Sunday, 18 October 2015

Trutex the Experts in School Uniforms, the review

The end of British Summer time is almost upon us.  The nights will grow longer and the days are already getting colder. 

Summer feels it is well and truly over.  During the coming school holidays, I will be packing away my sons school uniform, their shorts and polo tops, it is time for winter school wear.   

It is important to wrap up warm, feeling cold is very distracting.  My sons are very active, especially during break times they play football, play chasing games, I am guessing roll around the school playground as they come home on occasion covered in muck and mud.  Their clothes have to be durable, flexible, breathable and comfortable, most of all for me that means superior quality at affordable prices, I also want them to wash well.  I am sure you are just like me and continually washing uniforms.

I had been sent a school uniform from Trutex to review.  

Top:  Short Sleeve Non Iron Polycotton Shirts - Twin Pack (TPH) - WHITE
They are 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
The look extremely smart.  The shirts tuck in well, into the trousers.  These are the non iron shirts.  My son often gets a little sweating and said the shirt is very cooling and does not keep him hot.
After washing them a few times they are not as bright as when we first received them.  However they do wash well, no stains and true, once washed just hang to dry, the dry crease free.        

Trousers: Junior Boys Slim Fit Trouser (SLT) - GREY
They are 65% Polyester 35% Viscose
Prefect fit around his waist, the waist is elasticated.  The trousers also have a nice big loops if you want to wear a belt, to belt up the trousers.
They are the slim fit trousers, the are slightly baggy however the length is prefect for his age.
He has worn these lot during the first term back at school, I really like them, they keep their shape, they are thick trouser, very durable, with a nice feel to the texture not rough but very firm. Super easy to iron, I iron the creases in back and front, no problem to follow the last ironed creased. A very good quality school trouser.   

Sweater: V-Neck Sweatshirt (CJV) - WINE
The are  65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Lovely thick quality sweaters, the inside fluff will transfer to the tops/shirts for the first few wears.  The sweaters remains soft, keeps their shape and size, it does not shrink and the bright colour remains bold.

If you are looking for school uniforms, that look smart, wear well, keep their quality, I would recommend Trutex.  They offer a huge array uniforms, for boys and girls alike, from different styles, cuts and all the colours you could ever want.   They work direct with some schools, or you can buy as an individual pieces from one of their retailers.

Look for your nearest stockist of Trutex here: School uniform

So whatever you are doing these holidays, make sure you have the right uniform and have a look at Trutex the experts in school uniforms, they would like to help you. 

Prices may vary, depending who you purchase from, however these are very affordable prices and prices are inline with most high street retailers.

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Please note this is not a sponsored post, I was sent a samples to review.