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Manomasa Torillas Review and Torillas Meatball recipe - Very Tasty indeed

I had been sent some Manomasa Tortillas chips to sample, I am the first to admit me and my family are a bunch of snackers and we love torillas chip at the best of times.  I had only seen the Manomasa brand online.  I have never actually had the opportunity to eat them before now.  

The Manomasa are corn flour tortillas (perfect if you are a Coeliac and want Gluten free). The Manomasa Brand was born in the back streets of Mexico, paying great homage to 'The Totopo', a traditional flat corn tortilla (flat bread). The Totopo would be baked in the a clay oven and unlike any other tortillas The Totopo had salt added to the Masa (corn dough) and holes are made in the disk prior to baking.

Manomasa uses traditional Mexican techniques to create authentic style tortillas, they are much thinner then other tortillas I have eaten.  Also do not be fooled they are nothing like the thick Nachos you may have brought in supermarkets.

There are 6 flavours, each has a new and tasty combination, fairly original with a ingredient global twist.  The different flavours have unique shaped tortillas on the front their packets.  So do not be alarmed to open the Manchego & Green Olive to find the tortillas rectangle shaped.

These tortillas are packed with flavours and deliciously put together, hopefully to meet everyones individual taste needs. My favourite's are the Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn & Tomatillo Salsa both flavorful, bursting with exciting flavours, the texture in my mouth is really something too.  My least favourite were the Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper maybe because I expected them to tasty more like crisps and they did not.  However my other half and youngest son voted these ones the best.

Manchego & Green Olive: RECIPE No.15 The DIPPER layered with juicy Mediterranean olives, subtly sweet PIMIENTO and tangy MANCHEGO CHEESE

Green Lemon & Pink Peppercorn: RECIPE No. 86 The TOSTADA is packed with creamy beans, pepped up with zesty GREEN LEMON and delicate FRUITINESS

Chipotle & Lime: RECIPE No. 24 The TOTOPO with smoky chipotle chilli & zingy lime with RED BELL PEPPERS, GUAJILLO chilli & TOMATO PUMPKIN SEEDS

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper: RECIPE No. 34 The SIXER with a pinch of salt & twist of cracked BLACK PEPPER crunch full of golden LINSEEDS, brown linseeds poppy, CARAWAY & sunflower seeds
White Cheddar: RECIPE No. 51 The SUPER SCOOP with creamy Cheddar cheese and CILANTRO. A rich WHITE CORN chip liberally scattered with GOLDEN LINSEEDS.

Tomatillo Salsa: RECIPE No. 63 THE TOTOPO GRANDE with fruity Peruvian Amarillo chilli, a crunch of RED and WHITE QUINOA SEEDS, blended with tingling TOMATILLO SALSA.

I thought it would be a shame just munch them all up as this could so easily be done.  I made a meal with some of the Manomasa Tortillas chips.

We are huge fan of Latin style dishes.  I cooked up a storm in the kitchen and made a family favourite Meatballs.  


Recipe: Main Dish, Gluten-Free
Cooking Type: Oven or Actifry 2in1
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves: 6


500g Minced beef
One small Onion
2 cloves of garlic
One 160g packet of Manomasa Tortillas chips (I use the Manchego & Green Olive) I like the idea of added a cheesy twist to my meatballs
A vegetable stock cube
1tsp of mixed herbs
5g of cumin
A table spoon of Tomato puree
1 egg
Add Salt and Pepper

One Large Onion diced
3 Garlic cloves crushed
10ml Oil
2 Tins 400g of chopped tomatoes
A big dollop of Tomato puree
10g mixed herbs
1 x Vegetable stock cube and
1 x Beef stock Cube
150ml of boiled water
10g cumin
A sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Salt and pepper

Pinch of Salt
10ml Oil
1 and half cups of rice
Boiled water - use the same cup and double the water.
(3 cups of boiled water)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Gas mark 4

Rice: Boil the kettle.  Add the oil, the rice and salt to a medium sized pan (make sure you have a pan with a lid).  Cook the rice on a medium heat, until the rice looks white, this should take about 10/15 minutes.
Then add the double quantity of water of rice, to the rice.  Cover the Pan with it's lid and bring to boiling point.  Will be ready in 2 minutes (not any longer)
Then reduce the heat to it lowest setting for 25 minutes.  Turn off the heat and keep covered until ready to serve.        

