skylander Superchargers, Meeting some of the new vehicles and chartacters and a great new Superchargers Giveaway!

We received a Super Bundle of Skylanders today, the new Superchargers Vehicles and a couple of their newest characters.

James and Liam have been massive Skylanders fans for a couple of years, they have a wide selection of Skylanders through the generations.  This is their reaction to the new selection that arrived. 

Our new Supercharges, armoured, slick, hard, fast and strong.

Some great new designs and revamped old characters.

The new vehicles and their signature drivers make cracking combos.

 Amazing Game Play, keeping kids and parents happy.

As all gamers do, they spend a lot of time watching their YouTube heroes playing games.  James and Liam are no different, they watch Skylanders vids, so they can master the levels themselves.   James has honestly been asking for a while now to start doing videos.

So what's a mum to do?...

As you can see, James jumped at the chance to use the new Slatter Splasher vehicle & Signature Driver Splat, now a Supercharger combo.  Splat has some serious artistic ninja fighting skills and Splatter Splasher rides like a dream, smooth and slick, cutting through the waves.

I hope you enjoyed James' first proper YouTube video. He really enjoyed it.  It was so much fun, he did another one.

Here is James trying to conquer Warden Moneybone using Supercharger Tech team High Volt and Shield Striker, sorry you may hear an excited mum, giving James some advice.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this super selection.  Skylander Superchargers is all about the vehicles, for me the water vehicles are brilliant because they have so much more going for them, all the underwater action looks so neat, the steering is great fun too.  As James mentioned they are fairly easy to control too.   Splat and Spatter Splasher do make an Epic Superchargers team!!!

The game its self is awesome, gameplay is brilliant, the levels are fun and different throughout, each being challenging.  The bosses always get harder to defeat.  Most of all we love the racing tracks games, they are fun for competitive types, hands-up if that's you then.   My hand is up!

The Superchargers have so much detail, they are cool toys.  Liam even plays with the vehicles as cars.  The art work, design is great, quality is top notch characters with the cute funny faces.  However if they are played with too roughly they will break, they are not indestructible.  

As I said in my Youtube clip I am giving away the Shield Striker vehicle for a wonderful reader. (Please note the box has been damaged - as very excited little boy went to open it)

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