Thursday, 17 December 2015


It is almost a week to Christmas, everyone is feeling jolly and getting in the Christmas spirit.  It does not matter what you are doing or where you are going the spirit of Christmas is alive.

I was invited to Kidzania London (located in Westfield - London) to join them with their Christmas celebrations. I was not let down.  Last Thursday the Twizy's sped about Westfield Shopping Centre, driving back into KidZania to celebrate the launch of their Christmas Countdown.

KidZania is a city for kids, 4-14 is ideal. I can tell you, you will be blown away by what is there.  I have been there twice, there is not enough time to do everything KidZania has to offer. 

Kids are given the freedom to choose what they want to do, who they want to be and if they want to go on a spending spree or even save their money.  KidZania is their world, where they rule.  Mum and Dad is not the boss here!
There are approximately 35 experiences to be enjoyed.  Meaning there are over 60 activities to do.  An experience is either work to earn money or spend money - the currency is kidZos.  Every kid starts off with 50 kidZos.  Once they earn 75 kidZos they can open a bank account, where they will be given a Cash Card and can check their bank balances.

The experiences are real brands but in mini versions, also there is a host of emergency services. 

The aim is to give a child a tastier of a real life roles, included is a mini education for the first hand experience.  This is why I love Kidzania, its the full experience.  Watching my sons really enjoying themselves, they get to dress-up, they concentrate and take part in roleplay, they loved all the challenges.

This is KidZanias' first Christmas. KidZania looks amazing, it is lite-up with sparkly lights, a beautiful tree taking center stage in the main square.  If you listen out for the musical Christmas music you can see the Festive Elves and Snowflakes dancing on the streets of KidZania.
We also took part in the Christmas Treasure Hunt.  The boys had to follow the clues, they even got to go in the Clock Tower, play instruments and sing Christmas Carols to everyone.  I felt very proud of them, they are are usual shy.  Once they collected all the clues, they wrote notes for Santa and left them on the Chritsmas Tree.  KidZania has promised 1 out of every 4 children will get their Chritsmas wish. 

So whatever you are doing this Christmas or even in the school holidays, fancy something new, exciting, special and fun, pop-in to KidZania London.  You get 4 hours of fun.  As a parent I suggest, wear flat shoes, bring something to keep you entertained, bring water, there are water fountains.

There is the KidZania Diner and Gourmet Burger to eat, all reasonable priced, there are a few places to grab snacks and drinks.  You have no choice, you will have to queue, I suggest arrive early, as it is not as busy meaning less waiting and more time to activities.  Everyone wears a security tag, this monitors how much money has been earned and spent, also the tag works as a tracker, parents can tell which experience their child/ren are taking part in.  Each experience is clearly signed, advising how many children can go at a time, how long the experience will be, how much they can earn or spend depending on the activity they do.  Most of the are about 20 minutes however they can go on longer.

There are photographers present, they will take photos of the kids all dressed-up, they tap the wristband tags.  These photos can be viewed and purchased at the end of your day at Picture Air, The Photography Shop.  I was offered 5 prints for £50.  I purchased one at £12.00 


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Prices and opening times: KidZania Informantion!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Do not be shy, come and Say HI!

 I have also been informed from now until next March 2016 KidZania will be running a great new scheme.  They are offering every school in the UK one free visit.
Please find the information here: Book early to avoid disappointment.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post. I was given a family pass to experience Chritsmas at KidZania first hand.