Thursday, 30 July 2015

Wanting to Book your Theatre Tickets Quickly Try TODAY TIX. I watched the smash hit Miss Saigon with them!

Last week I was invited to road test a new online app TODAY TIX.  I am a huge fan of technology, anything that can help assist me with a fuss free life, I am happy to help.  

Two former Broadway producers, Brian Fenty and Merritt Baer, took notice of the theater industry's overall lack of innovation when it came to ticketing.  They put their minds together and invented TODAY TIX.  This revolutionary booking Theatre ticket App, has been very successfully in New York booking Broadway Shows.

So the next step was to bring it too the UK, LONDON Baby!  From downing loading the App to confirmation of my theatre seats, the process only took minutes.  The app is extremely user friendly, each stage is self explanatory.

Tickets can be purchased from an hour before a show, up too a week.

1) Download the TODAY TIX App to your device.
2) TODAY TIX screen appears, make sure to choose LONDON not NEW YORK.
3) You'll be greeted with all the current 'West End' Shows, scroll up/down find the show you want.
4) Click the show you want, a list of days/dates and from prices appear.
5) Here you select the number of seats, the type of seat (price bracket) you want.
6) Then you are offered your seats numbers, you can check the theatre seating plan here too, all of the details of the performance appear, to confirm you swipe to Checkout. (Otherwise you are welcome to search the shows without committing.)
7) At checkout you enter your billing/contact details and payment details, then swipe to Buy
8) Your booking is now confirmed, details of how tickets will be sent show here.  If it is a last minute booking, you collect your tickets from the booking office. (Also a confirmation email to be sent)

It really is as simple as that! 
No queuing
No phoning through to a Call Centers
Not being left on holding

The app can be used from anywhere, On Bus, in the Park, walking to an Appointment.

Its Fast, Efficient, Fuss free, Free to Download and Easy to use!  

Once I had booked my tickets, I could not let them go to waste.  TODAY TIX kindly invited me to watch Miss Saigon as their guest.  Luckily I chose the Stalls, the price including the booking fee £45 per ticket.  (They were not the most expensive seats)  I was located seats C7/8 Stalls.  I had excellent seats, 3 rows away from the front, I felt I could reach out and touch the stars.

Miss Saigon is at The Prince Edward theatre, easy find in the Heart of the West End.   I was greeted by the lovely TODAY TIX team, offered Champagne before the show. 

What an exciting show from start to finish.  Miss Saigon's storyline is so much more then two people falling in love during the Vietnam War, but a general cause for concern when a war rips people, nations and families apart.

Beautifully portrayed.  The smoke, the drama, the money, the sex.  The effects of children during war, wanting to live the AMERICAN DREAM. 

Fabulous acting, singing and dancing throughout.  Jon Jon Briones, The Engineer stole the Show for me.  His passion and fun was electric.

Thank you kindly TODAY TIX for having me.  It was one of the best West End shows I have ever watched.


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Disclaimer: This is unsponsored post.  I was invited to a night at the theatre, all views are honest and our my own.