Monday, 18 January 2016

Do your kids wake in the middle of the night? Tuck n Snug an award winning yet comfy solution and my #review

I hate being woken up, more so when a little person climbs into my bed.  Liam is the culprit, he tends to come in with frozen hands and feet.   This has been happening for years.  Liam will either wake me up, his dad up or get in his brothers bed and evently wake him up, which means its just a matter of time before both of them get in my bed.

Usually around 4am there 3 or 4 people in my bed. I am used as some warm up pad, the cheeky monkeys even steal the duvet off me.  Everyone knows having a disrupted sleep is horrible and causing all sorts of repercussions.  Usually a grumpy me not too excited to get up.  The little ones hug the bed so hard, the pull the sheets off when I drag them off.  

A few months ago I was asked if I cold test a new product from Tuck n Snug, that could quiet possibly help someone in this type of situation.

Well, I jumped at the chance.  I wasn't too sure what to expect. Then this beautiful embroidered duvet cover and pillow set arrived.

Out of the packet, the design is a sleeping puppy, very fetching for a little boy who adores dogs.  

I waited one evening for both boys to be out with daddy to surprise them.  They both got new bedding and duvets.  So this was a prefect opportunity to dress Liam's bed with the Tuck n Snug set.   I opened the bedding to unravel the new bedding.  I was a little surprised to find lots of flaps, two big flaps on either side and another flap on the bottom.  Even the Pillow case has long flaps on both sides of it. 

I opened the bedding fully, before adding the duvet inside.  As you can see from the photo below it does look very big.  However in all honesty it made no difference in adding the duvet, at the base of the cover, there are poppers, as normal I pulled the cover inside out grabbed the corned and pulled the duvet inside it.

The pillow case has the same cute little puppy on the top right corner.  I place the pillow on Liam bed first. 

Then I added the duvet

Lay the duvet down flat, pull all the flaps out, then tuck all the flaps under the mattress, tuck them underneath as far as you can.

One bed easily made.  Liam was ecstatic when he first saw his new bedding.  He adores dogs and he could not wait to get into bed.  He has never mentioned the flaps, he is a right wiggle chops in bed.  Every night before he goes to bed, I ensure the flaps are tight and neatly under his mattress. 

The Tuck n Snug so far has been working fairly successfully over the last few weeks.  Liam can't kick off his duvet, he stays warm in bed and is sleeping most nights undisturbed.  There are a couple of nights he will wake-up, he either gets in my bed or his bothers but at least he is warm.   

There has also been a little change with the boys, James wakes up in the middle of the night for a pee, (He has the top bunk and he does not have a Tuck n Snug)  he has started getting in his Liam bed.  So now I have two very snug boys, with rosy cheeks and warm bodies in the mornings, either of them want to get up.

I really like this new product, even with the extra flaps, it is easy to machine wash and iron.  I do not use a tumble drier and had concerns about it drying.  As it is winter, I have to dry it indoors, I threw it over one of my bedroom doors, turning once after a few hours.  It was completely dry in approximately 12 hours.

The bedding comes in 2 sizes; Toddler bed or Single bed. There are 2 designs, either a sleeping puppy or sleeping kitten, both very sweet.  
My bed bunks are true single beds, the bedding fits perfectly.  I am unsure what age this would work up too.  Liam - 6, he is a light sleeper but has been sleeping like a log.  James does not wiggle in his sleep, he is almost 8 now,  he said he likes it because it keeps him warm all night.

All in all we as a family are very happy.  I am thrilled because I am being woken-up less.  Also I know Liam is sleeping better and even James seems to be enjoying the benefits.

The Retail is cost £39.99.
Shop here: Tuck n Snug shop

This is a British Retailer and the brains behind this new concept is Annabel.  Annable has been more recently scooped a national small business award from Nick Brown, the business expert on BBC Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show!  I am delighted for her, as this is truly a fabulous design.

The nights have started getting colder, I highly recommend if your little ones (maybe older ones too) wake in the night.  Try Tuck n Snug, you may see a rapid change in their sleep patterns. 

This is an unsponsored post, I has been sent a Tuck n Snug to trial myself, this is my honest opinion.

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