Meatballs: I blitzed the onion and garlic in the food processor, for 5 seconds, they will look finely chopped up.
Then added the Tortillas Chips blitzed all until they resemble fine crumbs.

In a large bowl add all the ingredients and mix very well.  
Roll the meat into balls, not too big, so they fit in the palm of your hands.
Put them in a baking tray and let them cook in the middle of the oven for 25 minutes
Actifry Option: Actifry 2 in 1 - Cook in the top tray for 20 minutes

While the meatballs are cooking, make the sauce.

Sauce: Add the Oil to a large heavy pan
Add the Onion and Garlic
cook until golden brown
Add Herbs, Spices & Puree
Mix it all up
Add the 2 tins of tomatoes
make sure it's all cooking on a low heat
Crumble both cubes and add to the tomato sauce mixture
mix well for a couple of minutes.
If the sauce get too thick add some boiled water
cover pan and let it simmer, keep checking it not burning until the meatballs have cooked.

Once the meatballs have cooked, add them to the sauce.  Ensure they are completely covered in the sauce.  Keep them simmering in the sauce for 10 minutes and add boiled water starts to get thick.
 Done ready to serve:

If you want to add some extras.
You could make a homemade Guacamole and Nacho style tortillas.

One avocado peeled and deseeded
3 thin Spring onions, peeled and chopped
2 small fresh tomatoes
(one little green chilli optional)
Salt to taste

Blitzed with a hand mixute, make it chunky or smooth, however you like, its ready to serve with the Manomasa Tortillas.

Nacho style Tortillas:
2 big handfuls of Manomasa tortillas
add sliced JalapeƱos
a handful of grated cheese on top and quickly grill until the cheese has melted. Done

Our dinner tasted fantastic, I make meatballs a lot.  These actually were a lot lighted then the plain meat ones I always make. We could taste a hint of cheese from the tortillas, they came out really nice.  This was really easy to make and I had four empty plates and plenty food leftover for 2nds.

We have ready enjoyed Manomasa Tortillas.  I can't wait indulge again soon.  If you get a chance to make them, please let me know how it went.

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Disclaimer: this is an unsponsored post, I was sent a few packets of Manomasa to sample and give my honest opinion on them.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

LEGO® Dream home competition! with Ocean Finance, my sons entry

James and Liam had been set a blogger challenge from Ocean Finance, they have been building their dream home from Lego blocks.  To be honest it has taken some time, the Lego blocks have been on the table for a few weeks.  'We are doing it, has been said a lot.'

They love the Lego kits and can easily follow the instructions.  Doing free-play has really sent them wild.  I told them weeks before the Lego arrived they will be working together to build their dream home.  I asked them to think of ideas or draw some pictures, maybe when we're out they may see a building they like. I said 'run with your imaginations. It could be for your Skylander Toys, The little Minions we have, whatever you like, you think it and you can build it.'

I could see their little face thinking what to make, how is it possible.  I am pleased to say with a lot of encouragement they have gone for it in a big way!

I am really impressed.  Liam had so many ideas he tried to run with them all, adding the flags and lights, making the beds, the trees and the Games rooms and kitchens.

There has been lots of adverts for the Pixel movie, Liam wanted Pac Man to greet his friends, so made him and added him to the roof.

'The kitchen has a glass wall, so we can see outside' said Liam.  'This has been inspired because our bathroom is next to the kitchen.'  They have to turn the light-on in the kitchen at night to go to the toilet.

They had to have bunkbeds (same as they do at home - Love the details) so they can talk to each other in bed. 

A games rooms, no mummies allowed! (Well that is just a rude I told them) With a touchscreen TV and all the gadgets like daddy.

James added the garden and swimming pool, with lifeguard, Liam added the diving board. James said their treasure chests are kept there for safe keeping, because he is very rich. 

