Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Lorax a Top Act! Dr. Seuss’s Classic tale on Stage - Its fun, exciting and very brave!

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan

Are you pondering where to go?  What to do?  
It's the lead-up to Christmas and want something new? 

I have two sons with flowing minds of imagination.
I wanted them to watch something with songs and rhyming sounds not to too much interpretation. 

Lucky me I won tickets on twitter, too see The Lorax, being shown at The Old Vic. 
We headed off on the tube and got there quick!

The Old Vic is beautiful inside,
we found our seats and prepared for Dr. Seuss ingenious lyrical tale, 
this is gonna be a treat,
all spoken in rhyme, 
it is all so neat. 

The curtains went up, my sons faces full glee, 
the cast captivated them, 
it is so much better then the original storybook,
so much more, nothing was over looked.   
The stage is electric, full of pizzazz and even the strange details are there too. 
We meet the Once-ler, who wants success, he builds an empire, 
destroying the trees.

The Lorax,
 a strange creature with the biggest mousche anyone has ever seen,
The Lorax warns Once-ler things have to change, 
before all the natural wildlife is dead or deranged.

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan

If your planning a visit to London, a show you say, no to Panto but want to watched a show full of charisma and thrust, lots of get up and go, ambition and lust. 
 There a meaning here too, something to think about on the way home. 
Go with your gut, this is a review you can trust!

The Lorax
Photos credited to Manuel Harlan
When a 7 year old says at interval time, 
Wow mum this is the best, 
do we have to go?
I want to watch the rest!  

It has a glowing review from us, we were very impress. 
Lucky for them I brought them the book, 
so every bed I am reading The Lorax to keep our memories fresh.

Adapted by David Greig and brought to the stage by acclaimed director Max Webster. 
Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s classic tale, The Lorax. 

Just in case I haven't said it the best,
 watch these school children's reactions,
 so genuine and sincere, 
as children do say it best!
This is so very clear. 


 Tickets are currently available until the, Sat 16 Jan 2016!  
Disclaimer: We have a jolly good time, I wanted to sure with you.  
Thank you for stopping by, come and say hi! 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Race Superchargers at Westfield Stratford, Also #Christmas Giveaway: win a DARK EDITION Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack for the PS4


I have excellent news my speedy friends, The SuperChargers team are coming to Westfield Stratford.   It is happening this weekend.  There will be interactive gaming stations set-up! Look at the details, it looks like a giant Portal!  IT'SAWESOME!!!!


You... The fans get to race your favourite Skylanders Superchargers character.  Bring your parents, your mates and beat them if you dare.  Also there will be chances of winning some great competition prizes too.

Friday 18th December: - 10am - 11pm
Saturday 19th December: - 9am - 11pm
Sunday 20th December: - 12noon - 6pm 


Not only is SKYLANDERS bringing us this awesome EVENT!   They have asked me to give you an opportunity to win their latest game!!! I have a PS4 SUPERCHARGERS STARTER PACK TO GIVEAWAY to one lucky reader!!!
So what are you waiting for? Good Luck 

a Rafflecopter giveaway    

Please follow the T&Cs:
Leave a comment on my blog, follow my blog via GFC, subscribe to my blog via email, follow me on Twitter @LondonBirdLucy, and like my facebook fanpage; Its a London Bird Thing, Follow me on Instagram
Follow @SkylandersGames on twitter
Make sure to tweet #RaceSuperChargers giveaway. 
Ends 4 January 2016
Open to UK residence only

Only open 13+ (If you are younger please ask a parent to enter)
 - Winner contacted soon after and details made public on my social media sites. 

Good Luck Everyone! I do hope all of my London Fans get to come to the SuperChargers event this weekend.  If anyone went to the Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham events, how was it? Do any of you win?

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It is almost a week to Christmas, everyone is feeling jolly and getting in the Christmas spirit.  It does not matter what you are doing or where you are going the spirit of Christmas is alive.

