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Stick Man, the film - Review - Released on DVD 1st February

Stick Man is a story about an actual 'Stick Man', he lives in the family tree, with his stick lady love and their stick children three.  However one day Stick Man has an adventure of lifetime, taking him far away to new unwelcome sights.  All he wants is to get home to his wife and their three stick children.     

This story has been written by the Award Winning writer Julia Donaldson.  Her stories are very catchy and playful with little meanings, families adore her beautiful books.   Mine always listen with wide eyes, her stories never bore them, they always ask for more. 

Stick Man is the 3rd story of Julia's books to be changed into a film animation.  Following the huge success of The Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo, I am sure this will be a big hit too.     

Axel Scheffler is the illustrator and compliments Julia's stories with the cutest cartoon characters, which have been turned into fabulous animations for the film.  The whole package is unforgettable and very recognisable.  It's wonderful to see these stories come to life on the screen.

We have had a very exciting afternoon, being spoiled watching Stick Man before it's release. Monday 1st February 2016. 

The Cast is great, Martin Freeman makes a super passionate Stick Man.  Huge Bonneville is Santa. Not forgetting the wonderful Rob Brydon, Russell Tovey and Sally Hawkins they are here too.  Jennifer Saunders is the main Narrator, she is wonderful. 

The film first viewed on Christmas day on the BBC.  The BBC recorded 10 Millions viewers, that is truly amazing. If you have fallen for this wonderful story too and would like to join in the family fun, here is a activity sheet or please contact me to email you a copy. 

I hope you have enjoyed my post in celebrating the release of Stick Man.  Make sure to check out my fellow Bloggers on Twitter #StickManDVD.

Useful information: 
Release Date: 1st February
Genre: Family / Animation / Family
Runtime:  27 minutes

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Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post - I was sent a copy of the DVD to review, this is my honest opinion.  

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Buddies a true friend to brush your teeth with, espeically for little fussypots. Review on the Apple Fresh flavour

We have been very lucky this week, as we have been testing out a very new toothpaste, Buddies Toothpaste.  I am very pleased with the results as we tested the Apple Fresh flavour.

Buddies Toothpaste is for children, from 2 years upwards.

The tube is large, its not one of those tiny little squeezy tubes. Instead it has an easy to push down pump for older kids.

The toothpaste taste isn't over powering or as Liam's usually says...
'Mummy its tooooooo spicy!!!'

Buddies toothpaste comes in two flavours Apple and Mint.  Just incase you are not sure which one is Apple or Mint, they have massive round rubber heads.  Kids are instantly drawn to them, they really have character and give the packaging a fun personalities. 
Liam is the fusspot when it comes to brushing his teeth, I have to buy a very mild baby toothpaste for him, otherwise he will yell the house down, anyone would think he is being hurt.

The baby/milk teeth toothpastes have next to no fluoride in them, so the amount Liam really needs for a growing young boy, who has just started losing him milk teeth isn't getting the right amount of fluoride he really requires.  He refuses point blank to move up to the Junior toothopastes.

James on the other hand uses adult toothpastes and has been uses them for a few years, he has never complained during teeth brushing time, loves any minty fresh toothpastes.  Both boys are the total opposites.

I introduced them to Buddies Apple Fresh and both boys really enjoy it. Liam hasn't looked back since, he is now very happy at teeth brushing time.  The only thing I need to do for him is take off the rubber head and put the toothpaste on his brush.  James being almost 8 doesn't need any help from me whatsoever.

The boys, their verdict:
It looks fun
It's easy to get the toothpaste out (James)
It taste like apples
I can taste the mint
It reminds me of apple lollipops
I love it
My verdict:
I like the packaging, its had the boys talking
Its bigger then our normal brands
If Liam is happy, I am really happy
It is more expensive then what we would usually pay
Both boys have been raving how nice it tastes
They have fresh breath
the teeth are clean
No more tears or tantrums
This is an approved formula
Its easy to clean the tube
A little goes a long way


>> This photo of Liam brushing his teeth is an actual miracle, he is a little boys who will point blank refuse to brush his teeth <<

 He has been as happy Larry, rather enjoying this new toothpaste. 