The Hall lamp, is brain control,

They added a Water Bar.  This made me laugh, we have one at home, James drinks so much water, it makes sense he would add one.

Garages for the car, buggy and helicopter.

James made most of the walls.  Liam built the kitchen wall, with all the details.

They believe their house is the best, because their dream home is amazing, it has everything they need and want.  All their friends want play with them too.

I have enjoyed them playing together and being very creative, they are still playing with the house, both still adding things.

Liam also said one day he would buy me my dream house, I wonder if I can hold him to that.

This is my sons entry for the 'LEGO® House Competition' run by Ocean Finance 
There are 60 bloggers all of whom have been sent lego, for the child/ren to build their dream homes.  Good luck everyone.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was sent some Lego to build this home.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Our Summer Holidays

How has everyone been during the holidays?  I can not believe there are only two weeks of our summer holiday break left.  I have friends that have already gone back to school this week.  Time is flying by for everyone.
The downer is the weather, it's been warmish at least.  Ha ha so lets not grumble.
My kids don't care what the weather is like, as long as they can have fun they are happy!

Being kids they have been enjoying rather fat lie-ins and trying their luck at going to bed as late as possible.

It's all been fun and games at my house over the last few weeks, I wanted to share a little of what we have been up too...

The kids spent all their savings on Skylanders,
enjoying the sales in Smyths
We went blackberry picking, this is the first fruit pie I had baked in a while
and Liam ate most of it.


We went to Wembley watched 'Inside Out' at the cinema

We played with friends, even went to a (local farm) Cassionbury
Farms Open Day
James cooked us dinner twice - He loves Pizza

We've been on buses, tubes and trains,
in and out of London a lot

I have been organised and brought the sons their school uniforms

Lots of play fighting and cuddles
We have scoffed our faces with lashings of Ice-Cream

We have done so much more.  The best part for me is waking-up finding these two delicious munchkins (and on occasion their daddy in bed - on a day off) all in my bed,  they have been so affectionate, giving me huge cuddles, it's been heaven.

I have loved the quality time we have been spending together, this has been the best summer holidays so far and we haven't actually been on a holiday.

The last few years have flown by and with every day I love my family just a little bit more, I know it's cheesy but they make me feel so happy. 

We still have 2 weeks left, I have no plans at the moment
(Apart from me and my boyfriend will be celebrating 10 years together soon)

Sending you much happiness, enjoy the next few weeks, because it will be back to routines before we know it.

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

I have SPOTTED FACEB4, Have you? Fabulous Skin Duo Review!

Some of us are luckier then others, especially when it comes to beautiful healthy looking skin.

I have spent most of my life hiding my spotty face, make-up is an amazing thing, concealing what hides beneath.  I know I'm not the only person to do this.

More recently I wear make-up less and less, I have grown comfortable within my shell.  However I do have days, weeks, month when my face erupts like I am a teenager and I want to hide.  I can feel the zits coming to the surface, my face feels sore, the skin becomes red and the big ass bumps appears.

Then the irritation kicks in and the pain. It's really not fair especially for an older woman to go through this.  I had hoped by the time I hit my 30s' my skin would settle, no such luck. 

I do make a habit to use none greasy products, products that absorb well leaving no residue, that do not irritate my skin, also that will not dry my skin out.  

Before taken 2 months ago

I recently was sent FaceB4 brand products, this is a skincare duo, I was asked if I would like to test them out.  The packaging is clear, FaceB4 helps fight the bacteria that cause spots, also Helps Prevent spots.  This is a medicated formula that is clinically tested.

I suggest using the Skin Duo twice daily; Morning and before bed.

Daily Cleaning Foam
This is a double pump action bottle, with a combined Cleanser & Toner.
You will need two pumps of the foam cleanser to cover your face and neck.

I feel the foam getting to work right away, the bacteria crying as I drown it in the foam.  I like the stinging sensation, I know it is working.
Leave it on a minute before rinsing off with warm water. My skin feels soft and supple.

The foam doesn't have a smell, which is good, I personally do not like the harsh smell medicated products.

