Friday, 27 November 2015

HOPSTER as featured on Samsung Smart TV , Hopster TV the Review

Having a SMART TV IS AWESOME.  I can finally view my apps (applications) that I previously used on my iPad and mobile phone direct on my Television.

Perfect for watching all my favourite shows, on a large crystal clear screen, great for family viewing too.  Even my kids get to catch their TV shows.

Now I am getting used to my Smart TV, negativing is very easy.  I press the Samsung Smart Hub button, a menu appears. Click right to go to 'Featured' then clicked 'Featured again'

Here, I have control of my Smart Television and extra channels and apps.  Also all the Smart TV menus are located here.  My Apps, Whats New, Most Popular, Video, Game, Sports, Lifestyle, Information, Education, Kids.

I tend to use My Apps; This show all the Apps I have been recently views; Hopster (Samsung's decided kids channel) is here too:

For first time users, it's best you subscribe to Hopster on either a computer, laptop or iPhone, then locate Hopster as an App on your Television, go to Kids section.  (Thereafter Hopster will appear in My Apps.)
To be able to watch Hopster through your television, your Hopster account needs to be paired with your television. Once you have located Hopster on the TV, on the top right, to go Grown-ups section,  there you'll be given a code which needs to be entered onto your account. Then they are paired.

Thereafter Hopster is your accessible as you are a full subscribed member!
Also if you are new to Hopster, there is a 7 day free trial on offer, I recommend free viewing first, you and the little ones will love Hopster.

Once logged on, at the bottom of the home screen are leafs, each leaf has a recognisable cartoon character, this will take you to that characters television show.

There are plenty of shows to choose from:
Currently being shown:
Siper Why
Ben & Holly
Nursery Rhymes TV
Max and Ruby
Learn to draw Minis
Wanda and the Alien
Rupert the Bear
Monster Math Squad
Postman Pat
Seven little Mosnters
64 Zoo Lane
I'm a Animal
Maggie and the Ferocious
Thomas and Friends
Tobys Travelling Circus
Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Bob the Builders
Casper Babypants
Fifi and the Flowertots
Hilltop Hospital
I'm Creepy Crawly
Tinga Tinga tales
Tractor Tom
Angelina Ballerina
The Blackyardigans
Hopsters' wide variety of programs are suitable for children between the ages 2-6.  the service is easy to use, negation and view any of the shows, even for little fingers. 
There are many different ways to watch television, there are many providers, some companies offers a huge selection children channels for all ages, solely dedicated to children but if you do not register/subscribe you are not going to be able to watch theses shows, also most are unsuitable for a younger audience, a lot of channels are aimed at older children, 7+ then teenagers, a whole manner of strange cartoons. 

Hopster is child friendly, its programs our for the younger generation, so little eyes and ears see no evil or hear no evil, there's no violence, no oddities.  Its very safe to use, even if your children are out of sight, you can be safe in the knowledge that only children's TV can be watched, unlike YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and any other Internet provided.

Currently Hospter is offering a 7 day trial, thereafter the subscription is £3.99 per month.  There is no contract, you can cancel whenever you like.   

So what are you wanting for? Treat yourself and the kids!

I am Samsung Kids Club Ambassador, if you have any questions regarding Samsung Kids Services, please free feel to contact me.