Buddies is currently available to buy online at Amazon £3.99 for 100ml  
As I said this is more expensive then most current brands, however if you have concerns about your child not getting enough fluoride and they are refusing to brush their teeth, this could be a game changer and worth the money to you. 
We have been using for a 2 weeks and there is still lots of toothpaste left, a little halve a pea size goes a long way.

Buddies will be selling the full dental package soon, as they will have a range of electrical toothbrushes, which double as fun night lamps.  I will be reviewing these soon too.

Disclaimer: I was contacted and offered a free product, in exchange for a honest review.  My opinion has not been influenced by receiving this item for free.

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ANSMANN SMURFS Child's Cuddly Baby Smurf Night light with lullaby music, Review

I was contacted directly and asked if I could review one of their children night light products.  I chose the Smurfs Child's Cuddly Baby Smurf nightlight. (with light and lullaby music)

He arrived in just a couple of days after ordering via Amazon. He is baby Smurf Plush Toy.  Packaged in a box to keep him safe inside.

This is an official Smurf merchandise.

He is approximately 30cm tall and 20cm wide. He is extremely soft to the touch, his arms and legs are soft making him cuddly and fun to play with.
He his a loop of material on the top his Smurf hat, giving you the option to hang him. I would suggest making sure this is out of reach and secure (if placed above a cot) as he could hurt newborns or babies sleeping. He isn't over heavy, just large, he has a good comforting feel to him.

Otherwise babies 10mnts+ will find him wonderful to actually play with, he makes a great companion too, I can see some children will use him as a securely blanket. He also has True Smurf features with his blue face, big stick out ears, big round nose and big eyes and cute smurf hat. He's really friendly looking.

His tummy is an actual glow light, this has a gentle blue light illumination.
Functions: Easy for little hands to operate - just by pushing the big circular button on his tummy.
Press x1: Light
Press x2: Light and music
Press x3: Music
Press x4: Off

The music function is very sweet, baby Smurf plays gentle soothing lullaby tunes.

Being mostly white, I was concerned how dirty he would get. On his back is a strong velcro pocket, inside is his battery compartment, this is easy to remove. Once take out, baby Smurf can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Once he is completely dry the battery compartment can go back inside and sealed with the velcro.

My sons being 6 & 7 like the Smurfs, however at first they mentioned the baby Smurf is only for babies. I explained to they this is a special Smurf that helps my younger son go the toilet in the middle of the night. Our bathroom and toilet is downstairs at the back of our house. My sons would usually use a touch to go downstairs or turn all the lights on, however my youngest (6) gets scared in the middle of the night. Baby Smurf gives off a soft blue glow that illuminates the holder, making it easy to see where they are going and seeing the staircase well in the dark.  He has been using him for a few weeks now.  Baby Smurf has to go to bed with him, otherwise we have a war on our hands. 

The light function lasts for up 30 minutes unless you push his tummy 4 times and then it will switch off.

This little Smurf has become a welcomed addition in our home. He is usually left in my sons bed, great for cuddles and helping him to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Ansmann is a German design/make/brand, they are known for making excellent quality batteries and lights.  More recently they have started making a range of night lights for children, this is part of the Smurf range, which is very new. **Please Note x3 AA Batteries are included**

Retails at £22.95 - currently being sold at £18.99 via Amazon
Amazon: ANSMANN Smurf Products 

Disclaimer: I was contacted and offered a free product, in exchange for a honest review. My opinion has not been influenced by receiving this item for free.

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Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Toy Fair 2016, What's new for 2016 #Toy #Gadgets #Puzzles

Myself and Renna from Renna's Discoveries joined forces, grabbed our handbags, our note pads and mobiles and ventured into London for a morning of shameless fun, to take a gander at Toy Fair 2016, at London's Olympia.

Well, between the 2 of us, we didn't cover a fracture of the show. It was ridiculously huge.  However we did have a lot of fun and found some really cool toys!

All the major retailers were there, basically everyone who is anyone and plenty of newbies too.  Which is brilliant as the Toys Industry is huge, this type of event moulds what the future toy stars of 2016 are going to be.   It even has me thinking what should be on kids Chritsmas list.

Looking into my crystal ball, the big hitters are going to be anything Star Wars related, Drones are still fascinating, Teletubbies, Danger Mouse, Snoopy, there are plenty of new trends heading our way too.