I dry my face with my clean face towel.  Then I apply FACEB4 Anti-Bacterial Serum.

One pump is more than enough to cover my face, I gentle massage it into face in circular movements around my face, with gentle up and out strokes under my eyes.

My skins appearance is left shiny and starts to tighten.  After a few minutes I feel a tingly feeling where I have spots, the serum is working.  Again no smell from this product.
I add my moisturiser as normal and I can apply make-up as normal at this stage.

Overall my face feels good.

I have used this product over 2 months, that's how long it has lasted me. I am very happy with the results.  My blemished and spotty skin looks healthy my spots are not so angry, I am less spotty too.  This formula is not a miracle cure however there is a dramatic improvement.
After taken today

If you have skin concerns, I recommend FACEB4.   If you are unsure if this is suitable for your skin type or have medical problems contact FACEB4 on
Twitter: @FaceB4 or Facebook they will be able to confirm if these product is right for you.

FACEB4 has been clinically tested and has had a lot really good reviews.

The products range around £14.99 each of them.

This Skin duo is for 12+ upwards, so suitable for most age groups.  With each day, I am aging, I can not turn back time the hands of time but I plan to preserve what I have for as long as possible.

Thank you for stopping by, don't be shy, com and say 'Hi!'

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Plasticine Softeez, open your mind and make whatever you want! Everything is possible

I hope you managed to join our recent Plasticine Softeez Twitter Party! 

Our afternoon kicked-off filled with great entertainment! I invited a couple of friends and their kids to help us get stick, explore and get creating.  

To be honest I have never seen so much Plasticine and I have to tell you, it had been so much fun! 

Our party had been split into tasks... 

Under the Sea Fun - £9.99

These set having everything you need.  6 stencil which are very easy to use, the younger kids needed a little help cutting the shapes out of the plasticine.  the set comes with little design pensm great for extra details.

Softeez Tub of Fun Fee Play - £5.00
In the tub there are 5 colours, (the cylinder pieces on the left) and 2 stencils.
Our Twitter challenge was to make a animal. We made a blue dog.  Also as it was getting close to lunchtime, animal food, seemed a good idea to make.
Who fancies a fish supper?
If you can think of it, you can make it!

Colouring and Tea Time 

We got stuck in to our lunch and did some colouring.  I have never used the SprayZa pens before.  It took a few puffs to get them started. The kids enjoyed colouring-in so much. We had them all waiting patiently taking turns for the SprayZa pen.  The set had 5 pens, all bright pretty colours.  

The Plasticine Softeez Snake challenge 

We all got stuck into this task, we should of used all the same amount of Plasticine to make it fair, however the kids had minds of their own and went wild with making super long snakes.

This task had everyone working together even building teams to compete against the other teams.

Cupcake creations - £7.99

The cupcake task was great fun, the kids all designed their cakes first on the colouring sheets.  Then they went to work to actually create them.  Even the tricky ones with sparkles and sprinkles were make-able.  We had Swirly tops, Cherry tops, flower tops.

The sets came with a cupcake mould, fairly easy to use, smaller hands may need a little help getting the plasticine out.  Also a cupcake topper cutter is included. 
Kids and parents alike really enjoyed making the cupcakes. 

I think you'll agree, they all look so good, I mean good enough to eat! 



Party Bags
Now I party ended and I am pleased to say everyone had a great time.  My youngest told me it was the best party he had even been too.  Now thats an accomplishment!

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pass Around The World to win some Dream Prizes


Weather you are Rugby fan or not, I am sure you know some one who is, there are so many  die hard Rugby fans.  I live with 3 boys, all of whom love Sports.  My boyfriend is a huge Rugby Supporter.  When the 6 Nations is on its a must in our home.  It's a time to sit back, grab a beer, relax and cheer for our Nation!
Or as our kids like to do, grab the Rugby Ball and run around the front room, screaming chase me!  


In honour of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Allianz are celebrating their partnership with Saracens RFC, they have created an online initiative to bring us Rugby Fans together! YIPPEEE!