I was invited to Kidzania London (located in Westfield - London) to join them with their Christmas celebrations. I was not let down.  Last Thursday the Twizy's sped about Westfield Shopping Centre, driving back into KidZania to celebrate the launch of their Christmas Countdown.

KidZania is a city for kids, 4-14 is ideal. I can tell you, you will be blown away by what is there.  I have been there twice, there is not enough time to do everything KidZania has to offer. 

Kids are given the freedom to choose what they want to do, who they want to be and if they want to go on a spending spree or even save their money.  KidZania is their world, where they rule.  Mum and Dad is not the boss here!
There are approximately 35 experiences to be enjoyed.  Meaning there are over 60 activities to do.  An experience is either work to earn money or spend money - the currency is kidZos.  Every kid starts off with 50 kidZos.  Once they earn 75 kidZos they can open a bank account, where they will be given a Cash Card and can check their bank balances.

The experiences are real brands but in mini versions, also there is a host of emergency services. 

The aim is to give a child a tastier of a real life roles, included is a mini education for the first hand experience.  This is why I love Kidzania, its the full experience.  Watching my sons really enjoying themselves, they get to dress-up, they concentrate and take part in roleplay, they loved all the challenges.

This is KidZanias' first Christmas. KidZania looks amazing, it is lite-up with sparkly lights, a beautiful tree taking center stage in the main square.  If you listen out for the musical Christmas music you can see the Festive Elves and Snowflakes dancing on the streets of KidZania.
We also took part in the Christmas Treasure Hunt.  The boys had to follow the clues, they even got to go in the Clock Tower, play instruments and sing Christmas Carols to everyone.  I felt very proud of them, they are are usual shy.  Once they collected all the clues, they wrote notes for Santa and left them on the Chritsmas Tree.  KidZania has promised 1 out of every 4 children will get their Chritsmas wish. 

So whatever you are doing this Christmas or even in the school holidays, fancy something new, exciting, special and fun, pop-in to KidZania London.  You get 4 hours of fun.  As a parent I suggest, wear flat shoes, bring something to keep you entertained, bring water, there are water fountains.

There is the KidZania Diner and Gourmet Burger to eat, all reasonable priced, there are a few places to grab snacks and drinks.  You have no choice, you will have to queue, I suggest arrive early, as it is not as busy meaning less waiting and more time to activities.  Everyone wears a security tag, this monitors how much money has been earned and spent, also the tag works as a tracker, parents can tell which experience their child/ren are taking part in.  Each experience is clearly signed, advising how many children can go at a time, how long the experience will be, how much they can earn or spend depending on the activity they do.  Most of the are about 20 minutes however they can go on longer.

There are photographers present, they will take photos of the kids all dressed-up, they tap the wristband tags.  These photos can be viewed and purchased at the end of your day at Picture Air, The Photography Shop.  I was offered 5 prints for £50.  I purchased one at £12.00 


Read about our visit to the KidZania Pokemon studio
 >>Pokemon Animation Studio The Grand Opening <<

Prices and opening times: KidZania Informantion!

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Do not be shy, come and Say HI!

 I have also been informed from now until next March 2016 KidZania will be running a great new scheme.  They are offering every school in the UK one free visit.
Please find the information here: Book early to avoid disappointment.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post. I was given a family pass to experience Chritsmas at KidZania first hand.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

My DOG safety tips at CHRISTMAS, In partnership with PETPLAN

The season to be jolly is here, most people have plans of sorts, maybe you are going away, expecting visitors, family and friends.  There is so much to do.

On occasion our pets can be over looked.  We forget it's their home too.  Our pets do have their routines and if every day situations change, their behaviour can change too.  Being naughty, ripping things apart, digging the garden up, hiding away, not eating, being grumpy.  Could be some of the key signs to look out for.        