Toys and gadgets are constantly evolving with the times, some being tweaked, upgraded with better designs and more functions.  While others stick to traditional styles that never go out of date.  Train sets, blocks, puzzles, prams.  It does not matter how old you are, where you live, if you are a child, an adult, toys are fantastic. 

Also a huge thank you, for everyone who took time to show me their fabulous toys.  I met a lot of lovely people who took time to spill the beans.    

Let me tell who I saw...

They were last awarded best toy back in 2013 for the their Teksta Robotic Toy range.  They offer a huge array of toys, from all the new Teletubbies toys being released, all the playsets for Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly, Fireman Sam.  These playsets are all the same size too, so children could have one of each and turn them into fun village, making them all part of the same play.  These sets are adorable, firm, great quality, the little details and characteristics match their cartoons perfectly.    

Plasticine and Playdough is coming back as a trend, creative play that captures little ones minds and parents do like to get stuck in too.  There is a new Peppa Pig Softee Dough sets, complete with different colours and cutters of the actual characters.  I think they will be very popular, especially as presents.  These will be sold in lovely hard presentation boxes. 

Just as Loom Bands fade away, a new fluffy, fun and colourful craze is about to hit the shelf's in the UK. Pom Pom WOW.  The are small pellets of colourful wool. The user applies a glue dot to its base.  Then pushes the base on any surface, slides off a plastic cover and a cute Pom Pom appears!  There are plenty of of bright colours available also glitter can be added to get them really eye popping!
The ideas to decorate are endless, pencil tops, photo frames, posters, your phone case, book covers to name a few.  It's a fun way to jazz up boring items or add them to artworks and greeting cards for a plush design effect.  They will be sold in sets, so the prices will vary, however they will be pocket money affordable.
Who remembers the original Stretch Armstrong?  This great classic from the 90s has been reborn with super strength, he can stretch up to 4x his size.  There seems to be some excitement around this big dude.  However I got more excited by a similar toy, a stretchy Scooby-Doo.  I know my sons would like him more as they can identify with Scooby, however their dad could prefect Stretch Armstrong.  He would be used as a giant stress ball! You decide and tell me who you like more. 

I also like Banana Surprise, anything with the word surprise has be fun.  I am foodie so playing with food is second nature to me and getting my kids involved or them using their initiative is just as much fun.  Peel the top of the banana and place it in the banana bed.  Using the green corer that hollows out the bananas filling.  Then add something tasty, chocolate sauce or jams, I'm thinking ice-cream. All of those different flavours, would treat my taste buds.  I want one of these, the only shame is this is due to launch in Autumn, we have a while to wait.

Teksta pets have stepped up their game, the Teksta Robot Puppy has been transformed, it has instant voice recognition.  Recognising different accents from all over the nation too.  Robot Puppy has new LED eyes, realistic ear movements, it will mimic emotions, this will be able to do so much more including great tricks.

Teksta have a new robotic pet for us, Teksta Toucan older kids will love this unique gadget, it can be linked to a tablet and play music through it. However he can also be controlled via blue tooth rather then WiFi.  The Teksta Toucan is adorable he sits on a stable perch, talks, he can even tell jokes, plays games and perform magic tricks.  Its also possible to download extras software for additional functions, using a a free app.  
Teksta has some outstanding toys, I would love to get to grips with more.

For all of my gaming fans, Jazwares is the places for you, not only do they offer a massive list of all the latest gaming toys, they are the home to the new addition, DANGER MOUSE.

He's the greatest, he's fantastic, wherever there is danger he'll be there!!!
the new Danger Mouse TV show hit our screens on CBBC last September, raking up a tremendous 3.6 million viewers in the first 6 weeks.  DM is bringing us all action stories, some old faces and a few new names too.  I think in the next few months everyone will be buzzing with Danger Mouse.  As a child, me and my friends loved DM and Penfold.  The new show will be having all of us oldies tuning in and introducing our off spring to DM, rekindling our affections for an old friend.
With this great new TV show, we have some cracking new toys coming out.
This is a 10" Danger Mouse, with moving limbs. He comes with a removable jet pack and talk too.

