Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Lorax a Top Act! Dr. Seuss’s Classic tale on Stage - Its fun, exciting and very brave!

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan

Are you pondering where to go?  What to do?  
It's the lead-up to Christmas and want something new? 

I have two sons with flowing minds of imagination.
I wanted them to watch something with songs and rhyming sounds not to too much interpretation. 

Lucky me I won tickets on twitter, too see The Lorax, being shown at The Old Vic. 
We headed off on the tube and got there quick!

The Old Vic is beautiful inside,
we found our seats and prepared for Dr. Seuss ingenious lyrical tale, 
this is gonna be a treat,
all spoken in rhyme, 
it is all so neat. 

The curtains went up, my sons faces full glee, 
the cast captivated them, 
it is so much better then the original storybook,
so much more, nothing was over looked.   
The stage is electric, full of pizzazz and even the strange details are there too. 
We meet the Once-ler, who wants success, he builds an empire, 
destroying the trees.

The Lorax,
 a strange creature with the biggest mousche anyone has ever seen,
The Lorax warns Once-ler things have to change, 
before all the natural wildlife is dead or deranged.

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan

If your planning a visit to London, a show you say, no to Panto but want to watched a show full of charisma and thrust, lots of get up and go, ambition and lust. 
 There a meaning here too, something to think about on the way home. 
Go with your gut, this is a review you can trust!

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan
When a 7 year old says at interval time, 
Wow mum this is the best, 
do we have to go?
I want to watch the rest!  

It has a glowing review from us, we were very impress. 
Lucky for them I brought them the book, 
so every bed I am reading The Lorax to keep our memories fresh.

Adapted by David Greig and brought to the stage by acclaimed director Max Webster. 
Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic tale, The Lorax. 

Just in case I haven't said it the best,
 watch these school children's reactions,
 so genuine and sincere, 
as children do say it best!
This is so very clear. 


 Tickets are currently available until the, Sat 16 Jan 2016!  
Disclaimer: We have a jolly good time, I wanted to sure with you.  
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