Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WELLNESS Dog Food now at Pets at Home! Tyson enjoys the Core and Simple Range

Over the Christmas holiday I had been sent some dog food samples for Tyson.  These were from the WELLNESS Brand of Dog Food.  WELLNESS is an original brand of petfoods since 1926, this family business has gone from strength to strength conquering American and Canadian markets. 

WELLNESS Philosophy: Natural, Wholesome and Nutritional ingredients for pets.  WELLNESS is now here in the UK exclusively being sold to Pets at Home.  They have broken their ranges down and are selling the best qualities to us Brits for our Doggies. 

The WELLNESS Range offers 3 types of Dog Foods! 

CORE:- Free of grain and un-natural additives - Wet and Dry food
SMALL BREED:- Is free of grain and un-natural additives - Wet and Dry food
SIMPLE:- Keeping ingredient to a minimum, not adding food fillers - Dry food 

We received 2 CORE Chunky Centers - These are small containers of  their wet dog food, each tub is 170g of  savoury pate filled with hearty cuts and gravy.  No grain included, meaning pure meatiness.

  • Chunky Centers Flavoured with Beef, Lamb and White Sweet Potatoes (170 g)
  • Chunky Centers Flavoured with Chicken, Chicken Liver and Spinach (170 g)
  • Chunky Centers Flavoured with Turkey, Duck and White Sweet Potatoes (170 g)
  • Chunky Centers Flavoured with Lamb, Turkey and Kale (170 g)
  • Chunky Centers Flavoured with Tuna, Chicken and Kale (170 g)
Single portions £2.29
x4 packs £7.95  
These single portions easily slide out of their containers.  I cut them open, I could see plenty of chunky meaty cuts.  The portions feel solid and compacted.  The gravy has solidified at the base of the portion.

Tyson is not very polite when with comes to meal times. It was in his bowl one minute then gone then next.  So yes he enjoyed them both.  5 minutes later, he was in bed, paws in the air asleep. 

I do not regularly buy wet food for Tyson however as for a treats, these dog food appears to be good.   However I would have to mix this with dry food, to fill his appetite. 
 He is a large dog weighing approx. 40Kg. 

Depending on the weight of your dog will depend on how much is given.  The guideline states one container to every 1.8kg of dog weight.  Tyson is 40kg I would need approximately 20 tubs a day to feed him. However if he was hand bagged size these meals would be ideal for him. 

We also received a bag of SIMPLE

No Grain, Dairy, Gluten, Corn, Eggs, Artificial Preservatives, colours or flavours.

I like this range, basically its no crap i.e;  No processed dog foods, no unnecessary grains used as filler.

It is made with first sourced foods, single-source of protein with a small combination of specially selected ingredients.

Prefect for doggies with food sensitivities and delicate digestive systems.

Tyson does not have any digestive problems however I am fully aware of what feeding him 'wrong foods' can do. So this does offering reassurance I'm not going wrong with the no junk included formula dog food.


Simple comes in 3 flavours:
Salmon and Potato
Lamb with Peas
small breed Salmon and Potato

They all can be purchased in 1.8kg - £13.99
Only Lamb and Peas can be purchased in 10kg - £53.99

Does you Dog suffer any of the following? Watch this WELLNESS Video!

Tyson gets 3 meals times a day, I would feed him 150g per serving.  I also a cup of water to his food, otherwise he never seems to drink enough water from his bowl.  He licked his bowl clean. 

As with any food, I suggest to add the new product gradually over a few days.  Especially if your dog has sensitive system.  

Price wise:  Both of these products are on par with what is ready available on the market.  However WELLNESS is currently only being sold exclusively to Pets at Home Stores and online.

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This is an unsponsored post, I was sent these goods to give my honest opinion.