Another toy coming out is the Danger Mouses car, the Mark IV danger car.  The Mark IV features pop out wings and the boot springs into action, of course Danger Mouse is included.  

This great toy caught the attention of  judges at the Toy Fair.   
As awarded: Toy Fair Best New Toys 2016 - Category: Action Toys

So look out, for these wonderful new toys, there will be an exciting range with little extras so children can play with them, also a range of 7" plush toys will be availabe.  The toys are all going to be priced affordable, starting from £7.99 per character, real bargains.

Jazwares have a fabulous line of toys, they recently brought out Tube Heroes and Animal Jams both looking to be big sellers, as more and more children are connecting to the online gaming industries.

Promoting Xootz 
They have a massive range of activity toys, fantastic quality, bright colours, 110% durable, made for kids to have real exhausting fun.  Thinking of kids being outside and having the freedom they yearn for and learning new skills, I love Xootz, they really do stock everything, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, tricycles and go karts.  Hold on to your hard hats and lets go and have some fun.  This year they will be making a major impact on the market, they will push kids to new heights and beyond, they have everything for kids to teens too.    

Have a grabbed a little corner of the plush market, focusing on preschoolers TV shows.  Hey Duggee has become increasingly popular, even adults love this cute bear and Squirrel Club team.  Prices start from as little £4.99 for the small characters however the large Plush Woof Woof Hey Duggee starts from £24.99, he does make sounds. He is even suitable for 10months+

Sticking with Plush toys, Aurora are definitely the leaders in the market, 2016 is bringing us Stick Man, he is about to hit our screens in a big way, just the same as The Gruffalo another one of Julia Donaldson books did last year.
Their display of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang melted my heart.  I grow-up with Snoopy, my mum and older sister reading me the stories and cartoon strips, its great to see the team back.  The recent release of the Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Movie has been a smash hit.  Making these wonderful toys lovely keepsakes and collectables too.

Have an going partnership with Power Rangers for many many years, these toys are continually evolving getting better as the years go by.  Bandai have lovely toys, getting children to explore, getting in to character.  2016 will be no different, with Saban's Power Rangers, Dino Super Charge, the toys will be linked to the new series. The new toy range will include action figures, role play also the popular Zord Builder ranger.  One of this years new favourites of mine is the Dino Charge Plesio Megazord, his transformation is neat and makes the main body as a Zord Builder.
I also really liked the Rumble & Road T-Rex Zord, he flashes and his tail swishes, his body can spin around.  With help he can stomp across a room too.  Power Ranger fans are going to love him, priced £40

Big Hero 6 is still very popular, everyone wants to meet Baymax.  He is very cuddly in design, the toys are designed well.  I like the Armour-up
Baymax, its a great design to challenge children to make a 3D puzzle.

Hatch'n Heroes are new, these are all recognisable characters, such a Lightening McQueen, Toy Story and Baymax, fingers crossed we will be seeing Disneyland characters in this range.  They can roll into a egg shape.  These are going to make great playable collectable toys.

Monchhichi, an old toy first released in the late 70s, rereleased last year, they became very trendy in Dublin, they sold out over the Chritsmas season.  These little furry thump sucking dolls come in gorgeous outfits.  Very unique and charming happy little rememberable faces, again very collectable.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 

These are some of my favourite STEM toys of the show.  Toys that get children thinking, problems solving and having fun at the same time! These really tick all the boxes.

Small brightly coloured 2D magnetic perspex shapes.  These shapes stick together and can form 3D Shapes.  The Magformers brand has pushed the limits and created the most amazing constructions.
Magformers are fantastic for brain development, even younger children can explore and make 3D shapes.  These are so new, something I feel schools should even be using.  Magformers have 60 exciting constructions of designs already boxed-up and ready to fly off shelf's.  Kids can also use their imaginations and build their own designs.
The pieces are very tough and the constructions do not fall out of shape easily.  I see these being very big in 2016.  Parents and teachers will adore them.

The target market is boys, aged 8+
They are all labelled as 'Build an Electric...'
Truck, Buggy, Dragster and Hovercraft.

These little kits, have easy instructions to follow.  Once the build is completed they can speed-off.
They are very technical, lots of concentration is needed to build these bundles of joy.  A truly great way to help inquisitive children learn how these vehicles are powered-up.

