Saturday, 30 January 2016

Buddies a true friend to brush your teeth with, espeically for little fussypots. Review on the Apple Fresh flavour

We have been very lucky this week, as we have been testing out a very new toothpaste, Buddies Toothpaste.  I am very pleased with the results as we tested the Apple Fresh flavour.

Buddies Toothpaste is for children, from 2 years upwards.

The tube is large, its not one of those tiny little squeezy tubes. Instead it has an easy to push down pump for older kids.

The toothpaste taste isn't over powering or as Liam's usually says...
'Mummy its tooooooo spicy!!!'

Buddies toothpaste comes in two flavours Apple and Mint.  Just incase you are not sure which one is Apple or Mint, they have massive round rubber heads.  Kids are instantly drawn to them, they really have character and give the packaging a fun personalities. 
Liam is the fusspot when it comes to brushing his teeth, I have to buy a very mild baby toothpaste for him, otherwise he will yell the house down, anyone would think he is being hurt.

The baby/milk teeth toothpastes have next to no fluoride in them, so the amount Liam really needs for a growing young boy, who has just started losing him milk teeth isn't getting the right amount of fluoride he really requires.  He refuses point blank to move up to the Junior toothopastes.

James on the other hand uses adult toothpastes and has been uses them for a few years, he has never complained during teeth brushing time, loves any minty fresh toothpastes.  Both boys are the total opposites.

I introduced them to Buddies Apple Fresh and both boys really enjoy it. Liam hasn't looked back since, he is now very happy at teeth brushing time.  The only thing I need to do for him is take off the rubber head and put the toothpaste on his brush.  James being almost 8 doesn't need any help from me whatsoever.

The boys, their verdict:
It looks fun
It's easy to get the toothpaste out (James)
It taste like apples
I can taste the mint
It reminds me of apple lollipops
I love it
My verdict:
I like the packaging, its had the boys talking
Its bigger then our normal brands
If Liam is happy, I am really happy
It is more expensive then what we would usually pay
Both boys have been raving how nice it tastes
They have fresh breath
the teeth are clean
No more tears or tantrums
This is an approved formula
Its easy to clean the tube
A little goes a long way


>> This photo of Liam brushing his teeth is an actual miracle, he is a little boys who will point blank refuse to brush his teeth <<

 He has been as happy Larry, rather enjoying this new toothpaste. 

Buddies is currently available to buy online at Amazon £3.99 for 100ml  
As I said this is more expensive then most current brands, however if you have concerns about your child not getting enough fluoride and they are refusing to brush their teeth, this could be a game changer and worth the money to you. 
We have been using for a 2 weeks and there is still lots of toothpaste left, a little halve a pea size goes a long way.

Buddies will be selling the full dental package soon, as they will have a range of electrical toothbrushes, which double as fun night lamps.  I will be reviewing these soon too.

Disclaimer: I was contacted and offered a free product, in exchange for a honest review.  My opinion has not been influenced by receiving this item for free.

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