Friday, 21 August 2015

Our Summer Holidays

How has everyone been during the holidays?  I can not believe there are only two weeks of our summer holiday break left.  I have friends that have already gone back to school this week.  Time is flying by for everyone.
The downer is the weather, it's been warmish at least.  Ha ha so lets not grumble.
My kids don't care what the weather is like, as long as they can have fun they are happy!

Being kids they have been enjoying rather fat lie-ins and trying their luck at going to bed as late as possible.

It's all been fun and games at my house over the last few weeks, I wanted to share a little of what we have been up too...

The kids spent all their savings on Skylanders,
enjoying the sales in Smyths
We went blackberry picking, this is the first fruit pie I had baked in a while
and Liam ate most of it.


We went to Wembley watched 'Inside Out' at the cinema

We played with friends, even went to a (local farm) Cassionbury
Farms Open Day
James cooked us dinner twice - He loves Pizza

We've been on buses, tubes and trains,
in and out of London a lot

I have been organised and brought the sons their school uniforms

Lots of play fighting and cuddles
We have scoffed our faces with lashings of Ice-Cream

We have done so much more.  The best part for me is waking-up finding these two delicious munchkins (and on occasion their daddy in bed - on a day off) all in my bed,  they have been so affectionate, giving me huge cuddles, it's been heaven.

I have loved the quality time we have been spending together, this has been the best summer holidays so far and we haven't actually been on a holiday.

The last few years have flown by and with every day I love my family just a little bit more, I know it's cheesy but they make me feel so happy. 

We still have 2 weeks left, I have no plans at the moment
(Apart from me and my boyfriend will be celebrating 10 years together soon)

Sending you much happiness, enjoy the next few weeks, because it will be back to routines before we know it.

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