Also a lovely way to bond with kids, just be careful the parents do not  takeover! Prices £9.99 - £19.99  


They have become the lords of STEM.  For children with more patience and skills, KNEX helps children tune their fine motor skills, digging deep in their brains, exploring all the possibilities with KNEX anything can be made.   

I have to say, I am a newbie when it comes to KNEX, my sons have just reached the age they can start exploring the possibilities with KNEX.   These toys are not just for boys, KNEX have just released new packs aimed with girls in mind, as girls like building too, Mighty Makers Kits.

There are so many kits, all have ideas and instructions of what can be built otherwise children can freestyle and design whats formed in their minds.   The KNEX 52 box kit, is currently must popular seller on the market, reasonably priced at £26. 
However prices do vary.  Some of the kit packs have motors or batteries cases supplied, making models come to life, these are great if young ones and older ones want to learn about engineering.
Cars, boats, robots, working shooters can be made.  KNEX are storming the marketing, they already have a number of programs were they are working closely with school too.  KNEX are EDUCATIONAL from start to finish and really get school kids talking as well as using their brains!   2016 is just going to get better and better for them.

My favourite KNEX is their motorised  Fairground set. Target age 9 - Price approx. £50.  This genius kit can make 3 Fairground rides. (Not all at once, only as individuals) So if you get bored of one design, take it down and start on the another one.  What do you think?  It's beautiful to look at and talk about a real challenge to occupy oneself.


A very dedicated team, putting family fun in boxes.  They offer a wild range of puzzles to solve and board games for all ages, mostly everything is a brain teaser too, not your normal game.  They will be selling the Jigpix in 2016, there will be 2 sizes 300 and 520 pieces.  The intriguing thing about these puzzles is each puzzle can make more then one puzzle.
The 300 piece puzzles can make 4 puzzles also the 520 will make 2 puzzles.  All using the same pieces, no more no less. 
Now for the genius part...  There will be an app, you will be able to take a photo, maybe a selfie, your children, a special place you love.  You will zoom-in, on the pixels, an emoji icon will appear.  Find the right emoji and piece the puzzle together.   Once finished you will see your photo.  Its sounds totally bonkers.  I will be looking out for this to be released, because I really want one. Sounds too good to be true!          
I had a brilliant time ToyFair 2016! As you can tell I only skimmed the surface of whats available for 2016.  I hope you picked up some great ideas for toys for 2016.

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Ketchup TV have launched a charity partnership deal with Rainbow Trust - Raising funds for Support wokers actually their heros!

Ketchup TV have launched a charity partnership deal with The Rainbow Trust organisation.  Rainbow Trust has been looking after families for the last 30 years.  Without this wonderful organisation many homes with terminally ill children would be left without much needed support this organisation offers.

The Rainbow trust have support workers, these amazing people help the families with terminally ill children.  They are there when mum and dad need support from looking after a poorly child, they also help out with the other children at home that need care and attention too.  The support workers are someone to talk with, a shoulder to lean on, a friend.  Rainbow Trust support families from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Ketchup TV have launched a free service for the whole of January.  The have a huge range of children's programs for preschoolers and early years. Such as Tinga Tinga Tales, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, the original Paddington Bear series, Teletubbies, Rupert The Bear, Rastamouse and so much more to view including fun nursery Rhymes section to enjoy too.   This is usually a subscribed channel so for a short time only you can reap all the benefits.

This is Sean story, he is one of many valued support workers from The Rainbow Trust. Please watch and listen to his story.  Have tissues ready, this man is a true hero.

The Rainbow Trust urgently need more workers like Sean. to help and support families with love, care, trust and dedication.

All Ketchup TV asks if you can dig deep into your pockets and donate some money to the Rainbow Trust.  This money will help fund Support Workers like Sean and his colleagues.  So they can reach more families with Terminal ill children during their time of need.

Donating is super easy: >>Donate HERE<<

So whatever you are doing, don't forget to enjoy Ketchup TV for free, no strings attached right up too 31st January 2016.   All I ask is you make a donation to the Rainbow Trust. 

Tell your friends, its no secret tell the Nation! Lets pass it on.

