Monday, 5 October 2015

Cardboard Dream house competition with Ocean Finance

3 years ago we moved from a flat in city to a house in Hertfordshire, we are surrounded by fields, woods, the village green is only a 5 minute walk away from our home.  I live on a quite street.  Our house is small with a little garden, however it has all the comforts every house has. I love my home and my sons love it too, more so as recently I decorated their bedroom. 

I asked my son what made them happy at home.

Liam 5 - I like having hot showers, sleeping in mummies and daddies bed and playing Minecraft.

James 7 - I like falling asleep on the sofa, having my bedroom and playing with all my toys.

Neither of them mentioned the decor, the size of our home or even having family.  Sleeping and playing seemed to score high. 

I gave them the colours, pens, crayons and a jar with of bits and glue.  I told them it was there house and  they needed to decor the house anyway they wanted.

They both came up with the same idea together to draw themselves.  (Well I believe it was Liam's' but James claimed it as his idea)  I helped by drawing an outline of their bodies and they cracked on.

James, 'Mum we must be on the house as its our house'.  To be fair this makes perfect sense to me.

Liam started off as Liam, then he turned in to Diamond Steve a Minecraft character.  Liam added a yellow sun to his chest, this is because home feels warm and is always sunning, even when its raining outside.  Also there is a hammer and car.  The Hammer is for Liam as he is the builder and makes new pieces of furniture, he is going to make a new table to do more drawings he tells me.   The car is magic and helps Liam win races because his older brother James wins all the races.   Also he will buy the shopping and their might be a lot of ice-cream.


James went wild, he used colourful feathers for his hair, he said he like using the hairdryer as his hair feels soft and fluffy.  He now wants me to blow dry his hair every morning.  
The sparkles are his tummy, that's were he laughs so much at home.  He feels happy and it comes from his tummy. 

All the soft balls on the house our his toys, Lego, Skylanders, books, left all over the house.
The orange and green stripes are the green is the stairs going to the the boys bedroom.  The orange is our water machine because he loves drinking water.
There is also a Christmas Tree, its Christmas every day, Santa please bring me a 3DS.  There is a round spiral, that is an indoor swimming pool, with another tree that grows chocolate. 

I have to agree I would love a swimming and chocolate tree.

This is for the Cardboard Dream house competition: Details here.
This competition is only open to 30 bloggers and you must have one or more children between 3-12 years of age. To reserve your children(s) place email us at:

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This is my entry for the Cardboard Dream house competition.

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