So what are you waiting for, put that cup of tea down, grab the kids or grand kids and have a laugh as I have the perfect challenge for you.  You can go to the Park, Moors or even the frontroom (make sure mum is out and don't break anything)  
 Everyone who enters this COMPETITION will be in the Prize draw for some cracking prizes, ranging from £150 Ticketmaster voucher to such as tickets to see them play, Signed Exclusive Saracen prizes, rugby balls and our top prize; lunch with the team after getting attending a training session!


 If you fancy getting involved, it’s easy to participate:
-­‐ Get Mobile Ready: Remember to turn your phone side ways to film
your pass.
-­‐ Film Your Pass: The ball must come in from the left and out through the
right. What you do in-between is up to you.
-­‐ Upload: Make sure your video is no more than 10 seconds long and is
under 30MBs. Upload it on our website and share it with your friends!
-­‐ WIN: all entries will be submitted into a prize draw 

(terms and conditions apply, please visit for more

Here is my clip... 

It did take us about 20 takes, 
Liam 5, passing, who couldn't throw very well before making the video
James 7, the star, he nearly took me out a few times
Tyson - dog (he can be heard panting - He kept trying to steal the ball)
However we had a loads of fun! 

It has been great fun watching all the passes, please do get involved, it does not take long to film a short clip, it is also so much fun! 

Thank you for stopping by, don't be shy, come and say hi!

Disclaimer: Please note this is a sponsored post

Monday, 3 August 2015

Cooking for REAL with Annabel Karmel - A toy all little chefs will actually really love - Review

I have been a huge fan of Annabel Karmel ever since I became pregnant with my first son.  Annabel Karmel taught me to cook baby food, I would of been lost without her. I only ever cooked fresh meals for me but weaning and cooking for my little ones, I didn't know where to start.  
Annabel Karmel's Complete First Year Planner was my Baby food bible for my sons.  My freezer used to be filled with baby purees for months.

I found out The Casdon had teamed up with Annabel Karmel creating a wide range of cooking toys that really work. I was asked if I would like to test out some of their new toys. I grabbed this opportunity with my sons and joined in the kitchen fun.

I had been sent 3 fab products from the new Casdon Annabel Karmel Baking Range;
The Ultimate Bakers Set. (Every Bakers desire.), A Mini Pizza Set & A Mini Cup cake set with utensils. 

I had two budding chefs, both eager to get cracking in the kitchen and make a mess, sorry I meant cook.  I told them they were making their own dinner tonight... PIZZA they screamed!
The Mini Pizza has a mini roller, Pizza tray and cutter, the set even comes with its own set of recipe instructions to follow.

We wasted no time, I made the dough and the boys did the rest.    

My favourite piece of the collection I received is The Ultimate Bakers Set, this a dream collection for any budding baker young or old, it is complete with 75-pieces.   

Includes: 3 x Piping Bags, Mini Tart Tin, 6 x Measuring Spoons, Mixing Bowl, 4 Cutters, Rolling Pin, Silicone Spatula, Nylon Brush, 10 x Cookie Cutters, Mini Cupcake Tray, 6 Mini Silicone cups, Decorating Pen, 2 x Mini PopCake Trays, Mini PopCake Stand, 25 x PopCake Sticks, Whisk.

Also included is this beautiful little recipe book, its filled with 8 easy to follow baking recipes.    

 James has a super sweet teeth (just the same as most little boys) he was desperate to make the Chocolate Cookies. 
The recipe was very easy to follow, my son had great fun baking the cookies.  He really likes helping in the kitchen in general.  He said the best thing about the cooking equipment is that it belongs to him, its better then a 'normal' toy because it really works.
I have a feeling we will be cooking a lot more together.

The toys are a great price too RRP:
The Ultimate Bakers Set £24.99
Pizza Set £4.99
I have not see the Mini Cupcake set yet.

I highly recommend these great kitchen tools.  Kids and parents will adore them!  We had so much fun in the kitchen, I hope you do too.

Thank you for stopping bye, don't be shy come and say Hi!

Disclaimer: I was sent the toys for an honestly review.  This is an unsponsored post