Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Table of Delights, a Fabulous show of food and kids and fun adults too!

I was very lucky when a friend couldn't make a show and asked if I would like to take her place.  The best thing about it, was I could take my sons, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I love the theatre, I love watching actors on stage, getting onto character and taking us the audience on a journey with them.

The Show:

The Table of Delights

The title conjured up an image in my mind of food, luxurious foods but then I was lost, it could mean anything.   So I did what anyone would do and I turned to Google.  I found this fandabbydozy video.

The Little Table of Delights presented by Theatre Damfino from Theatre Damfino on Vimeo.

The Table of delights brings to the table so much more, then can be imagined.  A five course dinner of a show, a story all about food, how it came to our tables, the sheers delights of its journey, across the sea, over the land. All in rhyming song, with fantastic dynamic acting and incredible singing and a one man precision band with only kitchen utensils. Making music and pots and pans, every childs dream.
The show is engaging from start to finish.  The set-up is very different from any show I have ever been too or even seen.  The focus point is the stage, a long, actually a very long table, that sits lots of little kiddy bottoms and here the story unfolds.   There is cooking, tasting and clearing up, everyone is getting involved.

The actors blew me away, so much character and excitement is this show, they love working with the kids, the subjects so very interesting, Bread, Beetroot, Spices, Cheese and Honey.  Singing 'It came from the seed'.  The children sat at the table are really the luckiest as this is a sensory tale too, they feel part of the show and all the while they are truly entertained.

Also being a parent watching from the sideline, I found the show so amusing, jolly and very funny,  I could go again.

If you have a child or children, fancy something very different, you like food or even if you don't, everyone could learn about something.   I highly recommend this show. Sadly its run it almost finished, the last show is on the Sunday, 13th December.

The prices are decent:  

ADULT ONLY TASTING CLUB (including wine): £25 at-table; £20 in audience
SCHOOLS PERFORMANCES: Tues & Wed @ 10am, 12pm
FAMILY EARLY EVENING SHOW: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun @ 6pm
ADULTS ONLY TASTING CLUB (with wine): Thurs, Fri 8pm

The show started in Bristol, two couples with children, wanted to educated their children, about good healthy foods, this is how their journey begin.  Fingers crossed they will carrying on touring, its a great show and child and adults love it. 

Disclaimer: An unsponsored post: I just wanted to share my experience with you.

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