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Catching up with the Sunday Papers... The Sunday Time Magazine the #Review

Hello Everyone, how did your Valentines or Galentines day go.  My day had been hectic.  I had to rush to Morrisons for a spot of birthday shopping.  Which was perfect, as I picked up the The Sunday Times, as a Sunday Paper, it's one of my favourite Sunday reads.

It's packed with so much news, current affairs, hot topics, thinking outside of the box with fabulous features. The Sunday Times has relaunched their Sunday Times Magazine.  On first appearance its smaller, catches my eye, with the very beautiful Taylor Swift on the front, already I am thinking trending and cultured.

Once opened, a lovely note from Eleanor Mills, the Magazine Editor. This is its 54 year since The Sunday Times Launched its first full colour magazine.  It is still going on strong, back in the 60's music, fashion, politics, women's issues, current affairs have evolved so much.  The Sunday Times has been a leader, always current with fabulous writers and great headliners.

In this weeks issue, there are some fantastic articles.

How to live well by Bryan Appleyard:
An interesting article, giving us an insight to information what was obtained firstly through our midwives 1946.  The National Baby survey was conducted by a chap called James Douglas.  Studies on the welfare of babies, their backgrounds and focusing how their futures will turn out.  James and others like him conducted surveys (cohorts) 1946, 1958, 1970, 1991 and 2000  These groups of babies/people were later known as the Douglas Children, most stuck to the surveys their entire lives, all personal events through the years have been documented.  These people (now in the their 70's) feeling very proud to help shape the future because a lot of useful information had been found through these surveys.

Things like smoking during pregnancy harms babies, reading for pleasure makes you better at it.  A broken marriage damages the life chances of any child.  The early years in children really matters.  Parents/households with money will continue to live a rich life, while others born in poverty will have to work hard to break that pattern.

Current surveys are trying locate the early stages in dementia and a decline in health.  Maybe from there they can research to an earlier time to see any patterns and can tackle these lives changing issues.     

I had no idea such studies have even taken place.  To me everyday is a challenge, however I am fully aware I have more opportunities living in the south.  I was born to middle class Grandfather, my father well educated in private and boarding schools, he is intelligent, well travelled, intellectual.  So will his background shape my future?   

A very interesting read, researched over the years.  It seems there is proof that lifestyle choices can mould a person and our children's future forever.  However, our very own past and upbringing will mould us too!

The Interview with Dita  Von Teese, by Chrissy Iley
Dita Von Tesse, rose to fam for being a girlfriend of a somewhat oddball Marilyn Manson.  She a bombshell, all curves and a reminded what a woman looks like who has not been filled with plastic surgeries.  Very much mysterious, fifties glamour kitten, a sexy teasing burlesque dancer.
Dita is getting into music, currently promoting her album, a very pleasant interview about a lady who is fairy secretive.  She appears to talk from the heart and has a good sense of humour, tremendous energy and direction as to where she is going and what she wants in life.  This sassy lady has always had control of her life.       

Love section

Is maintenance sex ever OK?   By Vanessa Marin
I have never heard of the term, 'Maintenance Sex'?   Basically this means to have sex to keep your partner happy for that moment in time.  Lie back and think of all the chores you need to do tomorrow. While they shag the living daylights out of you.
This made me laugh, I love sex, it's great when my partner is really excited and we are both feeling in the mood.  However there are plenty of times he wants his wicked way with me and I say not tonight, I am tired.  I do not see how going through all the motions to make him sexual pleased, I am sure he will pick up on this.  We both have respect for each other, I do not need 'Maintenance Sex'.  When I am in the mood and he isn't, I can read a book.  Anyway, there is always 5am sex!!! 

Life section

Relative Values 
An interview with Ruby Wax and her husband Ed Bye, by Caroline Scott.
I always think of Ruby Wax as being a ball busting woman, I have always liked her for her honesty and loud opinions. She is a real funny woman too.
This interview is very genuine, I can picture Ruby with her husband, he sounds like an amazing man.  He talks openly about living with Ruby and her mental illness, he isn't afraid and tries his best to comfort Ruby when she really needs him.  Of course the real message is mental illness, mental illness isn't something to be a afraid of, seek help and advise if need be, be open, show love and respect.  I wish Ruby and Ed so much happiness, in their loving and caring relationship.  I really hope Ruby can help others with her important message.     

There are plenty of features, Love, How it feels to..., Body, Eating (with Jamie Oliver) and other chefs too, Tech, Driving (new with Jeremy Clarkson and Suzi Perry, also A life in the day with Nigel Farage.   So make of it as you will, The Sunday Times Magazine is jam packed with some great facts, interviews and interesting stories.

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