Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Ugglys Pet Shop review, The Ugly pets you'll actually like to play with

I have 2 boys, both like fairly gross and ugly things, neither of them are spooked or shocked by weird looking things.  It could be because their daddy has a love for War Hammer 40K, Star Wars and Zombies. 

Liam is my youngest at 5 years old, he is interested in animals, dinosaurs, sea creatures.  He is a very curious little chap, full of questions, he likes to repeat facts.  He has a love for animals, especially dogs, not a day goes by he is asking for a puppy or on occasion an alligator.

Recently was kindly sent The Ugglys Pet Shop to review.  My first impression was this is really gross... however I am not a little boy with a inquisitive imagination and admiration of animals.

I actually get it now, they are suppose to be gross looking.  Both my sons found them hilarious and very funny not gross looking whatsoever.

The box may look a little deceiving, as it looks like there are 4 little stackable houses.  Two of the pictures are cardboard, there is only one house, the otherside is the Pet Shop entrance (the red door).  Also included is the Manic Monkey, he has a big wonky grin and boggled eyes, looks like a total loon.  The blue big roof is detachable. 

Its a great introduction pack, for anybody wanting to start the collection.  The Ugglys PetShop is £12.99  Character Online.

PUSH DOWN >> Poooff!

There are 101 Ugglys pets to collect.
Pets can be purchased alone in twin packs £4.99 (no house included).  Or individual houses with 1 pet included £6.95.

However if you want them to stack them on top of your existing Pet Shop and add the roof on top you will need to buy them the houses in twos.  It would be like building a block of flats.

Every home has its own it's silly, stupid sounds too .  If your kids are anything like mine, the sound of goofy noises, of course big fat burps and smelly farty noises are the best to have everyone rolling around in stitches!  All you need to do is press down on the house and your little house will blast off with funny noises.  Each house will make a few different sounds.   I can only imagination what a stackable Pet Shop would sound like, a mad place spring to mind.


Liam really like the pets too,  he takes his in his pockets, puts them in the Pet Shop when he is at home.  These are lovely little toys, nicely made, the small parts don't fall off, lots of little details, not cheap looking, the stickers don't peel off either.  Best of all The Ugglys Pet Shop make my sons laugh out loudly too.  They all also interchangeable, they can all be stacked as you want them to be.  They are easy to store as they don't up much space.

Fun great toys for little fingers and great minds.  They are aimed at children aged 5+

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post.  I was sent them for a honest review.  I hope you get to enjoy these charming, Ugglys too!

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