Monday, 30 November 2015

Do you want a message for the big man himself, Santa? PNP; Portable North Pole messages, options and review #PortableNorthPole

Just in case you have not notice but it is only 24 days until Christmas.  I have only just started my Christmas shopping however the kids are sorted.  I only have a few more presents to buy now.   This week our Christmas decorations are going up and for once I am feeling very festive and really organised.  Honestly most years my shopping is rushed, last minute and I'm wrapping the present up on Christmas Eve.

Talking of making Chritsmas exciting, I have also arranged for my sons to get some lovely messages from Santa.  That is right Santa himself can contact your little cherubs and wish them a fabulous day. Either over the phone or a video message.  This entertainment does not their, Santa can send messages to adults too.

The company is known as PNP; Portable North Pole.  I have used their services in the past both call and video.  However the site has had a revamp and PNP is now offering some great new packages too.
As part of their premium service, which is a paid service here is a list of video messages they can offer:  PNP Premium Videos listed

Once logged in, its easy to navigate:

Choose which package you'd like to use... Create a telephone call or a video message.

One call from Santa £2.99
Unlimited Calls - 19 call scenarios available £5.99

There are options for a call from Santa on Christmas Eve, Congratulations calls and other options too.

One of my favourite telephones is a 'Behavior to improve' one >>

Its a lovely message from Santa saying there is still time to be good, listen to mom. 
My sons eyes almost popped out of his head.  I have say there has been a few occasions I have told my sons, if you don't listen I am going to tell Santa.  This fitted in so perfectly.

*There isn't an option to have the call at a particular time so no scheduling.  First you can set-up the call, save this option.  Then at anytime log on and go to call.  That is when you add the contact details. The call takes place right then.  There will be 3 attempts to connects.      

The call phones are brilliant, all personal, Santa is very engaging too because, young children do get excited to have personal telephone calls and one from Santa is tops!

Its easy to arrange, add your all your child's details, choosing the correct pronunciation, save the details to set-up if need be.    

One free pleasant option is available £0.00
Unlimited Videos, 7 storylines available, with access your archived videos from last year £7.99

UNLIMITED CALLS & UNLIMITED VIDEOS - The videos are even available as unlimited HD downloads.  This is the GOLD PASS £9.99 

 PNP donates 5% of all online sales to 40 children’s hospitals across the world – 4 based in the UK

As you can see from the videos listed, it is not just Christmas messages they offer, they can be a birthday messages and other types too.
Liams birthday is on 2 weeks, I made this video message for him.

Its ever so simple to use, you type the recipients name, there is a speaker symbol, click it to get the correct pronunciation.  Click through the options and add photos.  I highly recommend, save some of your favourite photos in one file/place for easy access.  Also with the Christmas videos you may want to save photos of actual gift ideas.  The photos should be large files too, meaning fairly high quality shots and original photos too.  

So what are you waiting for, get involved and have some fun.  As I said this can be aimed at Adults too...  Your 'Naughty' partner that does not help with the washing-up, they deserve a message from Santa too. HO HO HO!

Or send a message to your Great Aunty Catherine who lives in Australia, their are so many fun options and they are not restricted to only the UK.

Best of all you can down load the PNP app and access all these options straight away, 
wherever you are. 

The app has an extra too, it gives you access to the kids corner.  Here kids can watch Santa messages and play games.  A pass code is needed to access the rest of the app, so the Magic of Santa is not spoiled. 

If this hasn't wetted your appetite enough, there is going to be a Christmas Twitter Frenzy on Thursday, 3rd December from 1.30 p.m.  There will be surprise prizes, too so tune in with  UKMumstv on Twitter, you'll need to use


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I really hope you get to use this great Christmas message tool, it's fantastic fun for all the family.


Disclaimer:  This is unsponsored post, however I have been given access to all the features for reviewing propose.