Monday, 9 November 2015

Pokémon Animation Studio, The Grand Opening in KidZania London

I took Liam to the Grand Opening of the Pokémon Animation Studio at The New KidZania London.  If you haven't heard of Pokémon then you must of been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years.  Pokémon are small fictional creatures, people train them, once they are trained they can evolve into a superior version of themselves.  They need to be trained to evolve as when they met another Pokémon, they fight with them.   I remember first watching the cartoons with my little nephew back in late 90s.  These days the Pokémon legacy has boomed all over the World.   There are video games, trading card games, animated television shows and movies, comic books and of course the Pokémon Toys.  We have the trading cards and toys at home, my older sons likes to watch the cartoons too. 

I was thrilled to be invited to KidZania London.  My sons adore Pikachu, I have to say he is best Pokémon of them all.  

KidZania London only opened its doors to the public in June earlier this year KidsZania the Experience.

For my readers who have not yet heard the joys about KidZania:  KidZania is a full working, operational City for children (everything mini, perfect for little hands and big inquisitive brains). The children start of with 50 kidzos, which is the KidZania currency.  A child can either spend their Kidzos on experiences or they can get jobs, there are so many different industries they can work in, a hotel, be a policeman, work at the Capital Radio station, hairdressers and much more,  34+ establishments in total. 

The city is all branded, giving it a more of an authentic look and feel to it.  I have to say it did not feel artificial to me.  I was totally impressed by the entire experience. 

The Pokémon Animation Studio is the newest feature at KidZania London.  We celebrated the opening with Pokémons' Anthony Cornish the Head of Marketing, from their London Office.  He greeted us all and spoke fondly of Pokémon.  Before little Mia a competition winner, gladly cut the ribbon to their KidZanias' latest addition to their portfolio of establishments. 

The studio has a 8 open booths, the children sit in twos.  Firstly, they watch a scene with Ash and Pikachu. The staff explain to the children their job as animators is to use the animation kit to complete the scene.  Liam worked with an older girl, Maya.  Liam being only 5, he didn't really understand what had to be done.  However he did found the scene, little characters great fun, he wanted to play with them.  After a little more explaining Liam was more comfortable.  He and Maya took lots of frame by frame shots, they made a really fun animation together.   At the end of the 20 minute session they get to watch their animations back.  Then these animations are played on the outside door, for everyone to view.

(All of the Establishments are parent free, parents do not usually go into them - so it was very nice to view what happens inside one of them)  

As I said in KidZania there are experiences and jobs, the Animations Studio is a one the jobs.  The kids earned 8 kidszos for being an Animator.  Liam made me laugh, he said mummy I want to go and spend this money.   Then took me to the KidZania Diner were I spent my real money.

I personal really liked the animation studio, the equipment is of great quality, very easy for the children to use.  Also for any child that hasn't used an animation kit before, this would be a great taster to experience.  I imagine any budding animators would love this opportunity.  Great inspiration tool too, to learn and do something new and interesting, really lets their imaginations run free.

I believe the point of KidZania is to let the children rule, let them be in charge of their own experiences.  Maybe from what they have experienced here, this could lead them into the direction of a career in the future.  

KidZania, is aimed from 4-14, some of the establishments have age, height and allergy restrictions.  I took Liam, ever thou he is 5 (he is very tall for his age) he had an amazing time, I got that.  Being a parent watching him getting involved, showing his Independence, being assertive, he told me what he wanted to do, where he wanted to go.  My really loved being the boss for the day.   

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