Tyson means the world to me, I do try to be a responsible owner.  Here are my top tips for looking after your dog during the Chritsmas Season:
  •  Don't put chocolate decorations on the Christmas tree
  •  Keep presents out of reach
  •  Ask relatives/friends if any food has been wrapped 
  •  Don't over feed you dog leftovers
  •  Be cautious of cakey treats, such as mince pies, these contain raisins (also grapes are toxic) poisonous to dogs.  It would be advisable to stick too yummy dog treats 

  • Make sure harmful foods are kept high out of reach
  • Poultry carcasses (cooked only) are dangerous to be fed to dogs, they can splinter and puncture their insides. Stick to RAW bones.  
  • Booze any kind is dangerous, make sure guests are aware to watch their drink is not being drunk by your dog.
  • Buy your dog his own presents to open
  • Ensure your dog has their own comfortable quiet place
  • Take them for regular exercise
  • As its starts to get colder, especially for the short haired dog, ensure they are warm on their walkies
  • Visitors with small children, make sure they don't play rough with your dog.  Especially older dogs.  Accidents can happen. 
  • Add your local vets number to your contact list, if you haven't already 

This is not a bible guide, a few helpful pointers. 

I am sure all my readers are responsible and do have Pet Insurance.  If you have been lucky enough to get a puppy for Chritsmas, one of the first steps should be to purchase a pet insurance.
Petplan Dog Insurance:
Petplan can offer some fantastic packages.
Whatever you do, don’t leave your dog without the cover they deserve.  Petplan are currently offering anyone who takes out their policy online will receive a 10% discount today!

In case you are unsure of what to do if there is a problem, call your vet for advice (This is why suggest add a number to your contact list for emergencies).  Then call your insurer for further help if you need to admitted your pet.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I do hope I have been able to keep you prepared for your pooch this Christmas, maybe you have learned something new. 

If you have any tips, please share them. Me and Tyson want to be safe this Chritsmas too.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, brought to you by Petplan, these are my own words! We want you to have a safe and happy Christmas. (Please note the offer was available on the 15th December 2015 - changing can happen)

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Table of Delights, a Fabulous show of food and kids and fun adults too!

I was very lucky when a friend couldn't make a show and asked if I would like to take her place.  The best thing about it, was I could take my sons, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I love the theatre, I love watching actors on stage, getting onto character and taking us the audience on a journey with them.

The Show:

The Table of Delights

The title conjured up an image in my mind of food, luxurious foods but then I was lost, it could mean anything.   So I did what anyone would do and I turned to Google.  I found this fandabbydozy video.

The Little Table of Delights presented by Theatre Damfino from Theatre Damfino on Vimeo.

The Table of delights brings to the table so much more, then can be imagined.  A five course dinner of a show, a story all about food, how it came to our tables, the sheers delights of its journey, across the sea, over the land. All in rhyming song, with fantastic dynamic acting and incredible singing and a one man precision band with only kitchen utensils. Making music and pots and pans, every childs dream.
The show is engaging from start to finish.  The set-up is very different from any show I have ever been too or even seen.  The focus point is the stage, a long, actually a very long table, that sits lots of little kiddy bottoms and here the story unfolds.   There is cooking, tasting and clearing up, everyone is getting involved.

The actors blew me away, so much character and excitement is this show, they love working with the kids, the subjects so very interesting, Bread, Beetroot, Spices, Cheese and Honey.  Singing 'It came from the seed'.  The children sat at the table are really the luckiest as this is a sensory tale too, they feel part of the show and all the while they are truly entertained.

Also being a parent watching from the sideline, I found the show so amusing, jolly and very funny,  I could go again.

If you have a child or children, fancy something very different, you like food or even if you don't, everyone could learn about something.   I highly recommend this show. Sadly its run it almost finished, the last show is on the Sunday, 13th December.

The prices are decent:  

ADULT ONLY TASTING CLUB (including wine): £25 at-table; £20 in audience
SCHOOLS PERFORMANCES: Tues & Wed @ 10am, 12pm
FAMILY EARLY EVENING SHOW: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun @ 6pm
ADULTS ONLY TASTING CLUB (with wine): Thurs, Fri 8pm

The show started in Bristol, two couples with children, wanted to educated their children, about good healthy foods, this is how their journey begin.  Fingers crossed they will carrying on touring, its a great show and child and adults love it. 

