Thursday, 22 October 2015

Samsung Kids Club Ambassador, The Samsung UE40JU6400 LED 4K An UHD (Ultra High Definition) Smart TV Review

 A few months ago I was contacted and asked if I would like to be a Samsung Kids Club Ambassador.  It is one of those occasions in my life I felt like screaming around my living room like a nutcase!  I have no idea how many times I read and reread my email.  All I can say is it made my week, month actually my year.   I have to say I feel fantastic, this is a really big achievement for me.  

So without a second thought I said YES! I am delighted, feeling honoured, very proud to be chosen.

Samsung is huge... actually they are MEGA.  I am officially connected to a technological giant! I salute you Samsung and thank you.

My job as Ambassador is to keep you up to date with Samsung Kids Club, who, what, when, where and how?  If you have any questions, don'tb be shy, ask away.

As a perk I have been sent one of their awesome televisions sets, the UE40JU6400 LED 4K An UHD 
(Ultra High Definition) Smart TV, 40" with Freeview HD and Built-In Wi-Fi.

This Smart Television is very easy to set-up, the screen is thin and the television is not heavy for me to pick-up and carry around by myself.

Straight away I can see the television screen is far superior to my other televisions.  The picture is really sharp, the image looks as if it can jump out of the screen.  Can you tell there is difference when watching a film and say watching something like Eastenders?  Well when viewing films, it is more like watching daytime T.V or the News.  I am in awe of the superior quality.  It is all I have been talking about for the last couple of weeks.    It has reminded me of the numerous times I have gone to purchase a new television, I walk in the showroom, the televisions all have amazing picture quality.  However that  same picture quality doesn't appear when it's plugged in at home.  Seriously Samsung have smashed it with this range, the quality is the bees knees. 

This model comes with a WiFi built-in however as we cane the WiFi, I opted to hard wire our model to mains, just to be sure no irritating buffing effects my viewing.   

Wireless mouse / USB on the TV
My new remote controller has a funky new button with the Smart symbol.  Pressing this button transports the me to a new dimension.  Well it does not, however a new menu pops up at the bottom of the TV screen.

Its also possible is connect a mouse to your smart TV.  I have a wireless mouse, its prefect, great idea for surfer, easier then using the controller.

What I am loving about having a Smart TV is that its possible to have a fully operating television without having to be connected to any of the leading broadband providers and their television packages. It makes sense watch what you want without paying through the nose for unnecessary added extras.

I am still connected to such a provider, however once my contract runs out we are going commando, SMART all  the way.  

Pressing the SMART symbol on the remote control, a menu appears.  It lists the most recent channels I have viewed and most popular. 
Such channels like Netflix, Amazon, Hopster; Samsungs own Kids channel are there too.

Also selecting the SMART option, will take you to Samsungs home page. Here it is easy to navigate.  I can look at what Samsung provides, whats no and what is recommended, all their latest information as my finger tips. 

Also its possible to surf the Internet and watch whatever you like.   I am on You Tube here.


At the back of the TV are are plenty of free connection points, HDM1/2/3/4 AV/ DV1; So you could easily connect to different sources, i.e: Playstation/Xbox Consoles, iPad, Laptops, Sound Bar i.e

Allows the user to search and access content quickly and easily, flicking through a built in list of channels, some free channels, all of the demand channels and others subscriptions again some pay as go/use channels.  Otherwise you can browser online from here and access anything you would from your smartphone/tablet.  Smart Hub, will list all your favourite channels here and also link to their wild selection of games too.
These channels are accessible at a simple touch of button, movies, different language channels, games, social media sites.  You have total control of your Smart TV. 


If you have a Samsung GS Smart mobile, you are lucky, you can pair your device to your TV.  Making it easy to upload your homemade video clips and your gallery of photos.  There is also a mirror option, whatever you do on your smart phone will appear on the big screen.  You just need to download the Samsung Smart View 2.0 app and sync them together.  

This lovely key, quickly changing picture size, picture mood i.e change to natural, movie, e.g
Audio description & language control, blue tooth audio device search also the Smart TV e-Manual.

The colours are sharper focusing on the track and field play, the screen colours are much brighter, the sound has been boosted to match the sport you are watching also. 

Depending on the light quality of where your SMART TV is placed in a room, be it daytime, nighttime, curtains open or closed. The TV will automatic enhance its screen, giving the viewer the best picture quality it can offer.   

While exploring the Samsung Smart TV Apps  
I searched the What's On menu, Kids Club of course interested me, its a good thing too as I scrolled down, look what I found... ME! and some of my fellow Samsung Mummy bloggers.  This was a welcomed surprised.  I am famous too.  Thank you Samsung! 

I am still getting used to the Smart Television.  I hope I have enticed you so far, as I am totally intrigued with my new gadget and look forward to bringing you more delights. 

Please came back soon, dont be shy, come and say Hi!

Disclaimer:  This is an unsponsored post