Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Plasticine Softeez, open your mind and make whatever you want! Everything is possible

I hope you managed to join our recent Plasticine Softeez Twitter Party! 

Our afternoon kicked-off filled with great entertainment! I invited a couple of friends and their kids to help us get stick, explore and get creating.  

To be honest I have never seen so much Plasticine and I have to tell you, it had been so much fun! 

Our party had been split into tasks... 

Under the Sea Fun - £9.99

These set having everything you need.  6 stencil which are very easy to use, the younger kids needed a little help cutting the shapes out of the plasticine.  the set comes with little design pensm great for extra details.

Softeez Tub of Fun Fee Play - £5.00
In the tub there are 5 colours, (the cylinder pieces on the left) and 2 stencils.
Our Twitter challenge was to make a animal. We made a blue dog.  Also as it was getting close to lunchtime, animal food, seemed a good idea to make.
Who fancies a fish supper?
If you can think of it, you can make it!

Colouring and Tea Time 

We got stuck in to our lunch and did some colouring.  I have never used the SprayZa pens before.  It took a few puffs to get them started. The kids enjoyed colouring-in so much. We had them all waiting patiently taking turns for the SprayZa pen.  The set had 5 pens, all bright pretty colours.  

The Plasticine Softeez Snake challenge 

We all got stuck into this task, we should of used all the same amount of Plasticine to make it fair, however the kids had minds of their own and went wild with making super long snakes.

This task had everyone working together even building teams to compete against the other teams.

Cupcake creations - £7.99

The cupcake task was great fun, the kids all designed their cakes first on the colouring sheets.  Then they went to work to actually create them.  Even the tricky ones with sparkles and sprinkles were make-able.  We had Swirly tops, Cherry tops, flower tops.

The sets came with a cupcake mould, fairly easy to use, smaller hands may need a little help getting the plasticine out.  Also a cupcake topper cutter is included. 
Kids and parents alike really enjoyed making the cupcakes. 

I think you'll agree, they all look so good, I mean good enough to eat! 



Party Bags
Now I party ended and I am pleased to say everyone had a great time.  My youngest told me it was the best party he had even been too.  Now thats an accomplishment!

Thank you for stopping by, and don't be shy, come and say HI!