Wednesday, 10 February 2016

ANDY'S AMAZING ADVENTURE - AMAZING NEW #KIDS MAGAZINE! Packed with Wildlife and Dinosaurs, my son loves it #Review

Who's familiar with 'ANDY'S AMAZING ADVENTURE'
My youngest is a huge fan of this factual Adventure show on Cbeebies

As from TODAY! 10th February, Andy’s Amazing Adventures magazine being released at all major shops.

Andy’s has really got about recently, with his amazing television shows, showcasing what our wonderful World has to offer.  Wild Adventures, Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures and Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures.

This fabulous new magazine is perfect for our little explorers.  Liam adores all wildlife and anything Dinosaurs related anyway, I just knew he would like it.

In every issue Andy will be our trusted guide, exploring our World and even travel through time in his time travelling clock.  He gets to meet some awesome creatures on his travels, he also faces dangers and gets to solve problems along the way.

Each magazine is packed with puzzles, stickers, colouring pages, stories, posters and collecting cards and each issue comes with a great gift.

So what are you waiting for? This is an excellent pre-schoolers magazine (IT SAYS PRE-SCHOOL, HOWEVER HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL & FUN FOR OLDER KIDS TOO)  packed with educational facts.  With so much to read and do.  Grab a copy today!

Andy's Adventures focuses on key educational needs:- It supports the Early Years Curriculum.
1) Finding Out
2) Feeling Good
3) Physical Development
4) Maths
5) Creative
6) Communication & Literacy

In this weeks issue the free toys are a T-Rex Grabber plus 5 little dinosaur friends.  Liam has added these to his collection.  He likes  his T-Rex Grabber the best, as it eats all the dinosaurs and gets our dog growling.

Just in case you are not familiar with Andy and his friends from the National Museum where Andy works.  There is a nice introduction. 'Who's Who?' to start us off on our journey.

I went to have a look first, Liam promptly decided it was his turn, so after he had a quick flick through, before we read it together.  Good thing too, as we have been reading together and Liam has been doing all the tasks.  

The magazine has been put together exceptionally well, just the same as Andy Adventures on Cbeebies. The stories takes the readers on adventures, with enough interesting facts not to over load young minds.  Then there are sections to recap and test your brain from what was just read.

We went wild with Tigers, back in time with Stegosaurus and T-Rex and had some under water Super Swimmer action too.  This magazine has some great activities too.

For just £2.75 this is a great quality monthly magazine, well worth the the money.  The entire magazine is in biggish print, making it easy for young kids to clearly see the words.  After 20 minutes we had an army of dinosaurs taking over the frontroom.  Liam loves his new magazine and so do I, so much to do,  lots to learn for everyone.  I like that he his gotten really immersed in it and this magazine has made him really happy.

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