Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nutrifiz the Wheatgrass drink for Adults and Kids, the review

How are you feeling today, happy, sad, full of beans or maybe rundown. We go through so many emotions in one day, sometimes I feel fatigue, lazy or just ca not be bothered but mostly I am very happy and energized.  I wonder if my sons feel the same.  They do say ''Oh mum I don't wanna go there or I am tired, do we have to walk'' Do they mean this or are they being lazy.  I'm not sure.

I try to ensure they eat a balanced diet, they eat well, lots of fruit and I cook a lot of vegetables and make salads for them.  They get plenty of exercise.  However I can not be sure they are always eating the right amount of vitamins little boys full of beans need.
I was fortunate to come across Nutrifiz.  Nutrifiz is a tasty Wheatgrass drink.  Available for both adults and children.  Each tablet is packed with a whole host of vitamins.

I do on occasion take supplements however never the dissolving tablet form.  These are effervescent tablets, pretty large, the need to be added to 200ml of water. Then hey presto they are ready to be drunk.

The adult and kids packets look very different, both contain more then 20 vitamins and minerals; Adults tables contain the equivalent to 3000g Wheatgrass
Children table contact the equivalent to 1500g Wheatgrass

I got to sample the Nutrifiz for adults.  Honestly the drink does not look very nice, it is green and throffy.  I was not too sure I wanted to try it first, I was shockingly surprised as it tastes nice, a little sweet. The packet does say lemon flavour, it is not over baring, bitter or too sweet, its very easy to drink.

The children's Nutrifiz says orange flavour (I tasted it, it doesn't taste like orange to me, more wheatgrass favour), the colour is still green.  Liam my youngest showed so much interest in being my guinea pig, aka the chef drink tester (I should mention he has only tired fizzy drink once before).  I got him to add the tablet to the water. He eagerly watched the tablet fizz up and mixed it with a spoon. The little fizzy bubbles tickled his mouth, he said he liked it.  However he only had a few of mouthfuls and didn't want to finish the rest.  I waited a few days to try again.  This time he drunk more, again he didn't finish the drink.  He never finished the glass but he would give it go.  I had to keep stirring the drink for him, the drink it self lost the fizzy a few minutes after the water was added.

It is a great drink packed full of vitamins to help boost our system.

I myself had been drinking one a day, I have been feeling more upbeat.  Its taken no effort whatsoever,  it's good to know I have been take more vitamins and minerals.  I feel happy too.

So you want to boost your and your families system with minerals and vitamins, I do recommend Nutrifiz.  Wheatgrass for kids recommended age is 4-11.   
Adults pack of 10 start from £4.50 
Kids pack of 10 start from £6.45
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Disclaimer: This is unsponsored I was sent a few samples