Get Ketchup TV from the App Store, Google Play or like me watch it from your Samsung Smart TV.

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Do your kids wake in the middle of the night? Tuck n Snug an award winning yet comfy solution and my #review

I hate being woken up, more so when a little person climbs into my bed.  Liam is the culprit, he tends to come in with frozen hands and feet.   This has been happening for years.  Liam will either wake me up, his dad up or get in his brothers bed and evently wake him up, which means its just a matter of time before both of them get in my bed.

Usually around 4am there 3 or 4 people in my bed. I am used as some warm up pad, the cheeky monkeys even steal the duvet off me.  Everyone knows having a disrupted sleep is horrible and causing all sorts of repercussions.  Usually a grumpy me not too excited to get up.  The little ones hug the bed so hard, the pull the sheets off when I drag them off.  

A few months ago I was asked if I cold test a new product from Tuck n Snug, that could quiet possibly help someone in this type of situation.

Well, I jumped at the chance.  I wasn't too sure what to expect. Then this beautiful embroidered duvet cover and pillow set arrived.

Out of the packet, the design is a sleeping puppy, very fetching for a little boy who adores dogs.  

I waited one evening for both boys to be out with daddy to surprise them.  They both got new bedding and duvets.  So this was a prefect opportunity to dress Liam's bed with the Tuck n Snug set.   I opened the bedding to unravel the new bedding.  I was a little surprised to find lots of flaps, two big flaps on either side and another flap on the bottom.  Even the Pillow case has long flaps on both sides of it. 

I opened the bedding fully, before adding the duvet inside.  As you can see from the photo below it does look very big.  However in all honesty it made no difference in adding the duvet, at the base of the cover, there are poppers, as normal I pulled the cover inside out grabbed the corned and pulled the duvet inside it.

The pillow case has the same cute little puppy on the top right corner.  I place the pillow on Liam bed first. 

Then I added the duvet

Lay the duvet down flat, pull all the flaps out, then tuck all the flaps under the mattress, tuck them underneath as far as you can.

One bed easily made.  Liam was ecstatic when he first saw his new bedding.  He adores dogs and he could not wait to get into bed.  He has never mentioned the flaps, he is a right wiggle chops in bed.  Every night before he goes to bed, I ensure the flaps are tight and neatly under his mattress. 

The Tuck n Snug so far has been working fairly successfully over the last few weeks.  Liam can't kick off his duvet, he stays warm in bed and is sleeping most nights undisturbed.  There are a couple of nights he will wake-up, he either gets in my bed or his bothers but at least he is warm.   

There has also been a little change with the boys, James wakes up in the middle of the night for a pee, (He has the top bunk and he does not have a Tuck n Snug)  he has started getting in his Liam bed.  So now I have two very snug boys, with rosy cheeks and warm bodies in the mornings, either of them want to get up.

I really like this new product, even with the extra flaps, it is easy to machine wash and iron.  I do not use a tumble drier and had concerns about it drying.  As it is winter, I have to dry it indoors, I threw it over one of my bedroom doors, turning once after a few hours.  It was completely dry in approximately 12 hours.

The bedding comes in 2 sizes; Toddler bed or Single bed. There are 2 designs, either a sleeping puppy or sleeping kitten, both very sweet.  
My bed bunks are true single beds, the bedding fits perfectly.  I am unsure what age this would work up too.  Liam - 6, he is a light sleeper but has been sleeping like a log.  James does not wiggle in his sleep, he is almost 8 now,  he said he likes it because it keeps him warm all night.

All in all we as a family are very happy.  I am thrilled because I am being woken-up less.  Also I know Liam is sleeping better and even James seems to be enjoying the benefits.

The Retail is cost £39.99.
Shop here: Tuck n Snug shop

This is a British Retailer and the brains behind this new concept is Annabel.  Annable has been more recently scooped a national small business award from Nick Brown, the business expert on BBC Radio 2’s The Jeremy Vine Show!  I am delighted for her, as this is truly a fabulous design.

The nights have started getting colder, I highly recommend if your little ones (maybe older ones too) wake in the night.  Try Tuck n Snug, you may see a rapid change in their sleep patterns. 

This is an unsponsored post, I has been sent a Tuck n Snug to trial myself, this is my honest opinion.

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