Saturday, 22 August 2015

LEGO® Dream home competition! with Ocean Finance, my sons entry

James and Liam had been set a blogger challenge from Ocean Finance, they have been building their dream home from Lego blocks.  To be honest it has taken some time, the Lego blocks have been on the table for a few weeks.  'We are doing it, has been said a lot.'

They love the Lego kits and can easily follow the instructions.  Doing free-play has really sent them wild.  I told them weeks before the Lego arrived they will be working together to build their dream home.  I asked them to think of ideas or draw some pictures, maybe when we're out they may see a building they like. I said 'run with your imaginations. It could be for your Skylander Toys, The little Minions we have, whatever you like, you think it and you can build it.'

I could see their little face thinking what to make, how is it possible.  I am pleased to say with a lot of encouragement they have gone for it in a big way!

I am really impressed.  Liam had so many ideas he tried to run with them all, adding the flags and lights, making the beds, the trees and the Games rooms and kitchens.

There has been lots of adverts for the Pixel movie, Liam wanted Pac Man to greet his friends, so made him and added him to the roof.

'The kitchen has a glass wall, so we can see outside' said Liam.  'This has been inspired because our bathroom is next to the kitchen.'  They have to turn the light-on in the kitchen at night to go to the toilet.

They had to have bunkbeds (same as they do at home - Love the details) so they can talk to each other in bed. 

A games rooms, no mummies allowed! (Well that is just a rude I told them) With a touchscreen TV and all the gadgets like daddy.

James added the garden and swimming pool, with lifeguard, Liam added the diving board. James said their treasure chests are kept there for safe keeping, because he is very rich. 

The Hall lamp, is brain control,

They added a Water Bar.  This made me laugh, we have one at home, James drinks so much water, it makes sense he would add one.

Garages for the car, buggy and helicopter.

James made most of the walls.  Liam built the kitchen wall, with all the details.

They believe their house is the best, because their dream home is amazing, it has everything they need and want.  All their friends want play with them too.

I have enjoyed them playing together and being very creative, they are still playing with the house, both still adding things.

Liam also said one day he would buy me my dream house, I wonder if I can hold him to that.

This is my sons entry for the 'LEGO® House Competition' run by Ocean Finance 
There are 60 bloggers all of whom have been sent lego, for the child/ren to build their dream homes.  Good luck everyone.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was sent some Lego to build this home.