Monday, 18 January 2016

Ketchup TV have launched a charity partnership deal with Rainbow Trust - Raising funds for Support wokers actually their heros!

Ketchup TV have launched a charity partnership deal with The Rainbow Trust organisation.  Rainbow Trust has been looking after families for the last 30 years.  Without this wonderful organisation many homes with terminally ill children would be left without much needed support this organisation offers.

The Rainbow trust have support workers, these amazing people help the families with terminally ill children.  They are there when mum and dad need support from looking after a poorly child, they also help out with the other children at home that need care and attention too.  The support workers are someone to talk with, a shoulder to lean on, a friend.  Rainbow Trust support families from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Ketchup TV have launched a free service for the whole of January.  The have a huge range of children's programs for preschoolers and early years. Such as Tinga Tinga Tales, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, the original Paddington Bear series, Teletubbies, Rupert The Bear, Rastamouse and so much more to view including fun nursery Rhymes section to enjoy too.   This is usually a subscribed channel so for a short time only you can reap all the benefits.

This is Sean story, he is one of many valued support workers from The Rainbow Trust. Please watch and listen to his story.  Have tissues ready, this man is a true hero.

The Rainbow Trust urgently need more workers like Sean. to help and support families with love, care, trust and dedication.

All Ketchup TV asks if you can dig deep into your pockets and donate some money to the Rainbow Trust.  This money will help fund Support Workers like Sean and his colleagues.  So they can reach more families with Terminal ill children during their time of need.

Donating is super easy: >>Donate HERE<<

So whatever you are doing, don't forget to enjoy Ketchup TV for free, no strings attached right up too 31st January 2016.   All I ask is you make a donation to the Rainbow Trust. 

Tell your friends, its no secret tell the Nation! Lets pass it on.

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