Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Whats to watch this Autumn? 2015 great TV! #Panasonic Viera, 4K TV

With the nights already darker, there is nothing better then catching up with some great TV.  We have some cracking TV shows to look forward too this Autumn.

That is what everyone is doing watching great shows on decent televisions.  One of my favourite Televisions is the Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV.
With it 4x's the resolution of High Definition it really is a breath taking experience, another television with superior picture quality.  If you fancy spoiling yourself the 4K ultimately creates a better picture experience, more than the cinema by having a greater resolution.  Great for watching television shows from the comfort of your own home.


After 14 years Telebubbies have made a come back, I was lucky enough to attend The World Premiere.  The new series still carries meaningful messages for its young audience, however it has been modernised keeping up with our technological times.   The new series only started on Monday, 9th November - there are 60 new episodes to keep our little ones entertained.

Telebubbies aired on Cbeebies Monday to Friday at 7.25am - Otherwise you could always catch them up on BBC iPlayer -   EH-OH!

One of my favourite shows every year: I am a Celebrity is back this Sunday night for its yearly dose of critter munching, semen drinking, Celebrity screaming, bitching and a little bit of back stabbing, bikini clad watching.  Yep! I can wait... Who is going to break first!

Every year is a massive guessing game who has gone in.  Well this year its looks like ITV are giving us all the gossip:

Yvette Fielding
Tony Hadley
Susannah Constantine
Kieron Dyer
Jorgie Porter
George Shelley
Duncan Bannatyne
Lady Colin Campbell
Brian Friedman
Spencer Matthews
Ferne McCann
Vicky Pattison
Chris Eubank

Its a nice mishmash of celebs, a good range of reality show celebs.  I can not see Duncan Bannatyne or Tony Hadley enjoying this too much, maybe trying to out do each other.  I would like to see Tony Crowned King, he is definitely worth his weight in GOLD!
Of course the Nations favourite two Geordie hosts Ant and Dec! Whoop whoop.  I wounder if they are rooting for Vicky?  Our Autumn weekends just would not be the same without them on ITV.  I am already wondering who will be screamish and get picked off first? What will our Celebrity Jungle camp mates be chomping on, Kangaroo Anus, washing it down with fishy milkshakes. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill!

I am a Celebrity... Get me out of here is back this Sunday November 15 at 9pm.  Then aired nightly on ITV 9pm.

Peepshow has been off our screens for 3 years but, its BACK!! Series 9
Jez and Mark our 2 original mates, are still strange and funny and getting themselves into some sticky situations, however our chums are getting older, I wonder what they have in store for us this year.  Channel 4 got it right when they aired this pair, everyone pretty much can to relate to these two in one way or another.
Well there are some new changes, all the cast are still here however dope smoking Hans has turned into into some detoxing, getting his shit together, new man! Definitely can not be missed.  I love this British Cult TV show!

 This final series of Peepshow, Tonight, Wednesday 11th November at 10pm on Channel 4

The Apprentice 2015 (Series 11)
Lord Sugar is again looking for another Business Partner.  After years of watching this show, I am always happy to see what the next challenge is and how the candidates usually screw-up on the simple tasks.  It's always a roller coaster of a show.  Now Lord Sugar has a new heavy weight in his boardroom, Claude Littner.  I always felt sorry for the candidates at the interview stage, Claude packs in some blows and rips them to shreds.  Now he is there watching with his hawk eyes and reporting them back to the boardroom. Scary!

The Apprentice started on Wednesday, 15th October.  We have already had a few... YOU'RE FIRED!!! It's on tonight at 9pm BBC1 and every Wednesday thereafter.      

Marvel Jessica Jones 
Jessica Campbell Jones Cage is a fictional superhero appearing in American Marvel comic books.  Jessica owns Alias Investigations, she's a private investigator, this isn't an ordinary person, she has super human strength or supernatural abilities.  However there is an evil, another more sinister with mind control, that's a lethal weapon, more so when it's in the wrong hands.  He is known as Purple Man, Purple Man has one think on his mind... Jessica Jones!  Purple Man played by our very own David Tennant.  The trailer looks great, I like Marvel, this is dark and twisted and fill of action! I will be sure to tune in.

All episodes of Jessica Jones will be available on 20th November 12 am on NETFLIX

I hope you get to watch some great TV this Autumn! Don't be shy, come and Say Hi! What are you watching?

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