Saturday, 30 January 2016

ANSMANN SMURFS Child's Cuddly Baby Smurf Night light with lullaby music, Review

I was contacted directly and asked if I could review one of their children night light products.  I chose the Smurfs Child's Cuddly Baby Smurf nightlight. (with light and lullaby music)

He arrived in just a couple of days after ordering via Amazon. He is baby Smurf Plush Toy.  Packaged in a box to keep him safe inside.

This is an official Smurf merchandise.

He is approximately 30cm tall and 20cm wide. He is extremely soft to the touch, his arms and legs are soft making him cuddly and fun to play with.
He his a loop of material on the top his Smurf hat, giving you the option to hang him. I would suggest making sure this is out of reach and secure (if placed above a cot) as he could hurt newborns or babies sleeping. He isn't over heavy, just large, he has a good comforting feel to him.

Otherwise babies 10mnts+ will find him wonderful to actually play with, he makes a great companion too, I can see some children will use him as a securely blanket. He also has True Smurf features with his blue face, big stick out ears, big round nose and big eyes and cute smurf hat. He's really friendly looking.

His tummy is an actual glow light, this has a gentle blue light illumination.
Functions: Easy for little hands to operate - just by pushing the big circular button on his tummy.
Press x1: Light
Press x2: Light and music
Press x3: Music
Press x4: Off

The music function is very sweet, baby Smurf plays gentle soothing lullaby tunes.

Being mostly white, I was concerned how dirty he would get. On his back is a strong velcro pocket, inside is his battery compartment, this is easy to remove. Once take out, baby Smurf can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Once he is completely dry the battery compartment can go back inside and sealed with the velcro.

My sons being 6 & 7 like the Smurfs, however at first they mentioned the baby Smurf is only for babies. I explained to they this is a special Smurf that helps my younger son go the toilet in the middle of the night. Our bathroom and toilet is downstairs at the back of our house. My sons would usually use a touch to go downstairs or turn all the lights on, however my youngest (6) gets scared in the middle of the night. Baby Smurf gives off a soft blue glow that illuminates the holder, making it easy to see where they are going and seeing the staircase well in the dark.  He has been using him for a few weeks now.  Baby Smurf has to go to bed with him, otherwise we have a war on our hands. 

The light function lasts for up 30 minutes unless you push his tummy 4 times and then it will switch off.

This little Smurf has become a welcomed addition in our home. He is usually left in my sons bed, great for cuddles and helping him to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Ansmann is a German design/make/brand, they are known for making excellent quality batteries and lights.  More recently they have started making a range of night lights for children, this is part of the Smurf range, which is very new. **Please Note x3 AA Batteries are included**

Retails at £22.95 - currently being sold at £18.99 via Amazon
Amazon: ANSMANN Smurf Products 

Disclaimer: I was contacted and offered a free product, in exchange for a honest review. My opinion has not been influenced by receiving this item for free.

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