Sunday, 31 January 2016

Stick Man, the film - Review - Released on DVD 1st February

Stick Man is a story about an actual 'Stick Man', he lives in the family tree, with his stick lady love and their stick children three.  However one day Stick Man has an adventure of lifetime, taking him far away to new unwelcome sights.  All he wants is to get home to his wife and their three stick children.     

This story has been written by the Award Winning writer Julia Donaldson.  Her stories are very catchy and playful with little meanings, families adore her beautiful books.   Mine always listen with wide eyes, her stories never bore them, they always ask for more. 

Stick Man is the 3rd story of Julia's books to be changed into a film animation.  Following the huge success of The Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo, I am sure this will be a big hit too.     

Axel Scheffler is the illustrator and compliments Julia's stories with the cutest cartoon characters, which have been turned into fabulous animations for the film.  The whole package is unforgettable and very recognisable.  It's wonderful to see these stories come to life on the screen.

We have had a very exciting afternoon, being spoiled watching Stick Man before it's release. Monday 1st February 2016. 

The Cast is great, Martin Freeman makes a super passionate Stick Man.  Huge Bonneville is Santa. Not forgetting the wonderful Rob Brydon, Russell Tovey and Sally Hawkins they are here too.  Jennifer Saunders is the main Narrator, she is wonderful. 

The film first viewed on Christmas day on the BBC.  The BBC recorded 10 Millions viewers, that is truly amazing. If you have fallen for this wonderful story too and would like to join in the family fun, here is a activity sheet or please contact me to email you a copy. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post in celebrating the release of Stick Man.  Make sure to check out my fellow Bloggers on Twitter #StickManDVD.

Useful information: 
Release Date: 1st February
Genre: Family / Animation / Family
Runtime:  27 minutes

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Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post - I was sent a copy of the DVD to review, this is my honest opinion.