Disclaimer: An unsponsored post: I just wanted to share my experience with you.

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Old Stable Store, The Country House Collection, beautiful Soya Wax Candles *Review*

I first came across the 'Old Stable Store' On twitter they have a great selection of goods, mostly home fragrances, such as melts, diffusers, soaps, candles, potpourri that type of thing.   They offer homewears too, soft cushions, throws and a few nicely crafted pieces.  This brand is very pretty, caters for all the small touches to make your home feel warm and comforting, their styles are a little Shabby Chic, Country Gentleman and a hint of Retro however, it very much incorporates Traditional English.  

Old Stable began with their passion for the idyllic lifestyle, mostly warming home fragrances and luxury homewares.  They saw a great demand for both sides of the business, the Old Stable word spread and their online attention grow, the company has now honed into the home fragrance market where they aspire to offer a range of products to meet all needs.

The Old Stable Store newest candles, are the Country House Collection and this is just the start.  This range had carefully been put together.  These are new fragrances, that compliment any home, from home to home.  I was very fortunate to be sent a couple of beautiful candles made by the Old Stable.  These are their new range, OS Country House Collection.

There are 5 candles in the complete set

The Conservatory: Orange & Earl Grey

The Parlour: Black Tea & Lemon

The Pantry: Cinnamon, Pear & Vanilla

I received 2 candles to review The Greenhouse: Tomato Left & Pink Peppercorn and The Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather candles.

They arrived in a box, neat and securely packed.  Each candle comes in a tin, the tins and glasses that hold the candles all have pretty artwork, all hand-painted, with neat descriptions of what they are.  Once the lids are popped off there beautiful scents float about. 

The Greenhouse: Tomato Left & Pink Peppercorn:
Smells amazing, the combinations of the Pink Peppercorn and the Tomato smells lovely together, the Pink Peppercorn is zingy, fresh and sharp, the Tomato is a little earthy, it sits nicely in the back ground.  The aroma reminds me of being in a meadow of spring flowers, ever thou the scent isn't floral.
The candle would make any room at home a pleasure to be in.  This candle is set in a white matt glass, the glass doesnt get too hot.   What I really like is when the enter the room the smell engulfs the air, its a delight.  Out of the two candles this is my winner, I can easily place this candle in any room of my home.  However it will remain in my frontroom as I love it.

Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather:
The soft scent of woodsmoke fills my nose, then the Pine scent kicks out every few minutes, the smells of freshness smells lovely.  I cant smell the leather scent.  The scent is very mild and just as the pine fades, another hints of pine fills the air.  This is a very nice candle, its sits in a black matt glass, its strong and masculine.  This is the type of candle I could gift to a man, dad or friend or lover.  This isn't a stuffing old man candle that makes you think of cigar smokers and whiskey drinkers. This is stylish, handsome and fine English.   

These candles have beautiful details, the wicks are flat sticks of wood, they burn well, no visible white or black smoke.  I would suggest on the first burn, burn for at least an hour, until the top of the candle is runny wax, otherwise the wick is hard to relight.

I have also been advised that since I received my samples their has been a few changes.  The lids are shiny silver lids and the candle wicks have doubled in size, making the scents smell even stronger, their flames larger.   

The RRP: £16.00, these are superb quality candles made with EcoSoya Wax, each candle can burn for upto 50 hours.  Currently there is a discount The Library: Woodsmoke, Pine & Leather is currently on sale at £12.80. 

There will also be some changes in the near future; The Parlour and The Library  will change to new scents of ‘Honey & Apple’ and ‘Irish Cream & Leather.

Any orders of £50 or more, will be entitled to a 20% off, you will need to add a discount code at check out 'Gifttime'.  Also all order above £25 will receive free delivery.  So this is definitely worth a look.  So many great gifts for all your relatives, their candles are brilliant, I can't believe the prices they are at the moment.          

This is unsponsored post,  I received they candles to give my honest opinion.  

I hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy your Christmas Shopping! Thank you for stopping by, don't be shy and come and say hi!