Wednesday, 28 October 2015

#TheBestZooPartyEver Hey Duggee 2nd Birthday Bash at Battersea Park Zoo Oct 2015

I won a fantastic money cant buy experience for me and my family.  An afternoon at Battersea Park Zoo to celebrate HEY DUGGEE 2nd Birthday.  We have been to Battersea Park Zoo a few times, hands down this time was the best experience yet!

My younger sister kindly collected our niece, so it was me, my sister, my sons and niece. We were met by the lovely staff at Battersea Zoo and a couple of ladies from Penguin Books, the actual organisers of our day.

The staff explained not to be too loud, not to bang the windows and keep fingers well away from the animals.   They got the kids to interact with them straight off the bat.

The children all of them so eager to see the animals, they all listened to the interesting facts being explained.  They following instructions and everyone had beaming big smiles.  

I even learnt a few facts today - The Ring Tailed Lemurs:
We all know King Julian is the King in Madagascar, however we were told in real life, its actually the females who rule the roost.  The Queen will eat first, then the other females, the males eat last.  When my sons heard their little faces dropped.  (Boys are not the best, sorry boys)  I laughed my socks off!The highlight for the everyone was meeting the Meerkats, the children helped mix the Meerkats food and we watched their keeper feed them.  The Meerkats went bananas at feeding times.  They may look soft and cuddly but they have long sharp claws and bitie jaws, I would make sure to stay well away from them.   

We saw Snakes, the Breaded Dragons, Giants snails, Chipmunks, Otters, Donkeys, Pony's and Pigs to name a few animals, the little Zoo in London is packed with animals all very much loved.  All the animals are kept in big cages and cared for so well.  The staff are all very much hands on and help each other.  We came at the right time of day, there was a lot of feeding taking place, most of the animals made an appearance.  My kids where having the time of their life's today.   

The children made badges, had a little patting session with Archie the little male bunny (He is so adorable)  Then children were treated to a feast, lots of snacks and refreshments, including a fantastic birthday cake, which looked like the Hey Duggee new book, it was brilliant and very tasty too! 

So thank you so much for having us, we had a wonderful afternoon.  It has been a great privilege to be part of Duggee's 2nd birthday celebration.  We all had fun, including me mum!

Duggee is an adorable dog, he looks after all the little squirrels at his club, they usually get up to fun advantages.  If by a miracle you have not seen him before, go to Cbeebies, 7.40am Monday to Friday. The show is aimed at preschooler, I am sure your little ones will enjoy.

Don'y be shy, come and say HI!
I want to know who is you favourite character, Liam adore Roly!