Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Aura Print, Digital Print Masters, Business cards the #Review

For any business and these days truth be told bloggers too.  It is very important to have an identity.  I have been blogging for a few years, its imperative for me to be noticed, I want to be recognized and leave a good impression.  I like going to events, meeting new contacts and fellow bloggers, introducing myself to others.  An introduction can make or break a deal.

Just the same as a Company, a Blogger is a brand, I believe a Luxurious Business Card represents its holder.

I was delighted to hear from Aura Print Digital, asking if I could review their service and have some business cards printed.
They are a fantastic British born company, 16 years in the making.  This local Huddersfield company started as one mans dream.  Gradually over the years, using the finest digital printing software, this little business has grown into a 9 man show, the team has dedicated departments, Admin, Design & Artwork and Printing.  Aura Print achieves high standards in digital design, they are fabulous communicators with the ability to understand their customers requires and needs.

My job: I had to explained what I wanted.
I had an idea in mind what I would like, however it was vague and not complete.
After all I am 'London Bird Lucy', owner of It's a London Bird Thing!
I have a wide scope of what I represent as a blogger.
My key targets; Family, Lifestyle, Tech and London!
I had the photo and the wording but no logo.
So, I need a logo, something creative that would suit me, my brand.

Also Aura Print ask you choose a Core Colour, I opted for Red.

Within a few hours, I  had a proof.  I had the option to change this in anyway I wanted.  But, I am seriously pleased with the outcome.  The logo, artwork they have made for me, really suits 'It's a London Bird Thing!' perfectly.

I didn't need to make any changes, the brief I gave them, was nailed on the head. 10/10

Now all I needed to do, is wait for my new business cards arrival.
Within 2 days, I had my new business cards.

It's very difficult to gage, the quality of products when using an online service.  Most of us go by recommendations from friends, word of mouth and reading online reviews.

Well, not only are my new cards brilliant, they are superior quality, 1ml thick, with the a red edge.  My new cards are noticeably high-end quality.  They are an excellent size, fit in my purse nicely.

I highly recommend Aura, for their impeccable service.  They listened to my needs and came up with the prefect artwork.  Aura Print offer the full package, printing everything possible, banners, flyers, brochure, flags and so much more.

All there prices are listed, its possible to use their online calculator to find out what the price will be, you can view all types of extras too.  As for the logo design that was extra but only cost £22 definitely worth the cost.

Prices start from £35.00.  The full cost of my cards including the design, printing, postage is all included at £82.44.  These are more expensive then some of the more commercial companies, however with their personal service and quality, in my opinion they are worth it.

If you are looking for great, friendly service, a company with years of experience, someone who is going to listen, be creative this is the printers to use.

Thank you for stopping by, please do say Hi!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponored post; I used there services and received these awesome business cards to review, all opinions are my own.