Thursday, 10 December 2015

Old Stable Store, The Country House Collection, beautiful Soya Wax Candles *Review*

I first came across the 'Old Stable Store' On twitter they have a great selection of goods, mostly home fragrances, such as melts, diffusers, soaps, candles, potpourri that type of thing.   They offer homewears too, soft cushions, throws and a few nicely crafted pieces.  This brand is very pretty, caters for all the small touches to make your home feel warm and comforting, their styles are a little Shabby Chic, Country Gentleman and a hint of Retro however, it very much incorporates Traditional English.  

Old Stable began with their passion for the idyllic lifestyle, mostly warming home fragrances and luxury homewares.  They saw a great demand for both sides of the business, the Old Stable word spread and their online attention grow, the company has now honed into the home fragrance market where they aspire to offer a range of products to meet all needs.

The Old Stable Store newest candles, are the Country House Collection and this is just the start.  This range had carefully been put together.  These are new fragrances, that compliment any home, from home to home.  I was very fortunate to be sent a couple of beautiful candles made by the Old Stable.  These are their new range, OS Country House Collection.

There are 5 candles in the complete set

The Conservatory: Orange & Earl Grey

The Parlour: Black Tea & Lemon

The Pantry: Cinnamon, Pear & Vanilla

I received 2 candles to review The Greenhouse: Tomato Left & Pink Peppercorn and The Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather candles.

They arrived in a box, neat and securely packed.  Each candle comes in a tin, the tins and glasses that hold the candles all have pretty artwork, all hand-painted, with neat descriptions of what they are.  Once the lids are popped off there beautiful scents float about. 

The Greenhouse: Tomato Left & Pink Peppercorn:
Smells amazing, the combinations of the Pink Peppercorn and the Tomato smells lovely together, the Pink Peppercorn is zingy, fresh and sharp, the Tomato is a little earthy, it sits nicely in the back ground.  The aroma reminds me of being in a meadow of spring flowers, ever thou the scent isn't floral.
The candle would make any room at home a pleasure to be in.  This candle is set in a white matt glass, the glass doesnt get too hot.   What I really like is when the enter the room the smell engulfs the air, its a delight.  Out of the two candles this is my winner, I can easily place this candle in any room of my home.  However it will remain in my frontroom as I love it.

Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather:
The soft scent of woodsmoke fills my nose, then the Pine scent kicks out every few minutes, the smells of freshness smells lovely.  I cant smell the leather scent.  The scent is very mild and just as the pine fades, another hints of pine fills the air.  This is a very nice candle, its sits in a black matt glass, its strong and masculine.  This is the type of candle I could gift to a man, dad or friend or lover.  This isn't a stuffing old man candle that makes you think of cigar smokers and whiskey drinkers. This is stylish, handsome and fine English.   

These candles have beautiful details, the wicks are flat sticks of wood, they burn well, no visible white or black smoke.  I would suggest on the first burn, burn for at least an hour, until the top of the candle is runny wax, otherwise the wick is hard to relight.

I have also been advised that since I received my samples their has been a few changes.  The lids are shiny silver lids and the candle wicks have doubled in size, making the scents smell even stronger, their flames larger.   

The RRP: £16.00, these are superb quality candles made with EcoSoya Wax, each candle can burn for upto 50 hours.  Currently there is a discount The Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather is currently on sale at £12.80. 

There will also be some changes in the near future; The Parlour and The Library  will change to new scents of ‘Honey & Apple’ and ‘Irish Cream & Leather.

Any orders of £50 or more, will be entitled to a 20% off, you will need to add a discount code at check out 'Gifttime'.  Also all order above £25 will receive free delivery.  So this is definitely worth a look.  So many great gifts for all your relatives, their candles are brilliant, I can't believe the prices they are at the moment.          

This is unsponsored post,  I received they candles to give my honest opinion.  

I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy your Christmas Shopping! Thank you for stopping by, don't be shy and come and say hi!